OMG! I Just Had Edibles For The First Time

My First Experience With Edibles

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DanaSmith on Sunday Jun 5, 2016

My First Experience With Edibles





This writer learns the hard way that when you don’t pace edibles, you WILL get stoned AF.


I had an early love affair with pot, but I was so used to smoking it. But when your friend offers to let you try edibles for the first time, you don’t say no.


C and I were classmates for many of our university classes. She was a certified grade-A pothead who always had good stuff. We would spend many of our long breaks together, getting high in her car in the parking lot. She was a true friend with weed and I am eternally grateful for her guiding presence as I first learned to navigate the world of pot.


We studied at a Catholic university. The school had never held a retreat before, where students would spend a weekend out of town in a religious center engaging in prayer, masses, and other religious ceremonies.  This was going to be me and C’s first time out of town together, since our class was chosen to participate in the school’s first ever retreat.


Leave it to us stoners to think that such an event would be the perfect opportunity for me to try edibles for the first time.


A few days before we left for the retreat, I handed C some cash for buying the weed. She was going to bake us some really potent brownies, and I was so excited to try it!


The morning before we left for the retreat, a large school bus was parked outside the university gates, collecting all students before we set out for the retreat center an hour away from the city.


I got to school early, packed a pillow (not sure why) and a large duffel bag, ready for my (stoned) weekend with C and our other classmates. We sat at the back of the bus, and C pulls out a zip lock of a couple dozen space brownies. I eagerly ate half of one right away, and she told me to wait some time before devouring more.


Some students were late and our school bus was just there waiting. I got bored and decided to pop the other half of the brownie into my mouth half an hour later.




When we were finally on the road, about 45 minutes in, the weed finally began to hit me! It was a heavy high, and I felt like the universe was totally pranking me when the bus finally arrived at the retreat center, because we were dropped off at the bottom of the hill and had to climb to get to the top. Being really stoned and having to carry a lot of things up a hill on a hot, humid morning is NO JOKE! But C and I laughed at our situation.


I tore off a chunk of the brownie when we arrived and I couldn’t remember most of the religious rites that I participated in that day. We were given a break sometime in the afternoon and I remember taking a nap. At about 6pm we had to participate in a mass, and we were divided into groups of 4. Each person had a cup of holy wine, holy bread, and prayer booklets. I don’t remember much about that ritual, but my classmates said that I drank the wine of my entire group! Uh oh, talk about getting cotton mouth!


That night we had a bonfire, and lots of giggles emitted from our group. Some of our classmates knew exactly what C and I were on, and thankfully didn’t mind. But I loved the hit of edibles so much that I continued to eat it the rest of the weekend, so I was stoned during the entire retreat.


I didn’t care to wake up for the 6am mass the following morning, but I guess the good part about being a student was that none of the teachers and facilitators ever suspected a thing. The thing about these religious activities at our school was that they took it so seriously. I guess out of all the activities, two of the activities I “enjoyed” the most was the silent hour and opening our Palanca letters. For the silent hour they made us gather in a group together and just chilled, we weren’t allowed to utter a single word. This was a little challenging but it gave me time and space to relax. For the Palanca letter session, we brought with us letters from family and closefriends. We were required to ask our loved ones to write us letters for the retreat, which were religious and spiritual in nature.


Weed does make me a little introspective and I guess that’s why I enjoyed it.


On the last day I kept missing so much of the activities because I was in the room sleeping off a heavy hit, that was hilarious.


When the retreat weekend was finally over, I felt a little exhausted and caught up with my sleep at home. I knew that edibles were special, but smoking weed is the way to go for me. Edibles are something that I would rather save for a special occasion, or if I knew I was going to be in a place where I could lie down and sleep as I pleased, because TBH that’s all I wanted to do.


Lie down and sleep STILL is all I want to do when I consume edibles.


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What was your first experience on edibles like?

What did you think?

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