How to get things done on weed
How to get things done on weed

How to Use Cannabis Regularly in 2024 and Still Get Your Stuff Done Everyday (GUIDE)

Want to switch to a healthy cannabis regime but worried you will become a lazy stoner?

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Dec 26, 2023

get things done while using cannabis

How to get stuff done as a stoner in 2024!


When the new year hits, a ton of people make bold plans that end up abandoned by February. It's easy for inspiration to fade once reality sets in. But this isn't about some moral failing. More often, folks lack solid systems to maintain motivation over time. With the right cannabis strains and strategies, flower can actually improve people's focus instead of always killing it. It comes down to truly understanding yourself.


See, weed impacts motivation differently depending on the type, dosage and user. Couch lock strains definitely feed distraction and sap drive. But microdosing uplifting sativas can unlock next-level creativity, priming you to pound out tasks in flow state. The key is leveraging herb as a tool to orchestrate intentions into action.


The truth is that how all substances impact lifestyle depends heavily on someone's relationship with them. While cannabis holds potential for self-improvement, it also demands respect to manifest those gains. People already inclined to avoid effort grow even lazier when constantly fleeing dissatisfaction in favor of getting stoned. But driven folks can use cannabis as fuel on top of strategic planning to make dreams happen and push boundaries with passion. Whether weed lifts up or brings down comes down to the internal mindset first.


As insight grows, old stereotypes fade. With deliberately designed conditions, cannabis can actually help rewire habits better than just white-knuckling abstinence alone. The enhanced sensitivity and pattern recognition brought by particular cannabis strains and routines effectively reprogram subconscious behaviors once priorities crystallize consciously first. Reflecting on this intentionally, cannabis concentrates resolve to advance our growth.


So for stoners contemplating goals this year, know your relaxation need not limit your vision. But reaching for real self-actualization means going beyond chasing hollow escape routes. The most crucial ingredient remains getting brutally honest on what success actually looks, tastes and feels like for you. From that clarity, designing systems to elevate attention toward meaningful metrics proves simple. For the bold and curious, Mary Jane magnifies nearly any lifestyle - not just one with couches.


Limit your Resolutions!



The first tip for actually realizing New Year’s resolutions involves choosing just one or two meaningful goals then designing rigorous systems to achieve them. Most resolutionaries fail by biting off more than they can chew, their eyes bigger than stomachs can digest. But by intentionally limiting scope to focus energy, cannabis can help concentrate effort until manifesting real transformation.


See, expansive lists feel exciting initially, but ensure disappointment by spreading intentions too thin. With only so many hours in a day, dedicating tiny fragments of time to dozens of wishes mathematically guarantees failure. It is not possible to wholly transform all facets of life simultaneously just because a calendar turned. Resolution lists turn to graveyards where inspiration goes to die when we attempt the impossible.


Conversely, deciding on one deeply meaningful change then organizing lifestyle around accomplishing it holds tremendous power. Life roots out indifference by forcing choice and sacrifice. So rather than vague half-efforts sprinkled broadly, genuinely decide the singular goal bringing greatest joy if tackled for months. Then rigorously design schedules, incentives and accountability to guarantee daily progress.


For instance, simply choose “get fit” or “double my income” as sole resolution then orient each decision toward it. When cannabis enters wisely into enhancing performance, progress accelerates. But absent true conviction where inspiration perpetually revitalizes, cannabis simply fills voids rather than drives change. Focused effort persists as core ingredient regardless. The rest stands optional seasoning.


Pursuing just one resolution also heightens senses toward the goal until ideas and conversations grant insights previously ignored for other distractions. By cultivating external environments and internal headspaces facilitating growth in targeted directions, people notice the breadcrumbs forming paths to actualizing dreams. This fails with split intention.


So stoners should set New Year intentions through a filter of selectivity, choosing solely the outcome bringing maximal fulfillment if all energy targeted it for months. Design customs and spaces supporting it, imbibe enhancing strains, spark creativity through cannabis care - then execute daily with ferocity. Anything beyond two goals invites diffusion. But seen through completion, one resolution flowing through all facets of life frequently upends what we believe possible.


Engage Wisely

Beyond strategizing consumption or intention-setting, no tactic matters more than Not tomorrow after vacation ends. Not Monday when responsibilities lighten. Real change demands engaging now - however imperfectly - then building momentum where we stand. Cannabis clouds motivation least when action leads inspiration.


