Weed storage tips
Weed storage tips

Inexpensive Cannabis Storage Options? - How to Store Your Bud on a Budget

Can't afford pricey humidors, try these options for storing your cannabis buds!

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DanaSmith on Saturday Sep 2, 2023

inexpensive weed storage tips

Inexpensive Cannabis Storage Options

There’s No Need To Shell Out Tons Of Cash For Pricey Humidors!


Cannabis humidors and other pricey, high-tech storage options are a nice-to-have storage option for serious cannabis enthusiasts.


They work well to protect your weed, ensuring that the humidity and temperatures are always on point. As a result, your weed investments can be fresh for as long as possible.


That said, humidors are also expensive. With the rising cost of everything these days, we’re here to tell you that you really don’t need to spend a painful amount of cash for cannabis storage if you can’t afford it. There are many inexpensive options out there (that are NOT ziplocks) which will also work well – leaving you enough cash to still buy more weed when you need it.


Why not ziplocks? Well, ziplocks and other plastic bags may be common for storing weed but it should only be used temporarily. The truth is that plastic will give off static, and exposing the precious trichomes to this static will kill it off.


Check out these budget-friendly cannabis storage options that you may already have at home:


Glass Jars


Glass jars are the OG when it comes to cheap but effective weed storage. They are widely available, come in a range of sizes, and cost almost nothing! In fact, you may already have a few mason jars lying around at home right now that you can use.


Glass jars are so popular among cannabis consumers because they are so airtight, keeping your weed fresh. The best glass jars are those that are in darker colors, such as amber or green, because they also help keep light and UV rays out. Since air and humidity from outside the container drastically affect the quality and freshness of weed, glass jars are a top-notch choice for storage.


Since glass jars are transparent, they also allow you to easily check on the health of your weed without too much effort. Just looking at your nugs from outside will quickly tell you if there are any issues occurring, such as discoloration.


As an added bonus, glass jars also do a terrific job of preventing the smell of weed from escaping the container. This is ideal for consumers who want to keep their consumption discreet.

Always remember to keep your glass jars away from sunlight.


Metal Canisters


Metal canisters are a great choice for storing weed because metal slows down the oxidation and reduces moisture. In fact, many even swear storing your pot in metal canisters can improve the potency and flavor of weed over time. In addition, metal also protects from light and UV exposure. However, metal canisters are usually small so they’re ideal for keeping a few days or weeks’ worth of bud.


You can easily find metal canisters online at a low price, but you can also reuse metal tins from candies.


If you travel around with your weed a lot, metal is a much more convenient and reliable storage option. Unlike glass, metal won’t easily break and it can efficiently protect your weed even if it goes through rough means of transportation.


Old Pill Bottles


Don’t throw away those old prescription pill bottles. These are compact enough yet spacious, and can easily hold around 3-4 grams of weed each. Alternatively, these are also good for keeping a bunch of joints you’ve rolled up.


The best bottles are dark or opaque in color. They are primarily made with plastic, so be sure to give it a good thorough rinse inside. Most pill bottles are manufactured in such a way that they are airtight, and closing the cap properly will do the job of sealing off air and moisture.




If you’re in a pinch and want to keep your weed safely for the short-term, a paper towel, paper bag, clean napkin, or even a piece of paper will do the trick. Scrunch up the paper or fold it into a makeshift envelope, and you’ve got a quick and easy storage solution within seconds.

Many people actually don’t know that paper is effective in preventing the release of cannabis odors. It’s a much better alternative compared to cling wrap or plastic bags since paper will not affect the quality of your bud or its fragile trichomes.



Using Humidity Packs


If you buy weed by the ounce, you’ll want to keep the rest of your supply fresh for months. Using a humidity pack inside a glass or mason jar is a cheap yet effective solution for regulating the humidity inside. Humidity packs are available in different humidity levels.




Even if you have the right storage options for cannabis, it’s necessary to make sure that you still keep it in the optimum environment. These include:


  • A cool and dark environment

  • Away from sunlight and UV rays

  • Relative humidity between 60% and 63%

  • Airtight storage, at all times (this is a non-negotiable!)



Good cannabis can rack up quite a hefty bill, especially if you consume it frequently. That’s why it’s so important to take the necessary steps needed to keep your bud as fresh as possible. Ensuring the freshness of your weed is crucial not just for a more enjoyable experience, but also to preserve its potency and quality. Also, you don’t want to smoke weed that’s moldy – it won’t taste good and it’s horrible for your health.


With the help of cheap and easily accessible storage options such as these, there’s no reason you should let your weed go bad.






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