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If Marijuana Cured People, Wouldn't Big Pharma And The Government Research It

When Conspiracy Theories Turn Out True

Posted by:
Reginald Reefer on Monday Nov 7, 2016
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When Conspiracy Theories Are True..."If marijuana could actually cure people, don't you think the government and big pharma would research it?"



Whenever I talk to people about the history of cannabis, why cannabis is illegal and all that jazz; they tend to call me a “conspiracy theorist”. Now don’t get me wrong, conspiracies are great subjects of study and while some might be a bit far fetched, there are many times when conspiracies turn out to be true.



In the case of cannabis, many of the conspiracy theories are indeed fact. One of the main claims I hear from cannabis opponents goes as follows;



“If marijuana actually did cure people, don’t you think that pharma and the government would have researched it?”



Sure, if you believe that you live under the rule of a loving government looking out for your best interests. However, I hate to burst your bubble but the elite could give two shits about you and your health.



**Breathe Deeply, you’re going to be okay**



A loving government?



I could point out things like “The Gulf of Tonkin incident”, MK Ultra and a long list of other atrocities conducted by your government. However, today we’re focusing on the “cannabis conspiracy” and mainly looking at how the government actively suppressed cannabis research which if it would have come to light, would have removed it from the Schedule I listing it currently holds; “No medical value and a high potential for abuse”.



Now you have to understand about most conspiracy theories, that when it turns out to be true it usually gets revealed well after anyone responsible can be “prosecuted” for their atrocities. In the case of MK Ultra, the American people were informed only after a decade or so after the program was “allegedly shut down”.



Now, similarly with cannabis research we hear the Drug Czar, Michael Botticelli admit that the US government has been actively suppressing cannabis research. Saying, “I do think it’s a somewhat fair criticism that the government hasn’t wholly supported research to really investigate what’s the potential therapeutic value.



Well, that’s an understatement Botticelli. The fact is that NIDA in 2010 admitted that, “They do not fund studies that look for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis use” (paraphrased). In other words, they are only looking for negative effects to help maintain the current scheduling of cannabis.





Where’s the conspiracy?



To know where the conspiracy is you must first understand what a conspiracy is. The dictionary definition of conspiracy goes as follows; “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.”



Now I don’t know about you, but suppressing medical research for the purpose of maintaining a beneficial plant “illegal” sounds like a conspiracy to me. Especially when there are over 20,000 publications that support the fact that cannabis is medicine from killing cancer cells, promoting neurogenesis and much more.



It’s not like the DEA, NIDA and the FDA were unaware of these publications, they merely “didn’t accept them” as fact. They didn’t want to fund more research on these papers that could have removed cannabis from the CSA.



We could go a bit further and look at “why” by following the money. You see, the FDA and the DEA work in tandem. The FDA is more like a gatekeeper for acceptable medicines in the US and are heavily influenced by Big Pharma.



Many of the “accepted drugs” by the FDA have caused the deaths of millions. We’re currently facing an opioid epidemic like never before, where a large percentage of the “addicts” became addicted through prescription medication.





Everywhere cannabis is legalized for medical purposes, we can see a 25% reduction of opioid related overdoses. Translate this into money and you’re talking about billions of dollars in loss revenue for pharmaceutical companies pushing their prescription drugs.



It’s also no surprise that many of these big pharma companies are spending millions on keeping cannabis illegal.



These are groups of people plotting to keep a beneficial plant out of the public hands so they can maintain their monopoly at the expense of many. This is a conspiracy and it’s not just hear-say.



The truth about conspiracies





In many cases, people are grasping for straws to support their conspiracy theory. For instance, there is no definitive proof that we are being run by lizard people. You can watch a million close up videos of politicians blinking like lizards on Youtube, but you will never find anything definitive to support your claims.



The same isn’t true for cannabis. We have over 40 years of documented proof that the government has actively worked to suppress cannabis research for advancing cannabis medicine.



Now with massive public support, the government can no longer deny the fact that “Cannabis is medicine and with the masses calling for more research, the lid of the conspiracy has finally been lifted.




I have some other “cannabis conspiracies” under the hood, however those I’ll save for another occasion.











What did you think?

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