Legendary cannabis strains
Legendary cannabis strains

Legendary Cannabis Strains and Their Origins - Do Landrace Strains Rule the Roost?

What are the legendary cannabis strains from around the world?

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Jul 5, 2023

legendary cannabis strains

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, used by civilizations around the world since ancient times.


Different varieties of the plant grew naturally in many regions around the world, such as Thailand, China, the Himalayas, India, Jamaica, North America, and many others. But it wasn’t until around 4,000 years ago that experts estimate was the time when farmers started to breed marijuana for specific properties, including medical use or fiber. Certain environmental conditions and natural pollination in specific locations then produced what we know today to be heirloom or landrace varieties, which are recognized as the godparents of most cannabis strains we know today.


In fact, landrace strains are recognized as the foundation of hundreds (maybe thousands!) of the modern cannabis strains we know today. While there are countless cannabis strains continually being bred and genetically engineered to produce therapeutic or recreational benefits, there will always be the legendary cannabis strains that have been iconic through the decades. Despite the growing popularity of many new ones, we always go back to these famous strains who have had such a great impact on the cannabis industry and consumers alike: 

Read up about them and their origin stories here:

blue dream weed strain

  • Blue Dream: This delicious sativa-dominant hybrid has its roots in California, the marijuana capital of the world. It is said to have been born sometime in the early 2000s, though its popularity quickly spread widely to Canada and other states. Unfortunately, no one really knows who is responsible for creating Blue Dream, despite being a staple strain for many of the biggest dispensaries around the country.


Blue Dream is the result of crossing Super Silver Haze and Blueberry. Recreational and medical consumers enjoy the ideal balance of sativa and indica effects in Blue Dream, providing a gentle psychoactive high that can suit a wide range of needs. Most strains are high in THC, ranging from 20-25%, so it won’t take much for you to experience happy and uplifting feelings after smoking.

bubba kush strain

  • Bubba Kush: The origins of Bubba Kush can be traced back to the early 1990s. For many years, it remained a mystery who created this well-loved strain until Matt Berger stepped up. Known to many by his nickname Bubba, Berger has been growing cannabis for decades beginning in 1993 when a friend gifted him with Northern Lights seeds.


Berger planted the seeds upon his return home in Gainesville, which resulted in the growth of a short, stumpy plant which he grew. He named it Bubba, as a tribute to his friends; not long after, the plant was cloned several times. In 1997, he and a friend, Josh D, gave some of the herb to members of Cypress Hill, and this marked the official birth of Bubba Kush.


Today, Bubba Kush remains one of the most popular cannabis strains. It has equally legendary parents, given that it’s the child of Northern Lights. Bubba Kush is loved for its potent effects, though each batch is different. However, it’s regarded as a mid-potency strain with THC levels that vary from 15-21%. Even if it typically isn’t as strong as other modern strains, it has a long-lasting and deep-setting hit that causes tremendous euphoria while relaxing every muscle.

northern lights cannabis strain

  • Northern Lights: Few other cannabis strains are as quintessential as the Northern Lights, an indica-dominant hybrid that was developed back in the 1970’s. True to its celestial name, this strain is recognized as a tried-and-tested variety perfect for getting a good night’s rest and battling insomnia. In fact, this indica dominant strain is almost always found on any list discussing the world’s best Indica strains – so if you need any help with sleep or relaxation, this is one of the best you can smoke. Northern Lights has won numerous awards in the past, too!


According to sources, Northern Lights was bred by someone called “The Indian”, though his actual name and whereabouts remain unknown. It’s said that he developed this strain while somewhere near Seattle. The Indian allegedly only grew 11 cannabis plants, many of which were Afghani landraces.


However, others say that its origins are in California. Regardless, Northern Lights eventually found its way to Nevil Schoenmakers of The Netherlands, who many regard as the King of Marijuana. Nevil helped introduce Northern Lights to Holland, which is one of the reasons why its benefits spread like wildfire so quickly.

afghani kush

  • Afghani: Meet one of the oldest known cannabis strains, Afghani. Its story can be traced all the way back to the Hindu Kush range, located in Afghanistan – hence its name. This is a legendary landrace strain that has parented numerous best-selling strains in North America. While it grew naturally in the Hindu Kush mountain range, its genetics have continued to evolve and change through the decades.


Afghani is a deep, heavy, pure indica strain. This is definitely something that you are going to want to smoke at night because of its immense relaxation and sleep-inducing properties. If you want to try smoking the authentic Afghani strain, ask your dispensary about the Pure Afghan.

white widow cannabis strain

  • White Widow: The hybrid White Widow strain comes from Netherlands, where it was originally bred in 1994. Its potency, quality genetics, and delicious taste have spawned dozens of cannabis strains which are now sold by various seed banks all over the world.


However, there are two theories that claim the origins of White Widow. One of them is linked to Shantibaba, a marijuana breeder who once owned the Green House Seeds company. He supposedly worked with Nevil Shoenmaker. There are several other theories on the origins of this strain, but we are left to mysteries until today. Regardless, White Widow’s roots in the Netherlands did not last long as it’s now one of the most famous cannabis strains.




These are just some of several legacy strains that we know and love today. Despite the breeding and creation of many modern strains with fancy genetics, we pay homage to their lineage. If you have the chance, do try these cannabis strains. Which one is your favorite?





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