Purple Punch Strain Review
Purple Punch Strain Review

Is the Purple Punch Marijuana Strain as Good as They Say? - Cannabis Strain Review

The hot new strain called Purple Punch packs a punch for a hybrid-based Indica.

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Lemon Knowles on Saturday Mar 20, 2021

Purple Punch Cannabis Strain Review

purple punch cannabis strain

Have you ever thought about having a "fruity" ecstasy experience with cannabis? If you haven't, get ready to try out the Purple Punch cannabis strain that provides a relaxing high from stress!


Cannabis is such a fantastic discovery! Anyone who likes the cannabis fruity strains will fall deeply in love with the Purple Punch strain. The Purple Punch strain has a fruity and sweet feel that awakens your taste bud with diverse flavors from fruit punch to skittles and grapes. 


It is a known fact that some cannabis users struggle with finding a strain that meets their peculiar needs. But the question is, "What is a perfect cannabis strain?" The Purple Punch strain encapsulates the word "perfection" because it is both delicious and balanced with medicinal benefits. 


This strain is a SUPER heady flower, incredibly stimulating, and a must-try strain for all cannabis lovers. This review is proof that the Purple Punch cannabis is worth a try! I'm sure you're probably wondering what the heck is Purple Punch cannabis strain. Let's find out! 


What is the Purple Punch cannabis strain?


Purple Punch is a hybrid plant birthed through crossing Granddaddy Purple (a popular Indica strain) and Larry OG (Lemon Larry Indica). If you prefer these two strains, you will be excited with Purple Punch as it is a by-product of intelligent breeding. 


In 2018, Purple Punch's popularity shot through the roof, making it a household product for cannabis enthusiasts and patients who relied on cannabis for healing. A keyword used to describe Purple Punch is "Balanced". It can be enjoyed by diverse groups of people, from young to old to healthy and even sick individuals. 


Purple Punch is sometimes called a "dessert" strain that offers sweet yet complex flavors with a dark smell that will lure you into taking more. This cannabis strain also contains 1% THC, which explains why you get high after taking it. It comes on intensely, lifting your spirits with ease. You are bound to feel like a balloon floating in the beautiful blue sky after taking the Purple Punch. 


But unlike other cannabis strains that may cause you to feel a little bit restless while high, Purple Punch helps balance everything through its sedative properties. You will find yourself curling up to sleep, feeling relaxed and calm as you space out, which is the BEST feeling you will ever experience with a cannabis strain. 


Flavors, aroma, and appearance 


Sweet! Yes, that's the word that captures the essence of Purple Punch's cannabis flavor. You will taste berry and grapes with your first hit, which will transform into a rich smoke with tart and citrus bursts. When you exhale, you will get a taste of a smooth and ultra-sweet sour skittles flavor with sugared berries. 


Regarding appearance, this cannabis strain is derived from beautiful vibrant green and purple flowers. The plant also has furry nugs and a special coating of frosty trichomes giving it an incredible glow from afar. 


Although it is called "Purple Punch," this plant also has other color shades: green, yellows, and even orange pistils. It's always difficult to resist a Purple Punch plant as its fantastic array of colors and beautiful buds are lovely. In addition to being very beautiful, this plant is also easy to cultivate: you will enjoy the planting process! 


Growing information for Purple Punch 


Commonly used to combat anxiety, insomnia, and stress, this cannabis strain provides maximum euphoria and relaxation with every use. With these outlined benefits, you may wonder how you can gain continuous access to this plant. 


Firstly the seeds are easy to acquire: you can get them from any licensed cannabis store or marketplace. More so, this strain is best grown in an outdoor space with uninterrupted access to sunlight.


If you don't have an outdoor space, the plant can also be grown indoors with a harvest time of about 7-8 weeks. Outdoor growers can expect a bountiful harvest from mid to late October. 


Medicinal benefits of Purple Punch cannabis strain


When taking the correct dose, the bud gives users a mild sedative feeling to help patients dealing with anxiety and depression. Stress is a significant cause of anxiety and restlessness but taking Purple Punch relaxes the nerves. You will feel at ease and enjoy mental clarity after taking this awesome bud. 


People struggling with pain, migraines, and muscle tension also experience relief after taking Purple Punch cannabis strain. Patients feel a "mental melt" from their head down to their toes, arms after taking this cannabis strain. Afterward, they feel the pain ebb away as they fall asleep. 


Purple punch has also been proven to help cancer patients going through chemotherapy. The high from this cannabis strain holds quickly and lasts longer (it can go on for hours). So cancer patients who have used it agree that such extended highs provide relief from some of chemotherapy's side effects. Side effects it helps with include nausea, appetite loss, and even mild pains. 


Generally, if you quickly lose your appetite for food, you might want to try the Purple Punch strain as it boosts your craving for food. After taking this strain, you will find yourself snacking a lot and munching on edibles. 


Additionally, Purple Punch doesn't hinder your capabilities or prevent you from getting things done. Well, if you take the correct dose, you wouldn't feel overwhelmed, so please ensure that you get the correct dosage from your doctor or Budtender.


If you are a creative person, the Purple Punch should be your best friend! You will be so relaxed that your creative juices will flow as you create masterpieces. 


Bottom line


With Purple Punch cannabis strain, you get a perfect mix of delicious, balanced, and medically valuable cannabis with the most memorable taste. This is cannabis with a sweet taste yet potent enough for your mind, body, and soul. 


Cannabis enthusiasts and patients who have enjoyed this gift of nature always come back for more. Give your taste buds a treat and bask in the fun that this Purple Punch cannabis strain brings; you will thank me later!








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