marijuana grow kit
marijuana grow kit

Marijuana Grow Kits - A Great Way to Learn How to Grow Cannabis or Don't Waste Your Time with Them?

Should you try a home grow cannabis kit to start your home grow?

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Lemon Knowles on Monday Jul 11, 2022

cannabis grow kits for home use

Want To Learn How To Grow Cannabis? 7 Reasons To Give Marijuana Grow Kits A Try


Growing your own cannabis at home is the most cost-efficient way to ensure you always have your own medicine.

However, it isn’t for everyone. Learning to cultivate your own marijuana requires a lot of trial and error, but there’s one thing that makes it extremely easy for beginners: cannabis grow kits! These clever packages already do much of the work for you, providing you with all the tools you need to grow an indoor garden in one package so that you can grow strong cannabis right at home within a compact environment. You also don’t need to have a lot of significant space at home in order to grow weed, these kits make it easy to do so even with minimal space.


On top of that, using these grow kits will also provide you with the knowledge that you need for growing marijuana. These are fantastic for beginners and will teach you the vital foundations for having a harvest year-round.


What Do Cannabis Grow Kits Contain?


There are many different marijuana grow kits in the market to accommodate various indoor spaces. These typically include:


  • Step-by-step guide

  • Germination kit

  • LED grow lights

  • Thermometer

  • Grow pots

  • Indoor grow tent or box

  • Hydroponic system

  • Ventilation system

  • Drying racks / hanger

  • Carbon

  • Inline fan

  • Filter

  • Nutrient pack


These all-in-one grow kits save you the time and hassle from having to think about each part and buying them separately.


Benefits Of Cannabis Grow Kits


There are so many reasons why you should be trying cannabis grow kits today:


  • Convenient and practical for beginners: A marijuana grow kit is the most convenient solution for learning how to grow cannabis. It’s also packaged in a way that the contents have been tested so that you can increase your chances of success with the first grow, unlike the trial and error involved with having to do everything else on your own at first.


While much of the equipment provided in these kits isn’t always top-of-the-line, beginners don’t always need the best of everything. You can invest in better tools once you are ready to upgrade.


  • Cost-effective: Cannabis grow kits are primarily designed for small-scale beginner growers. It may seem costly at first but considering all the inclusions it contains, you’d be surprised how much it would add up if you had to buy everything separately. On top of that, all the parts in a grow kit are already compatible with one another.


  • Discretion: Cannabis grow kits are intended for indoor use, and the materials used in these systems ensure that they are kept private. These are suitable for people who want to grow indoors stealthily. In addition, they come with tents that do enable light to go in and out but they also ensure secrecy.


  • Easy to use: There’s no need to look for extra space in your garden, garage, or room; indoor grow kits simply require minimal space for your grow tent. Speaking of grow tents, they also come in box or closet form and there are numerous sizes you can choose from. Everything that comes in the grow kit is already made to work seamlessly with all the other parts inside.


  • Controlled environment: You would still need to adjust important environmental factors for the success of marijuana plant growth such as ventilation, humidity, light, and temperature. However, grow kits make it so much easier to control for these because they come in an enclosed environment.


  • Insulation: The insulated environment provided by grow kits is optimal for marijuana plant growth. The tent prevents pests out while it helps you manage light. Reflective interiors maximize the light but the tent itself also prevents too much light from escaping.


  • Excellent yields: Grow kits already make the perfect grow environment easy, allowing even newbies and beginners to enjoy quality, large harvests.


Considerations When Shopping For Grow Tents


As we mentioned earlier, there are many different kinds of grow tents in the market that are priced variably too. Choose one depending on your budget, personal space, and needs. Most of them are targeted to beginners though oftentimes, a cheaper grow kit won’t necessarily translate to quality.


Here’s what you should be looking at when shopping for grow tents:


Tent Size: You should carefully consider the size requirements of the tent because they come in different heights and widths. See if you have ample room for this in your own home. Additionally, don’t underestimate the equipment you’ll be needing within the tent, because you don’t want the grow space to be too tight. Allocate at least 1 foot of indoor growing space to make room for all the equipment.


Tent Features: Before you buy a grow tent, there are certain features to look out for that will help you maximize your grow. Tents that have see-through windows are recommended because this enables you to easily see how your plants are holding up. Large opening doors, removable floor trays, and duct vents will also make the whole grow more efficient while being convenient for you.


Grow Lights: Do some research on the different types of grow lights that are best for indoor grows. Grow kits may be furnished with HID, LED, or fluorescent lights but just be sure that you get a full spectrum of light for optimal growth during both vegetative and flowering phases of cannabis.



Growing your own marijuana is one of the most fulfilling things for any cannabis lover. It will be a long learning process, but starting with a grow kit is a great way to get one foot in the door.





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