Is big marijuana a real thing
Is big marijuana a real thing

Is Big Marijuana a Real Thing?

Is Big Marijuana a Real Thing? If so – why would that be a bad thing for the cannabis industry?

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Jun 12, 2020

Is Big Marijuana a Real Thing? If so – why would that be a bad thing for the cannabis industry?

big marijuana is real

For a long time, I argued against the idea of “Big Marijuana” mainly because the most vocal supporter of this idea is “Kevin Sabet”. If you don’t know who that is – I have written about him on several occasions. In this instance, I will not be writing about him except for saying – in terms of “Big marijuana” – he may be right.


Unlike Kevin however, I do not subscribe to the idea of “decriminalizing weed only” but fall on the opposite spectrum of the proposed solution. Nonetheless – before talking about the solution we first must identify the problem….in this case, BIG MARIJUANA!


What MOST Consumers think legalization is…


Most cannabis advocates believe that cannabis legalization occurs when people vote on a measure, pass it, and then the local state government issues licenses for people to legally enter into the cannabis marketplace.


While this is “true” in a technical sense – the truth of the matter is that this is not how it plays out. You see, in most cases, the rules around legalization are drafted in such a way that it benefits those who have money, which creates a significant hurdle that keeps “the poor” out of the game.


As a result, multi-billion-dollar firms are being created and run by – in many cases – millionaire-assholes who could give two shits about legalizing weed EXCEPT for the sake of making a profit. People like John Boehner & Adam Bierman are two names that should pop into your head when you hear “BIG MARIJUANA”.


These are the guys who lobby for cannabis reform to benefit them and not the rest of us


Examples of What Legalization is all about…


One of the prime examples of BIG MARIJUANA keeping the small farmer out of the marketplace in Florida. If you want to own a cannabis license in Florida, you can’t simply get a license to dispense weed. You need to also be able to grow cannabis, process it, transport it, set it up in your store, and sell it.


Seems like a lot? That’s because it is. In Florida, they have a scheme called “Vertical Integration” which means that if you want to have a stake in the cannabis pie – you need to have money. In fact, in June of 2018, a California Firm bought a cannabis operation in Florida for $53-Million-Dollars. That is because they had to buy the “whole cake” and couldn’t simply take a slice of the pie.


Now ask yourself – do you have $53-million laying around? Nope? Thought so…


Another example is the Californian market itself. It’s on the verge of collapse because regulators, pandering to the whims of marijuana lobbyists – are creating rules that make it difficult for “those without resources” to participate in the cannabis market.

I have written about a work-around by lowering licensing fees nationally to no more than $1,000 per year for operations up to USD 100,000 in profits. Above that – commercial-scale licensing could cost perhaps $10,000 a year or something like that.


Of course – these are simply suggestions, however, it is a viable solution to the Big Marijuana issue we are facing.


Why is BIG Marijuana a bad thing?


Firstly, BIG Marijuana is only bad if they keep the small grower from participating in the marketplace. Then – it’s a monopoly and we know that monopolies tend to provide inferior products with inferior customer services and a low estimation for innovation.


Big Marijuana is a concept of control, not a concept of cannabis. It is also “Corporate Cannabis” where CEOs and Board Members make decisions for firms who buy up smaller firms. Essentially, it’s a bunch of Wall Street Cunts trying to milk the cannabis industry for everything before it even existing.


I don’t think I have to explain to anyone how poorly Wall Street manages shit. I mean – just take a look at virtually every market crash in history.


Big Marijuana is a bad thing for everyone because it will limit innovation, access, and choice. It will force-feed you brands from people like John Boehner – who profited from putting people in prison using the war on drugs – putting money into the pockets of folks who could give two shits about you and me.


Keep things local – keep things cheap


Every cannabis reform should make getting cannabis licenses as expensive as getting a license to sell beer. This is precisely why I’m recommending a $1,000 license cost per year – because that’s about the same price as it costs to get an alcohol-license. Considering that weed is less dangerous than alcohol it would make sense to keep the cost of the license low as well.


Secondly – support your local farms. These are not people here just for the money, they are also a part of your community. Smoke bud that was grown with care – not by cucks looking to score on some dank bush.








What did you think?

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