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CBD oil worth the money

Is CBD Oil Worth the Money?

CBD Oil can get expensive, so is it worth the money?

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Thom Baccus on Wednesday Oct 24, 2018
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Is CBD Oil Worth the Money?

Some people claim that it’s the latest medical miracle. Companies claim that it eliminates pain, will give you a great night’s sleep, and even boosts the immune system: You just need to take a drop of CBD oil, derived from the cannabis or hemp plant. It’s legal, but it’s not cheap to buy. So, is CBD worth the money?


You’ve likely heard CBD oil mentioned somewhere recently. Whether it’s in mainstream media or food publications, there’s been a buzz about CBD oil and its medicinal purposes ever since medical marijuana became legalized in several states. The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and so are CBD-based products.


What does CBD do?


CBD is often consumed as a dietary supplement. The oil which is extracted with a solvent from the plant is a great source of nutrition and can be safely consumed by adults, as well as kids, as part of their daily diet. Studies have shown that CBD can help with anxiety, sleeping problems, depression, nausea, and seizures, among other medical conditions.


In general, CBD can work well for you if you are stressed, anxious, or have something in particular that you need to get over “mentally.” For instance, if you suffer from social anxiety, you can use CBD oil to calm and relax your mind.


There’s no denying that CBD has multiple health benefits, so you can understand why CBD oil has become so popular. Here are a few other uses of CBD:


  • Natural pain relief: Be it stiffness in joints or chronic pain, CBD oil can work its magic by relieving you of pain in minutes. It’s often used to treat chronic inflammation.

  • Better skin in fewer days: Gone are the days of using all different skin-care products to keep your skin healthy and soft. CBD is able to tighten the skin texture and also acts as an anti-aging agent.

  • Promotes healthy heart: A few drops of CBD oil a day can help to keep heart diseases away. Studies have shown that the oil is able to dilate arteries and protect the damage of blood vessels. It can also reduce the size of clogged blood vessels and keep blood pressure in check.


How does CBD oil work in the body?


Recent research has found that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) doesn’t just respond to endocannabinoids produced in the body, but it also responds to external cannabinoids like CBD. The original purpose of the ECS is to respond to endogenous cannabinoids that are produced by the human body.


CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors found throughout the body to produce some potentially positive outcomes. These include activating TRPV1 receptors that work to control functions like body temperature, inflammation, and pain perception. CBD also increases the level of anandamide in the body. This is commonly referred to as the “bliss molecule”, since it plays a role in the neural generation of pleasure and motivation; this is why CBD oil can also be used to improve mood.


What adds to the total cost of CBD oil?


Certain factors and processes are what add to the cost of CBD oil. To understand if CBD oil is worth its cost, we need to understand the factors that contribute to the final product.


For starters is the cost of growing the raw material; the cannabis or hemp plant. The actual plant requires farming that has its own costs, but import costs are one of the main factors that add to the total price. Often, cannabis needs to be imported from countries where it’s legally grown, and government approval and transportation fees add to the cost.


Another big factor is the cost of extracting CBD from the cannabis or hemp plant, which forms part of the manufacturing costs. This process requires labor, equipment, and complex procedures. The next step is to purify the oil. The cost of purifying to ensure that toxins are removed and then testing the oil increases the total cost.


It’s important to mention that cheap CBD oil is often not very safe. It often doesn’t go through the proper purifying and safety procedures in order to save on manufacturing costs. Furthermore, there may also be oils that encompass substandard raw material and some have been found to have no CBD oil in them at all.


Be sure to do very careful research and stay away from the cheapest brands, as they are often low-quality. Only buy from reputable and trustworthy brands that have proven their worth within the CBD oil industry.


Just like any other medication or supplement, it’s best to seek a healthcare physician’s advice before incorporating CBD into your health and wellness regime. That being said, many people are looking to buy CBD oil since they have found it to be a viable alternative to other pharmaceutical drugs. If you suffer from one of these health conditions that CBD oil has the potential to treat, then yes, CBD oil is probably worth the buck.


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