Humidor For Cannabis
Humidor For Cannabis

Cannabis Humidors That Keep Your Stash Moist, And Yes,They Do Lock.

Delorme Humidors Are Made For All Marijuana Strains

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Laurie Lyons on Friday Jul 28, 2017

Cannabis Humidor That Keeps Your Stash Moist and, Yes, It Does Lock. recently sat down with Gaetan Delorme, of Delorme Humidors, to find out how he came up with the idea for a cannabis only humidor and what other features he built in the awesome box. : Hi, can you tell us about how you came up with the idea for a cannabis humidor and how it all started?




I always liked working with my hands, growing up on a farm has that effect on people I think. Although I never pursued farming as a career, I learned a lot from my country upbringing and one thing stuck with me through it all: do it well or not at all.


It’s with that attitude that I approached all my future endeavors. In 1987 after a decade working in bakeries, I started working in construction and taking night classes in cabinet making and woodturning, while doing my apprenticeship to be a journeyman carpenter. During this time, I was working alongside Malcolm, building additions; he was a prime example of where hard work and dedication could get you in life. Then, in 1995 he retired and I decided it was time to take on the business world, registering my own company, From the Cherry Tree. The company started as a wooden toy company, but I quickly expanded my repertoire to renovations, custom cabinetry, and humidors. When I built my own shop in 2000, I started focusing more on unique, one of a kind pieces. Ten years later, it was time to open a new branch of the company: Delorme Humidors that eventually turned into a Trade Mark. The idea was to offer clients a real quality piece to store their precious sticks into. All the humidors are made from solid hardwood with a solid Spanish Cedar interior and quality hardware, a product you can proudly display in your home.



So in late 2015 when a colleague mentioned she was taking medicinal cannabis for chronic back pain suffered in a car accident, the idea of a humidor to keep cannabis fresh came to mind. Wanting to get more information, I went to the Toronto Lift Expo in the spring. It was incredible to see the evolution of Mary Jane in the last 40 years. Here, I got to ask people how they stored their cannabis, and the answers were very different. Some simply said they kept it in the fridge, others said as long as it was dry, it wouldn’t mold up - so they dried it up. I don’t know about you, but dried up weed? Sounds like twigs to me. While others suggested an interesting alternative, a glass jar with a Boveda pack to maintain the proper humidity - the buds could stay as fresh as the day it was put in. That’s when I would suggest, how about something nicer than a jar? How about a quality humidor but for cannabis that you can safely and proudly display in your home? People agreed that it was a great idea, and so the adventure began. 



Getting home after the Expo was a rush of ideas. I started drawing out plans of what I wanted the humidor to look like, as it had to be functional, secured, and appealing. It needed some kind of holding cell for the cannabis, great humidity level at all times and room for some accessories, in other words an all in one unit. And of course, it had to feel as natural as possible. After many attempts the units looked too tall, too bulky, or just plain wrong, there was too much for one cabinet - so I thought of making two units that merged well together. The result was an upper cabinet to store the buds and a bottom cabinet with two drawers and when fused together it would bear the name, Le Maridor.




The upper cabinet has a hand-planed African Mahogany top with a recessed Delorme Humidor crest. The brass hinges and lid support from Brusso both made in the US. The octagonal shaped containers with two earth magnets to keep the lid attached to the containers when picked up. Vent lines are made through the lid to humidify the buds inside the containers. The ideal humidity level for storing cannabis is a constant 62% relative humidity (RH). The fine people at Boveda have what it takes to accomplish such a task. With their patented two-way humidity system, Boveda is boss in humidity control. In Le Maridor, we use two 60-gram packets inserted into a solid mahogany holder with vent lines, cut in the shape of the Delorme Humidors trademark symbol. The containers rest in a solid mahogany removable tray and the bottom of the tray has an imprint of the containers so they don't move around. Inside the lid, the Boveda holder is held to the mahogany top with earth magnets for ease of replacing the pack.



Two 62% RH packs and two 75% RH packs come standard with each unit. The 75% RH packets are used to speed up the seasoning process, then, when you achieve 62% RH, replace them with the 62% packs. To seal the unit, we use a 100% silicone gasket that is inserted in the Mahogany slat on the inside edge of the lid to compress against the trays top edge for a perfect seal. A XIKAR hygrometer is also included, that displays the RH level of your unit. Finally, an anti-tamper lock, made in Germany, for security and safety from children is necessary. I think it should be mandatory for all cannabis humidors to have a lock and key system.



The bottom cabinet has two drawers with full-extension drawer slides. The top drawer has a custom-made tray to house the ANAXY Star grinder, included with your purchase and two compartments to store other accessories. The bottom drawer has a rolling tray and a pollen sifter. Pewter finish drawer pulls and pedestal feet. No project is finished until we give it three coats of Osmo hand-rub waxes and oil finish made in Germany.


In closing, a humidor for your plant matter should have all these criteria and still be appealing, so that is our goal with Le Maridor


For more information, please check out Delorme Humidors at



Humidor update from July 27, 2017

Le Maridor has some new very interesting features:

-the new interface has a new look with the Puro Temp wireless digital hygrometer from Xikar     with an external reader.

- a Delorme Humidors pewter crest now below the hygrometer

-the only humidor on the market with a 100% silicone gasket

-the wooden containers are now vented


humidors for cannabis


-the new sifter with 4 removable wooden pieces of trim to change the mesh.


A New addition to our Medicinal  family Le Meddor!


Customers were asking for a smaller but very efficient humidors to preserve their investments

So we made one air tight for your needs and called it Le Meddor.

Below is the breakdown of Le Meddor.


-the overall measures are 7” D x 13” L x 6”H

-your choice of solid Black Walnut or Maple top

-the inside dimension of the removable Mahogany tray are

3 ¾” D  x 10”L x 3”H = 110 cu/inches

-your choice of two removable  felted end dividers or one large cavity

-or three 4.5 oz glass jars

-100% silicone gasket for the best seal in the market, with a silicone gasket there is no leakage      

 therefore your Boveda packs last much longer and the gasket will never crack or shrink

-Xikar wireless digital hygrometer with an external reade

 -a removable solid Mahogany carrier that holds the Boveda packs, held in place with earth magnets          

-a German made lock for security, comes with two keys

-comes with two 60 gram Boveda packs, one 84% RH for seasoning and one 62% RH ideal for cannabis storage and curring after

-a Delorme Humidor ™ Crest on the top

-a Certificate of Authenticity

-Exotic tops are also available at an additional cost

humidors for different cannabis strains

You may visit us at for more information.



5/28/19 UPDATE - The new humidor design is out, check it out below!

weed humidor



stash boxes or rolling trays






Canadian legalization of marijuana



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