micro-dosing cannabis work?
micro-dosing cannabis work?

Does Micro-Dosing Work?

Micro-dosing cannabis is a big hit but does it actually work?

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HighChi on Sunday Oct 20, 2019

Does Micro-Dosing Work?

microdosing cannabis

Not too long ago, no one would have thought of micro-dosing something like cannabis. But cannabis consumers have become more sophisticated in their approach over time. Only “green” smokers tend to overdo their consumption, or rather “green-out” a bit. Sometimes with a not-such-a-great outcome. You obviously will still get your typical stoner types that like to do nothing more than just be baked out of their minds, but many grasped the concept of micro-dosing. With the understanding of what cannabis can do to your health and also for recreational purposes, micro-dosing can better your daily experience. Treating it like a connoisseur would treat wine, you can have a light elevated lift dealing with daily tasks by taking off the edge.


What does micro-dosing mean and how does it work? Those into psychedelics will understand the concept of micro-dosing. It is literally taking the smallest dose of a substance to create a perceivable effect. It takes off the edge of being completely stoned, and let you feel relaxed and in control. Because of the emotional calmness, it enhances productivity. It is a known fact that stress hampers everything, thus working without stress can just be a benefit. It is specifically helpful for high-strung people and can be used wherever. Some micro-dose even in the gym or dealing with a difficult client. Cannabis is such a potent plant that it makes total sense to use it to our benefit.

To know exactly how much a big enough dosage is is a matter of experimentation. Every person has a different physiologic system and by error and trial, you would have to find that works best. Take in mind that edibles work differently than inhaling. Eventually, you would find what works best for you


Micro-dosing equals responsibility. Yes, more people are openly accepting cannabis and allow consumption in public places. It still doesn´t mean that every office or workplace is open for it. Some conventional and traditional work areas might not take it as appropriate and you could end up losing your job. It is true that the typical image of lazy smokers is changing, but not everyone and all places are cannabis friendly.


But how does taking less work on a larger scale? Striving to get the best level of THC without losing control or slowing you down, might be a bit difficult. When inhaling, it is good to start off with 5 mg or even less. Keep also the different strains in mind. As mentioned above, it is something done by error-and-trial. There are two ways of inhaling marijuana:


Using Pipes and Bongs – It is an easy way to start but can be the most expensive and also the least clean way to do so. It is also the hardest way to find the perfect dose.  You can easily overstep the desired dosage.


Vaporizing - vaporizing makes it easier to calculate a microdose. It is also a cleaner way to inhale.


Edibles- Edibles in stores are labeled and the dosage is specified. This makes it easier to manage when you decide to micro-dose on edibles. It takes longer to have an effect because digestion happens over 2 to 3 hours. Because of this, the effect also lasts longer.


Some Tips to keep in Mind when Micro-Dosing

  • A golden rule is to take it slow and minimize the amount. Always start with not more than 5 mg. When you micro-dose with edibles, remember that THC gets converted in the liver to 11-hydroxy-THC. This form of THC is stronger than in inhaled form.  
  • Label homemade edibles. If you keep cannabis-infused edibles at home, put a label onto it. It should be kept away from children and pets.
  • It is better not to consume edibles with alcohol. It could end up in a bad trip.
  • Edibles on an empty stomach could be very harsh. Always eat healthy when you are micro-dosing THC.
  • Stay away from heavy machinery and do not drive when you consume large amounts of edibles.  
  • Closing Thoughts

Micro-dosing is excellent for everyone, and specifically medical users. Apart from relieving stress, it helps with pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Doctors believe there are more benefits to micro-dosing than high dosages. Vaporizers, one-hitter and reduced amount edibles allow a person to have a productive day without feeling foggy and heavy.

It is important to stress the fact that micro-dosing is not the same for everyone. Factors like weight, tolerance, and age play a significant role. Finding the correct dosage is imminent. It also helps the body to not build up a tolerance for cannabis and optimizes the experience over a longer stretch of time.  It effectively enhances productivity and makes it possible to execute daily tasks without a problem.

Micro-dosing is a great way to get through your day and it is clear why grows in popularity.










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