marijuana with mushrooms
marijuana with mushrooms

Is It Possible to Mix Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms?

Can you use marijuana and mushrooms at the same time?

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Joseph Billions on Monday Jun 29, 2020

Is it possible to mix Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms?

can use use weed with mushrooms

Ever since the uplifting and euphoric benefits of cannabis have been seen and harnessed by cannabis users, the focus has slowly been shifting to how other euphoric natural substances can be added to cannabis to complement its effects or intensify the feeling. Some of the substances that cannabis has been added to include LSD, MDMA, and various other hallucinogenic substances. In this article, we will be paying attention to one of the substances which also produces the psychoactive effects seen with cannabis and how it has been growing in prominence among users for its complementary effects with cannabis . This wonderful substance is the magic mushroom.

Though very similar in some of the effects they produce, cannabis and mushrooms are actually very different and it is important that users get properly acquainted with the right information in order to ensure their safety on usage. Proper knowledge of the expected experiences shown by cannabis and mushrooms separately will give a proper base of what to expect when they are combined as well as give an indication as to the best method of usage to achieve the most mindblowing effects while consuming safe quantities and dosage of both components.


High Mushrooms

Much like the cannabis, mushrooms also give a euphoric high due to the presence of two compounds in them. These are psilocybin and psilocin. The major compound that accounts for psychoactive  effects of mushrooms is psilocin. Psilocybin is metabolized in the body systems which in turn affects dopamine concentration and serotonin receptors to give the intense and hallucinogenic high seen with mushrooms. Mushrooms produce a very strong and intensive high with mind-altering effects. The length of the effects of this highly depends on the dose taken. And like every psychoactive substance in the world, mushrooms can produce adverse effects such as disorientation, anxiety, and the onset of physical effects such as fever, chills, and restlessness when ingested in excessive quantities.

A brief breakdown of psychoactivity in Cannabis 

The intense feeling and psychoactive properties shown by the cannabis plant are due to the several compounds and cannabinoids present in the plant. Two major compounds that are of great importance in the cannabis plant are the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These two compounds play a major role in the definition of cannabis. THC accounts for the psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant while CBD due to its non-psychotropic nature enhances and dampens the effect of THC. The synergy of these two allows cannabis plant to produce a calming effect, reduce stress as well as give an uplifting and intense high. The ratio of THC and CBD changes with the genetics of strains of the cannabis plant which determines the expected effects of such strains.



Mixing Cannabis and Mushrooms 

The usage of cannabis and mushrooms as can be easily guessed produces a complementary and additive effect. The synergy shown between the cannabis and mushrooms gives an increase in the intensity of the high and characteristic effects of both substances.

In order to get the best results from the mixing of cannabis and mushrooms, they have to be done the right way. The dosage of both substances to be used in the mixing are very important. Knowledge of the appropriate dosage to be used keeps the user from the adverse effects of both substances as well as those that may arise from the synergy of the two substances.

The strain of cannabis used is also important seeing as the genetics of cannabis plays a huge role in the ratio of its compounds. Sativa with a higher concentration of THC gives more energy for the high while Indica with higher CBD gives more relaxation by dampening the effect of THC. And if Hybrid strains are to be used it is imperative that users know their components so they can know what effects to expect.

When cannabis is taken at the beginning of the mushroom high, it produces a calmer effect and seems to reduce inhibitions that may be characteristically associated with the high. When cannabis is taken towards the end of the mushroom high, it can serve to elongate the high, give a full-on tripping feeling, enhance relaxation, and intensify the psychedelic effects.

It should be noted that the method of consumption ultimately plays the final role in determining  the levels of the effects shown by the mixture of cannabis and mushrooms

The importance of safety when mixing cannabis and mushrooms cannot be overemphasized, it's important that you start small then gradually work your way up to higher doses. If mixed right, cannabis and mushrooms is sure to open you up to a whole new world of euphoric experience.

As pleasing and interesting as this sounds, it's important to stress that these effects are most enjoyable to users that are used to the effects of cannabis and mushrooms separately.








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