indica strains
indica strains

Top 5 Strongest Indica Strains

These Indica Strains Have Heavy CBD and Great Medical Uses

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DanaSmith on Thursday Jul 13, 2017

Top 5 Strongest Indica Strains

Indica strains are known for its specific ability to relax both body and mind, some so much so that they can put you out like a light a few minutes after use.



Indica strains also have various medicinal properties, and are loved the world over for helping patients achieve deeper, better sleep. Some even go so far as claiming that they’ve had the best sleep in their lives only after using indica cannabis strains. Because of this, indica strains are best used in the comfort of your own home after work, or when you don’t have much else to do. Indicas must also be avoided anytime you have to operate heavy machinery.



Indica strains are so relaxing that they ultimately encourage you to rest. It’s the ideal medical strain for patients who can’t get good sleep because of intense or chronic pain. Indica strains will make your pain seem much more tolerable no matter what’s causing it. Some indica strains are also known for inducing the munchies, ideal for patients who suffer from appetite loss or nausea.



These are the top 5 strongest indica strains out there:



Norther Lights cananbis strain

  • Northern Lights is such a prolific indica strain that no top indica list should be without it. A pure indica, Northern Lights is known the world over and has taken the cannabis community by storm since its development in the 80’s. Northern Lights is loved for its ability to numb the body in a way no other indica can. It’s used by both medical and recreational users to treat insomnia as well as any accompanying pain. Use Northern Lights on weekends or evenings after work when you need to relax; pair it with a glass of your favorite alcohol for the ultimate few hours of unwinding. Many report that Northern Lights also leaves them feeling creative and uplifted while relaxing the body, so try smoking just a small amount that won’t knock you out and see what happens.


g13 cananbis strains

  • G13 is a mysterious indica; not many people know where it actually came from. Rumors have it that the G13 was developed secretly in a US government facility. Whether or not this is true, one thing is for sure: G13 is a potent indica that many users love.  The most potent versions of this strain can contain as much as 24% THC, sending users into a deep trance that envelopes both mind and body in deep relaxation. Your eyelids will get heavy shortly after exposure to this, and you’ll be a euphoric blissful dreamland in no time.



critical mass strain

  • Critical Mass is a legendary indica strain widely used to treat insomnia as well as pain and stress. This is the perfect bedtime strain for young and old alike, giving off a powerful body buzz that will force you to submit to your sleepy fairies. One of its defining traits is its extremely smooth buzz, all the while boasting of all the great character traits that indicas are known and loved for. Many also enjoy smoking Critical Mass in small amounts to unwind before watching a movie.


bubba kush strain

  • Bubba Kush is one of the oldest, most powerful indica strains known to man. Even new strains will have a tough time competing with this strain’s ability to sedate body and mind in a blissful manner. Bubba Kush is the enemy of pain; if you are suffering from any pain-related conditions that are causing you insomnia, this is a highly recommended strain. Users love its happy, euphoric high; don’t be surprised if you actually fall asleep with a smile on your face after toking with some Bubba Kush.


granddaddy purple cannabis

  • Granddaddy Purple, also known as GDP, is a famous indica strain born in California. This strain gives off a distinct grape and berry aroma, so delicious it’s almost like smoking dessert before bed time. GDP delivers an intense psychoactive experience that will melt your brain in the best possible way, knocking stress and pain right out of the park. GDP works so well for insomnia that it’s widely used by medical patients who deal with the most severe of this sleeping disorder, so expect to feel extremely heavy eyelids after using this strain.


What are your favorite indica strains?










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