microdosing cannabis
microdosing cannabis

Microdosing Cannabis - A Weed Revolution or No Big Deal?

Is microdosing weed a big new thing or just the same old thing is much smaller hits?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Jun 30, 2021

Microdosing Cannabis: A Weed Revolution or No Big Deal?

microdose marijuana new trend

Times are ever-changing, the norm a decade ago is not the norm today. The methods of using cannabis are currently numerous, but the one method that stands out now is "Microdosing".

Imagine a novice cannabis user with no idea of his limit, forced to use an entire wrap of weed and ending up getting knocked out. Or a stressed individual with no wish to get high, but rather to just feel a sense of calm, who ends up getting couch-locked after using.

This is where microdosing comes in.

Not so many people know about microdosing, but the ones in the know are graciously benefitting from it without drawing attention to themselves.


What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a growing trend of cannabis consumption that encourages the minimal consumption of cannabis. It is the consumption of a minute amount of marijuana to enjoy its medicinal effects without feeling overwhelmed.

It is often recommended to medical patients that need to access the therapeutic benefits of THC without unlocking the psychoactive effects that come along with it.

THC is a psychoactive drug that is capable of interfering with a person's daily life, especially when used in large quantities.

Microdosing is a favorable approach that prevents the body's system from being hit with a high dose of THC in little time. Instead, it involves taking small amounts of cannabis in a certain amount of time to hinder the user from being buzzed up.

The psychoactive impacts of THC on some medical patients can be very severe, especially if they're going through a mental disorder symptom. This is because the threshold of THC in the human body is quite lower than what we all speculate.

Just like LSD, microdosing is sometimes compared to hallucinogens.

There's no point in using cannabis to feel refreshed in the morning, and end up feeling overwhelmed.

With microdosing, the inducement of full-body high can be hindered, the user consumes just a very tiny amount to feel relaxed, or uplifted, or energetic.


Microdosing is not as straightforward as you think it is...

It is more of an experiment to discover your limited dose of weed. It has been observed that sometimes when the dosage is raised, the effects of the drug are rushed within the body; the benefits are diminished with no enjoyment derived.

A good example to buttress the meaning of micro-dosing would be the use of cannabis to treat anxiety.

Consuming cannabis in small amounts will help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, but taking in a large dosage in quick succession will more or less worsen the anxiety.

The practice of taking cannabis in small doses prolongs the effects of the drugs, and it most times inhibits the negative impacts of the drugs from materializing. It produces a cellular response and halts.


What small dose of cannabis is the optimal dose?

This varies. People have different body systems. The way your liver metabolizes cannabis and the way mine does is different, the duration will also vary. In addition to this, everyone has their peculiar cannabinoid receptors.

Simply put, the optimal dosage for microdosing cannabis depends on the preferred cannabis product and the user's body metabolism rate.

Microdosing is all about administering the smallest dose that can produce a noticeable effect on the user. So it is quite different for everyone.

You just have to try and try and try till you find the optimal dose that is right for you.

Experts recommend that first-time micro-dosers should begin with a dose of around 2.5 milligrams, and only increase after a few days of getting used to it. It can thereafter be increased, when the user's tolerance level is fit enough

It is advisable to always go slow after you start low. So, if you're a new micro-doser yourself, don't be too quick to up your dose. You can also choose to start from 1 milligram of weed. The lower, the better. However, it must not exceed 5mg, anything above that cannot be correctly referred to as microdosing.


Best ways to microdose cannabis

There are different approaches to microdosing cannabis.

In fact, the usual methods cannabis is consumed are the same ways you can microdose your cannabis. The only snag is that here you're taking a minimal amount of cannabis in.

You can choose to smoke, or vape. You could also choose to include small amounts of weed in edibles, or beverages.

Note that some methods may be more effective than others, it's normal.

When you smoke or vape in an attempt to microdose cannabis, you just need to take one puff, wait at least five minutes to feel its effects, before attempting to take another puff if necessary.

Experiments carried out show that it is difficult to control the amount of THC ingested when microdosing through smoking.

Using edibles, tinctures and oil makes it quite easy to measure the cannabis taken in; as they have more consistent dosages.


Merits of microdosing

Microdosing has numerous merits. From medical reasons to recreational benefits, its non-intoxicating effects are the highlight of it all.

Microdosing allows users to experience the synergy between the various cannabinoid compounds in cannabis, most especially THC and CBD. Both major cannabinoid compounds gave unique therapeutic benefits that users can enjoy without experiencing any negative psychoactive effects.

Some cannabis users stick to CBD strains because of the harsh effects THC strains induce in them. With microdosing, the side effects of THC are significantly eliminated; no paranoia or anxiety is attached, users only get to benefit from the positive features of the plant.

Microdosing also allows workers to stay active and mentally alert in their various workplaces. Another upside attached to this is that there's a high chance no one in the workplace will know you are using it at that moment. More like you're eating your cake, and having it—without a buzz!

Last words

If you want to stay focused or alert, or you want to manage your pain, insomnia, depression, or anxiety, then you must know that microdosing might be the best approach for you to take.

Don't hesitate to join the trend and seek extra guidance to ensure you do it correctly.








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