critical marijuana strain
critical marijuana strain

Is the Critical Cannabis Strain the Future of Commercial Marijuana Cultivation?

Will the marijuana strain Critical be the largest mass produced strain ever?

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Jun 21, 2020

Critical Strain, the Cannabis Strain for Commercial Canna-Cultivators?

critical marijuana strain

Critical has proven to be the best cannabis strain among growers. It is an ideal strain for any commercial growers because of its Skunk and Afghani variety. Critical is an honorable member of the cannabis hall of fame. The unique aroma, incredible yields, potent effect and its ability to combat some health problems make critical cannabis one of the most special strain. The classic critical strain has won a place in the hearts of both consumers and growers worldwide.

Creation of the critical cannabis strain

The critical cannabis strain is an offspring of the Afghani and Skunk heritage and this makes it one of the top-yielding strains. Smart Growers uses Critical as a cash crop. This special strain has been processed to design several hybrids of the Critical specie. Critical is known for its short flowering stage, with an accumulated height of about 80 to 140 cm and it is an Indica dominant strain. It is a popular strain because it produces a nice relaxing high, yields in large quantity and it is very easy to grow. Critical will be a legacy strain that every cannabis grower will desire to grow in years to come.

Critical meets all the expectations of any cannabis grower or user. It is a completely balanced mixling that possesses all the essential properties of ideal cannabis, this includes good taste, short flowering span, high yield and it is super easy to grow. With Critical there is a high probability of harvesting over 600 grams per plant. It contains 70% Indica genetics and 30% Sativa. It grows up till to the height of 1m tall, develops a structure with short internodal distance. Critical can be recommended to commercial growers because the harvest is mostly after 7-8 weeks of flowering and the yield is about 600-650g per plant. It is suitable for the SCROG and SOG sets. Spain, Italy, or California have the best climate for the growth of Critical cannabis strain. It is strictly available as a feminized seed and growing it outdoor or indoor doesn't matter.


As a grower, there is a particular standard that a cannabis strain must meet before you can start growing it. The yield, suitability to climate, flavor, ease of growth and strength, etc are the basic things that the cannabis strain must possess if a commercial grower will tend to it. Now imagine a single cannabis strain that is a complete package of all these qualities. The critical strain has all these qualities and more, it is a cannabis plant that combines all those features to produce that unique cash crop. Commercial growers that want the best of what a cannabis strain can offer should try Critical cannabis strain.


Critical cannabis is a feminized seed from the genetics of Afghani and skunk. It has the flowering stage of 7 weeks and the effects include stoned, physically, and mentally. In every critical plant, the buds usually fill up the short internode spacing to make it a high yielding specimen. And for quiet growers, Critical is your best bet because it grows in small spaces. A grower that has a busy schedule can grow Critical strain because of its short flowering time. With little or no maintenance, Critical yields in large quantity. Every commercial grower wants a cannabis strain that has enough power in the luff. Critical is the answer because it contains components that cause a pleasant stoned effect that breathes a relaxed mind.

The sumptuous taste and aroma of Critical cannabis

Critical is not only a bountiful strain as the aroma and flavor are top-notch. As a critical strain grows, the aroma grows with it. The scent is always a combination of earthy and pungent with a hint of citrus. Even after a critical strain is harvested and cured, that sweet flavor remains. This makes the experience with critical a classic one.

The Growing feature of Critical cannabis

Unlike other varieties of cannabis, the feminized critical seed grows to the flowering stage fast. The turn over within just 7+8 weeks of bloom is massive. This is why critical cannabis is more efficient for commercial growers. Every season this plant produces a magnanimous amount of product. There is barely any plant that yields this much in just 7 weeks. Critical cannabis can either be grown indoors or outdoors and can produce up to 650g per plant.

Effect of Critical cannabis

With about 18% THC composition, the critical puff is loaded with a lot of power and it manifests in both mental and physical ways. The stoned effect in the buds is a very strong one. For people that had a stressful day, feeling relaxed and mellow is the precise sensation as the stoned effect fades. For those that need the medical aspect, critical hells to soothe pains and aches. Critical is a treatment and remedy for numerous diseases. Because of the large quantity of very good quality buds produced, Critical is the best option for any commercial grower that wants a bumper harvest.








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