Mexican politicians on cannabis legalization
Mexican politicians on cannabis legalization

How Politicians are Screwing Up Cannabis Legalization in Mexico (Sound Familiar?)

Mexico has a chance to be a world leader in cannabis growing but then politicians got involved.

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Mar 6, 2020

Trust the Mexican Government to F**k Up an Industry Given to them on a Golden Platter

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Over the course of the past two years – I have been following the Mexican Cannabis industry very closely. The reason? Because Mexico – long associated with marijuana [albeit brick-weed] – has the potential to be one of the Biggest Cannabis Forces in the entire world.

They have year-long cultivation periods – meaning they can produce more than northern countries plagued by snow in the winter months. Couple this with the numerous free-trade agreements, cheap labor-force, large population – This country is essentially MADE FOR CANNABIS.

But there is a very racist joke I like to tell my Mexican friends which goes like follows;

“When God was creating the world [with good old Michael right there], and distributing global resources he eventually came to Mexico and started listing off natural resources bestowed on the country…

‘…and for Mexico…they’ll have gold, large bodies of water, nutrient rich soil, silver, vast forests, oceans on all sides, great weather…”

As God continued…Michael started looking worried…

‘But Lord…aren’t you giving that country too much?’ of which God replied, ‘Don’t worry, Mexicans will manage it…”


Yes – the joke is racist and obviously I don’t mean that all Mexicans are poor at resource management. In addition, in the case of cannabis legalization – I’m NOT referring to all Mexicans either!

I believe the joke could be amended to rather specify – “Mexican Politicians” because if there’s one constant in Mexico – the vast majority of their politicians are terrible people with terrible ideas. But then again – aren’t most politicians?


How Mexican Politicians Plan on Fucking Up the Cannabis Industry

While this isn’t set in stone yet – some of the documents circulating the regulators are quite troublesome for anyone thinking that the Mexican Cannabis Industry is going to be huge [me included].

As reported on a local News Source Excelsior – “Even though marijuana might be legal, those who consume it in parks, malls, or close to schools, that gifts it or promotes it publicly – may be fined with up to $3.475 million pesos ($180K USD) with possibilities of being ‘stacked’ on different accounts, and up to 10 years in prison for anyone using minors to commercialize the product”.

That means that the fine would be “40,000 times more expensive” than the minimum wage in the country.

If you think this is bad wait till you hear what these geniuses have planned for the actual industry.

Weed won’t be legal – the only products that would be commercially available will be HEMP derived with less than 1% THC present in the products.

They want to monopolize absolutely everything – anyone doing any type of external commerce [including gifting it] can be fined or jailed

No public consumption of anything that is “psychoactive” in public spaces

Only 4 plants per person and only 6 plants if there are more than one consumer in a house hold.


What will this achieve?

In reality – it will actually make things far more dangerous in Mexico. It will create a larger economic incentive for Drug Cartels to double down on cannabis. It will create a bigger distrust between a highly corrupt police force and the public – especially since any public consumption could result [if they will it to be so] in a $180k fine.

It won’t give “the poor” jobs as claimed by AMLO – their current president also nicknamed “El Cacas” or “The Poop”.

It won’t decrease violence, corruption, provide medical access to patients or protect the rights of consumers.

It will create MORE corruption, MORE violence, and is a total money grab by the political elite that are pretending to be there “reforming politics” in the country.


A Word To Cannabis Companies All Over the World

If you want to deal with Mexico – and they have these kinds of laws on the books – YOU WILL BE REPONSIBLE FOR DEATHS. I’m not kidding around here. These policies will undoubtedly lead to an increase in killings.

I know that “profits” are very important to companies – however, this move by the Mexican politicians are not only corrupt – it violates the very constitutional laws that protect the individual for consuming cannabis. The very laws – that were challenged and won by activists -only to be perverted to serve the very few at the expense of the many.

If you are a cannabis company and work with the Mexican government under these current rules – I will make it my personal mission to write about how you and your presence in Mexico has led to more deaths, corruption and so forth.


I’ll also set up an RSS feed on all my Social Media Accounts which will forward every drug-related death in Mexico to their official accounts. I’ll get friends to make bots if I have to.

The point is – the following companies better speak up against the Mexican Senate, urging them to create a more inclusive model that actually benefits the country. You can’t claim to be “helping patients” while catering to a market that oppresses the very people you are “serving”.

You have been warned.


To the Mexican Government – For shame! 









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