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good weed or bad weed

How To Tell If You’ve Bought Good Weed Or Bad Weed

What Exactly Is Good Weed And What Is Bad Weed?

Posted by DanaSmith on Monday Oct 3, 2016
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How To Tell If You’ve Bought Good Weed Or Bad Weed




Before you spend your hard-earned greens on pot, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Without regulations and standards in place, we have to rely on the kindness of budtenders and retailers to make sure that we’re buying good weed, especially for budding cannaseurs. Being a smart and informed cannabis consumer is just the same as being a consumer for any other product: you want to know that you’re getting what you’re paying for, and you want the best high out of each purchase.



But what makes bad weed, bad? If you aren’t being smart, you might end up getting ripped off. Bad weed, you can pretty much identify right away through its smell: it smells like dry hay. The texture isn’t far off either; it feels stringy, dry, and even dusty. Sometimes a vendor might try to sell you a bag of weed that’s filled with stems, sticks, and even leaves; and it will be crumbly to touch too. You might be surprised at how much bad-quality weed is still being sold in dispensaries. If you smoke bad weed, you’ll need several pipe loads to even feel mildly high. Aside from wasting your money, you’ll also waste time having to separate those nasty sticks from the actual bud. Is it worth it?



Now good weed, ahhh. Good quality pot smells heavenly. Let your nose do the work for you – you’ll be able to detect some wonderful smelling cannabis strains, sometimes infused with a mix of orange, grape, strawberry, lemon, or any of the other delicious flavors that have been so lovingly cultivated to give you good bud. Just by taking one nice sniff, you’ll know that it’s clean and top-shelf cannabis – nothing stinky, dry, dusty, or moldy about it.





What else should you look for in good weed?


  • Good weed should have visible crystals surrounding the bud, which is where the THC is actually located. Yes, the THC which is responsible for getting you high is found in these crystals. The more crystals you see in the bud, the more you know you’re paying for premium stuff. If you’ve got a budtender offering you cannabis that looks like it’s been grown in winter wonderland – make friends with him, and keep him close to your heart. He’s a good apple.


  • Good weed should be predominantly green in color, with the exception of genetically or environmentally manipulated strains that are designed to bring out other colors without sacrificing the potency and quality. Many high-quality strains in the market today have tinges of purple, red, blue, or yellow. Just make sure that you stay away from brown weed. If you’re new to purchasing cannabis, make sure that you’re buying green pot just to be safe, until you’re confident about navigating the world of colorful weed.


  • Good weed is dank weed: it’s got a smell so strong that you might even need to invest in special containers to keep the neighbors from finding out.  Some of the best weed out there usually comes with a scent so strong that you won’t be able to contain it in the baggie. The next time you get to visit a dispensary, take some time to smell around and learn what real good weed smells like.


  • Good weed should be a little moist, but not too wet. Soggy weed doesn’t mean that it’s good either.  There should be at least some moistness in the weed. When you take quality weed home, make sure that it stays fresh and avoid drying out by keeping it in the appropriate storage methods.


  • Good weed will give you sticky fingers when you break em apart. On the other hand, weed that crumbles when you pull it apart won’t get you high at all. Not all dispensaries will allow you to manhandle weed though, so best to ask your budtender for sticky weed straight up and test it yourself at home – this all adds to your learning experience anyway.



At the end of the day, experience will still count as the most important teacher in determining if you’re buying good or bad weed. The more marijuana you buy and consume through the years, the more you will be able to make smart decisions about buying good weed.



What are your tips for buying good weed? Share your tips with us in the comments below!









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