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How To Get High Without Your Family Knowing It

Hiding Your High From The Family Over the Holidays

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Dec 26, 2017

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For many of us who consume cannabis on the regular, there are no issues with our families when it comes to partaking. In my personal case, everyone in my family consumes cannabis in one way or another. My mother likes teas, my brother and I smoke it, vape it, eat it…it doesn’t matter.

However, some people aren’t so lucky. They may have a family environment that is okay with drinking, but smoking the devil’s lettuce is definitely a no-no.

This makes family events a tad bit more difficult because you can’t openly smoke. You either have to go outside “for a walk”, take a few hits and drop some Visine before coming back.




You could make some edibles to carry with you.


A Few Kushmas Brownies

Granted, you have to be careful when you make edibles. Make them too strong and suddenly your family holiday becomes a fight to “act normal” in front of people who would probably think you’re on crack. Or make them too weak and you only get a slight buzz and still won’t be able to experience the sweet ganja to the fullest.

This Kushmas, I will have edibles…however everyone is going to partake so there is no need to hide it. However, for those who need to be on the “down-low”, you should definitely make yourself a couple of brownies to have on your person.

Firstly, you’ll be able to consume them relatively openly. You’re just eating a piece of chocolate brownie you bought earlier. People who don’t know the cannabis environment wouldn’t think twice about whether or not it is infused with THC or not.

Just remember, eat it slowly and wait a bit. You don’t want to overmedicate. Getting couch locked when you have to pretend to be normal is not as fun as you’d imagine.

Nonetheless, don’t just bring one brownie. If it’s going to be a long night, you could slowly consume the brownie over a period of time and you can maintain your high at a moderate level the entire evening.

When I was in high-school I used to do this. I took a full brownie, divided it evenly into little chunks representing each period and would eat a block at the start of each class. By the end of the day I was baked, but during school it was moderate.

DO NOT let anyone else eat the brownie if they don’t know what’s in it. You don’t want someone who has never tried cannabis have their first experience be a brownie [especially if they are potent].


Maybe it’s time to have “The Talk”

Now, there is an alternative to all this brownie smuggling over the holidays. You could always start the conversation between you and your family. If you are old enough to make decisions in terms of drinking alcohol and buying a house, you should consider talking to your family about your cannabis consumption habits.

Earlier this year I wrote a piece on how to start that conversation and the strategy on how to break down old paradigms concerning marijuana.

Being open about your cannabis consumption is incredibly liberating. Most of the negative side effects of cannabis disappear the moment you don’t have to hide it. Paranoia decreases significantly because most cannabis consumers are only paranoid about being caught. You also get to enjoy the experience of being high around other people. You don’t have to hide the fact that while they are drinking, you are smoking – and both are okay!

Perhaps, if you’ve been hiding your consumption all these years it’s time to step up and make people know that you smoke cannabis…you’re not a bad person…you are just like them.

If more people start doing this, we begin to normalize consumption. Yes, normalize! People need to understand that consuming any kind of drug is only a matter of choice. If you are informed about what any substance does to your body, you should be able to consume it without repercussions from third parties.

I know, some of you are sitting there saying, “Well you don’t know my family”. You think you’re folks would never accept it. Perhaps. However, you might also be surprised to find that they are people too. They too are governed by paradigms that can be changed. If you are serious and are having an “adult conversation” void of emotional bias…your parents might be able to see things differently.

And if you’re still not sure you’ll be able to pull this off…make yourself some brownies and enjoy the time with your family. After all, Kushmas is all about togetherness and harmony.

I know that sometimes the holiday season can be a stressful time. But some good old brownies can definitely make it a little less stressful.








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