best weed ever
best weed ever

How to Get Your Hands on the Best Weed You'll Ever Smoke

How to get your hands on the “Best Weed You’ll EVER SMOKE!”

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Dec 9, 2019

How to get your hands on the “Best Weed You’ll EVER SMOKE!”

best weed ever smoked

Every consumer of cannabis is after the “Holy Grail” of highs. We’re all looking for that strain that gets you high enough, without knocking you on your ass. It should make your body feel good, while at the same time not restricting you to a couch for the duration of the day.

The perfect strain should have a potent odor, a smooth hit, healthy red hairs and a slew of other characteristics.

We go about our daily lives, buying weed either from strangers or dispensaries and every purchase comes with a new strain. While we might have smoked some awesome stuff from a dispensary…it only begs the question – is it the “BEST WEED” ever?

Obviously, the “best” or “good” is purely a subjective stance, meaning that while you might think that ATF is a great strain, it might not be so for someone else.

However, this doesn’t detract from our goal to find the “best weed ever smoked!” Today, I’ll not only give you the insights on how you can consistently get the “best weed you’ve ever smoked!” but also where I learned this from.

Before we talk about the “best weed I ever smoked!” – let me talk about the second best.


The Second best weed I ever smoked

The second best weed I ever smoked was in California 2012. I was traveling through Mexico and the US and found myself in California for about six months. During those six months, there was one particular day when I didn’t have a single cent to my name and I was Jonesing for some reef.

I went about my day, “accepting” that I probably won’t smoke any weed, until…suddenly, I could smell the sweet Cheeba from a block away. I followed my nose like a Cartoon Dog and found this guy sitting on a bench by Santa Monica Pier. I approached him and cordially asked him if he could spot me a toke – considering that I was pretty much desperate at that point. [not because I’m addicted to weed, but because I had a really shitty day and the weed would have helped]

The guy replied and gave me a hit…and boy did I get high! Cali weed by itself is quite potent, but this was much stronger and better than the shit I’ve been getting from dispensaries. After a while, I asked him where he got it from of which he replied, “It’s my personal stash!”

The strain doesn’t even “Exist” in a commercial capacity. This particular strain I was smoking was a mix he cross-bred himself. At this point in time, this was the best weed I have ever smoked in my life!


The REAL Best Weed I have ever Smoked In My Life

With this knowledge, I eventually made it back home after an 18-month backpacking excursion. With a few seeds in my palm, I decided to build a grow box at home and start my own grow. I didn’t have a lot of cash, so I opted in for big CFL as a light source. I also didn’t use hydroponics or any special fertilizers.

It took me about six months to finally be able to smoke the strain I’ve been growing and curing, and the moment I did…I immediately knew that I found my new Cannabis-Zenith.

While the weed was not as “potent” as the other guy’s weed – mainly because I was using CFL, the Trichomes were far better developed, the terpene profile was top notch and the THC content was between 20%-30%.

Of course, I used some good genetics, but it was the time and preparation, the care of the plants that made it better. I believe that when you grow weed you’re not only growing a plant, you’re investing time, energy and intention with your grows.

Additionally, you’re consistently fighting the urge to smoke the shit before it’s ready, and I believe that this patience is what elevates the experience. Especially, if you’ve waited for nearly six months to enjoy a singular toke.

Growing your own is a Rite!

If you want to get your hands on the best weed, hands down – GROW FUCKING WEED! It’s not only one of the best things you can do in relation to sustainability, but also maintaining the quality of your crops. The entire experience is highly-peaceful and for anyone who needs cannabis at higher quantities…growing is truly the only real solution.

For under $200, you can get yourself all of the gear to build a dual chamber grow box, which would allow you to achieve up to 4 crop cycles per year. If you’re doing 3-4 plants per cycle, we’re talking about roughly 2-3 pounds of weed per year…and not just any weed….THE BEST WEED you’ll ever smoke…


Trust me…the moment you take that first toke…you’ll know I’m right!








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