War on Drugs
War on Drugs

How The War On Drugs Turned You Into Property of the State

Think you live in a free country, think again if you like marijuana.

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Mar 31, 2016

How The War On Drugs Turned You Into Property of the State


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The Drug War was first declared in 1971 by Richard Nixon for the purpose of criminalizing two specific groups within the US. It had absolutely nothing to do with public safety and everything with giving law enforcement the legal right to target specific demographics. However, the roots of the drug war lie in drug prohibition and coupled with this rhetoric, created the perfect environment to re-introduce slavery in such a subtle manner that people would think they are free, when in reality they are merely property of the state. 


Most Americans today feel the War on Drugs is a failure according to a new Gallup poll.


This might be a tough pill to swallow, but fortunately we all smoke weed so no pills will be necessary. 


This following article will aim to open your eyes to the reality you are living in today and where your freedom of consciousness no longer matters within the political landscape of most of the world. 


Are you Free?


This is the real question we should be asking. Are you free and what does that freedom entail? Most people would automatically assume that they are indeed free, yet freedom is summarized by the sovereignty of one’s own actions and choices. 


In other words, you are only as free as your choices and actions. When one is forced into making a decision that is against their will, then one is no longer free.


There are limitations to freedom, especially within a just society. One’s freedom ends where another person’s freedom begins. In other words, the limitation of your own freedom occurs the moment you infringe on the liberty of another.  This means that whatever you do that doesn’t hurt another person or steal away their individual freedom, should technically be allowed to do so. 


When it comes to smoking marijuana and drug use in general, a consenting rational adult should be allowed to take as much as he or she wishes. Especially if there is no threat to society or anyone else. 


You are already allowed to smoke cigarettes which has absolutely no medical value and kills more than 400,000 people each year. Yet, for some un-known reason, using ‘non-government sanctioned’ drugs are illegal.


While it’s true that some drugs are very destructive to the individual, if you were free then you would be free to choose whichever means of intoxication you deem fit. And this is the underlying message of the War on Drugs.


“We Own YOU!” – The War on Drugs


The underlying message of the War on Drugs is that the government is subtly suggestion that you are not the ultimate authority over your mind and body. They are saying that you have a right to ONLY consume the drugs and substances ‘they chose for you’. If you are caught with any of the other substances that they have not deemed fit for consumption, you will be thrown into a cage to work for them for “x” amount of years. In some cases, they will make you a “lifer”. 


What this means is that you no longer can consider yourself “free” but rather under the ownership of the government. It means that if you abide by the rhetoric of the War on Drugs you are acknowledging your serfdom in the Kingdom of Modern Corporatism. 


The War on Drugs is merely the enforcer of this “agreement” between you and the State. However, you never consented to this agreement, you were born into it. Many of those responsible for drafting up our modern slavery agreement are dead by now, yet here we are…nearly 80 years after marijuana prohibition and 45 years of the War on Drugs, subjected to our new overlords who continue to carry the torch of tyranny. 



The Importance of Understanding


Why is it important to know that under the War on Drugs you essentially are downgraded to “slave status?” 


Because if you understand that this is the true nature of this policy, you will understand why it is so important to end the war on drugs and to decriminalize all drug consumption. If we truly abide by the principles of freedom, every person should be allowed to do to their body as they wish. 


If you believe that people “shouldn’t be allowed to take hard drugs like crack, heroin and meth” then I would counter with the following: 


The Fat Enforcement Act


If you are willing to accept that “some drugs” should be criminalized and consumption punished, then I would like to point out that obesity is a serious problem in modern society. Obesity has a real social cost and claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year. Under your rhetoric, you would deem it okay to enforce strict diets on anyone that reaches a certain weight above their “normal” weight range. 


Perhaps the obese are forced to avoid fast food restaurants? If they break these “laws” they would in turn be jailed and forced to work for the government and placed under a strict diet until they have reached their ideal mass. 


Would this sound like a Free society to you? Would you concede to these restrictions?


Of course you wouldn’t! That would be an invasion of your privacy, a tyrannical move that would not be tolerated by society. Yet, after decades of negative propaganda, people suddenly become acceptant of an external agency telling them what they can and cannot put in their bodies. A government entity that regulates the state of your consciousness. 


This my friends, is an atrocity and I for one have long renounced the rhetoric of the Drug War. I am my own master…I am not owned by any entity. It’s time we make this ideal, the ideal of freedom the law of the land.







What did you think?

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