what is cbd
what is cbd

Is CBN the Next Cannabis Craze? (No Offense, CBD)

People are high on THC and CBD, but is CBN the next cannabis superstar?

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Joseph Billions on Tuesday Nov 19, 2019

Is CBN the next cannabis craze?

what is cbn

The benefits that can be derived from cannabis goes on and on, from recreational benefits to medical and research. Cannabis is like the King Midas of the 21st century, because for all we know about the wonders locked in this gift of nature there is so much still unknown. The myriad of benefits gotten from cannabis can be boiled down to its building blocks, cannabinoids. Of all the cannabinoids known, THC has always been the most popular but due to continuous works of research into the benefits and functions of other cannabinoids present in cannabis, CBD (cannabidiol) has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity and usage over the past couple of years. Scientific advancements have made it possible to isolate these cannabinoids and analyze them individually. Isolation of cannabinoids is the sole reason for the discovery of CBD and the numerous benefits it offers. But as awesome and beneficial as CBD has been, researchers and experts have their sights set on a newly isolated cannabinoid, CBN (cannabinol).


CBN (cannabinol) demystified

Basically, CBN is a cannabinoid gotten by the breakdown or decomposition of THC molecules. This decomposition reaction often occurs in stale cannabis and although there are little quantities of CBN originally present in all cannabis strains this decomposition reaction greatly increases their amounts and as such can be regarded as the source.

Prior to now, CBN was widely regarded as a waste by-product thought to have no beneficial attributes. This widely accepted fact became inaccurate following a study conducted by Steep Hill Labs. The study showed CBN to be everything but useless as previously believed. It was shown that CBN's presence in significant quantities reduced the euphoric properties of cannabis, cannabinol is less stoney and more comfy, and sleepy. The research clearly shows that CBN could be the most potent sedative of all cannabinoids currently isolated and this discovery pioneered renewed interest in the fundamentals of CBN and how it can help make human life better.


Health benefits of CBN

There is so much that's yet to be known regarding CBN, but despite this fact, it already has the potential to serve a myriad of functions. A couple of its health benefits include:

  • Pain relief - Extensive studies show that CBN is a potent pain reliever. The cannabinoid alters the reception of pain signals by the brain, an effect that greatly relieves acute pain.
  • Antibacterial - Another function of CBN is as an antibacterial agent. CBN has been shown to potent in killing off  MRSA bacteria, an aggressive bacteria that can be extremely difficult to eradicate.
  • Anti-convulsive - Studies indicate that CBN has anti-convulsive attributes.
  • Sedative - CBN  is a highly sedative compound, its believed to be the most potent sedative of all cannabinoids. This attribute makes it a possible therapeutic agent in the treatment of conditions like insomnia, anxiety disorders and so on.


Downsides of CBN

Like all things in life, CBN isn't without its negatives and although they are relatively mild, if consumed in large quantities can be dangerous. A couple of the side effects that can be caused when CBN is taking in excess are:

Loss of appetite - Studies show loss of appetite to be one of the side effects of CBN. A condition that can lead to a drastic loss of weight, malnutrition and so on.

Tiredness - CBN can cause tiredness and weakness when taken in excess. It has been showed that overdosing on this cannabinoid takes its relaxing and sedative effects to a whole other level characterized by intense weakness and tiredness.

Dizziness - CBN has also been showed to induce dizziness, a symptom that can prove fatal if you're performing high-risk tasks like driving.

Drowsiness - Drowsiness is also a major problem that abusing CBN can cause.

As a rule of thumb for all cannabinoids, not just CBN, the most reliable technique to employ to avoid side effects is proper dosage. Regardless of your needs, it's paramount that you start slow before working your way up to larger doses.


How legal is CBN?

The legal status of a product is something that shouldn't be taken lightly as misinformation on this vital issue can open you to a world of trouble with the law. So before trying or experimenting with any new product be sure of its legal status. And in this area CBN checks out. All CBD and hemp products have been removed from the list of controlled substances concurrent with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and since CBN is derived from THC it should be covered by this.


What the future holds for CBN

All projections and predictions out there by experts all point to CBN being the next big thing in the cannabis industry and its wide array of health benefits are believed to be the driving force for this wonderful cannabinoid. The demand for CBN isolates and distillates is increasing by the day and a lot of commercial and industrial hemp farmers are embracing the cultivation of cannabis to satisfy this demand. It is without a doubt that as more conclusive results are gotten from the extensive works of research being conducted on the product it's use and economic importance will skyrocket.






is cbn a controlled substance


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