Because the core obstacle resides not in circumstances but beliefs they prevent success. We rationalize waiting for ideal scenarios that never emerge, simultaneously ensuring excuses outpace efforts. There will never come some fabled hour when stars align and initiation becomes easy. That was propaganda avoiding the call. This day already contains enough support to start.


So rather than perfecting plans, begin where able and course-correct later. Declaring “I don’t have enough time!” assumes time not invested accumulating evidence against assumptions. Unless performing heart surgery, most endeavors tolerate initial messiness. We pretend starting need feel heroic; but mundane progress counts just the same, demanding only first steps.


Cannabis accompanied dedication, not justification. Those avoiding initiation due to feeling too busy or too boring simply believed themselves into the very inertia they aspired to overcome. Inspiration revealed by showing up, not the other way around. There are no pre-conditions to participate except deciding to do so.


From there progress unfolds intuitively because action attracts guidance. Until moving we lack reference points for what works, which adjustments may help, how rapid gains could come by refining approach. We learn by doing.


Besides, publicly committing instills productive pressures to save face and document change. Finding modes sustaining daily advancement toward an intention - however small - clarifies their feasibility and importance exceeding previous assumptions. Compounding tiny gains stacks victories; vitamin-like consistent traction concentrates enormous transformation in time.


Cannabis aids most when dissolving reluctance toward known necessary actions, not hiding from them. Even micro-doses daily embolden initiation by boosting determination just enough to drown background uncertainty. Feel afraid but act anyway; repeated boldness despite fear builds unstoppable momentum. Momentum attracting momentum until inevitable.


The simplest resolution demands starting something new then returning daily. Ignore whether conditions feel perfect and embrace the ten seconds of courage beginning requires before old frames resolidify. Stepping into the unknown brands us pioneers of lives unconquered, no longer hostages of past comfort zones. But first action separates achievers from dreamers. So begin before motivation becomes necessary.


The Sticky Bottom Line


When inspiration wanes after declaring resolutions, the ultimate difference-maker emerges as how deeply we yearn for the vision they represent. Where intention remains lukewarm, action follows suit. But consuming passion fuels efforts long past when motivation flickers because desire eclipses obstacles. Fundamentally, achievement requires wanting it badly enough.


And “badly enough” means so intensely that nothing rational remains allowing excuse or surrender. It is easy abandoning goals requiring only surface sacrifice - these never mattered enough to change for. Difficulty marks genuine significance. Great aspirations demand more than convenience or comfort forfeiture; they test the depths of conviction via walks through fire without assurance outcomes justify costs. Very few endure uncertainty at such scale.


But uncertainty always accompaniespursuing beyond conformity precisely because unseen territory remains unknown by definition before pioneers chart it. Those desiring familiar safety or guaranteed outcomes self-select mediocrity by avoiding discomfort exploration and experimentation necessitates. They circumscribe their experiences to eliminate surprise and stagnate through certainty. Their lives reflect this risk-aversion in boredom and resignation rather than growth.


Where passion persists despite costs, ingenuity breakthroughs frontiers once appearing impossible or insane to the timid majority. So in truth no resolution seems outlandish provided its benefits resonate deeply enough to justify sacrifices its achievement requires. Those “wanting it badly enough” shape reality itself because they accept no alternate outcome.


Cannabis sustains this state of extreme determination by dissolving distractions and negative projections compared to prize. In intense doses optimal performance compounds the energized sense of meaning reinforcing activities. Athletes, artists, entrepreneurs regularly activate flow through cannabis and then bend days around sustaining that vision’s pursuit. They ignore conventions, refuse compromise and manifest their chosen self regardless of challenges.


The only permission required lives inside. When dreams truly feel non-negotiable no external authority governs their manifestation. But first their importance must exceed attachment to transient comforts and trivial diversions. From that space of extreme conviction fueled by cannabis ingenuity, magic births reality.


So beyond tactics or substances remains the intention quality. Casual commitments produce lackluster lives. But choosing what we stand for defines what we create long-term via relentless action. Navigating discomfort remains prerequisite for revelatory arrival. Is this vision meaningful enough to walk through the fires required to forge it? That verdict dictates destiny this next year.





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