cannabis dosage and coffee
cannabis dosage and coffee

Morning Bud - With Precision Dosing Will Cannabis Become Just Like Coffee?

Controlling the THC and CBD dosage could make cannabis the new morning coffee!

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Jan 30, 2021

With Precision Dosing Cannabis, Will Become Like Coffee?

precision dosing of marijuana like coffee

The majority of people are not sure what the future holds for cannabis. The growth of the natural herb has been astronomical over the past couple of years and all projections predict more of the same trajectory going forward. The decriminalization of cannabis has been widespread in different regions and more states are opening up legal markets for medical and recreational use. This has prompted the belief that the kind of change experienced with alcohol can be seen with cannabis as well. Times have changed from when alcohol was restricted to speakeasies as it has now moved to bars. This has made many question what changing times for cannabis will look like once the issue of legalization is sorted out.

The war on drugs in the ’80s and beyond meant that those that smoked cannabis had to do so within closed doors. The criminalization of cannabis further enhanced the stereotype against cannabis users which is why many of our parents are still finding it hard to accept the benefits of cannabis. Fortunately, times are gradually changing as some states have legalized the adult use of cannabis. This allows people to use vape pens without fear of issues from law enforcement or society. This has greatly affected the black market for cannabis in those parts as more people lean more to legal markets.

The future of cannabis

Despite these apparent advancements in cannabis, the question remains what cannabis will be like in the future. Will it be like wine and alcohol, or will it take a different route and be more engrossed in everyday life. The truth is that the future of cannabis will see it take a more permanent role in human daily life, much like coffee. It is a future where cannabis can be enjoyed by all and sundry for numerous reasons. Cannabis contains cannabinoids that can aid with sleep, resting, mental alertness, and other parts of life.

An increase in the medical use of cannabis has opened up more people to its usefulness for the wellness of the body and mind. CBD is one of the major cannabinoids in cannabis that works directly and indirectly through the endocannabinoid system for homeostasis. CBD has no euphoric and psychoactive effect like THC but it works in synergy with other cannabinoids to help the mind. Through the entourage effect of the cannabinoids, cannabis can help to calm and relax the mind. It also benefits the body by offering relief to pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

These benefits of cannabis mean that the future can see a situation where it is incorporated more into human life. Medical marijuana has already shown signs of reducing the use of over-the-counter drugs. It has also reduced the usage of opioids in some parts as well. The presence of numerous strains of cannabis further shows these benefits are bound to increase as hybrid strains have better cannabinoid profile. Relevant studies are already been carried out to elucidate the beneficial effects of cannabis and they are bound to provide quality information on how the numerous benefits of cannabis can be harnessed.

Cannabis dosing and its use

One of the major reasons why these uses of cannabis are emerging is that the knowledge of cannabis dosing is gradually being utilized. Dosing has a special effect on cannabis due to two specific characteristics of cannabis. These characteristics include the peculiarity of THC and the biphasic nature of cannabis.

THC is the major cannabinoid in cannabis and its psychoactive effects cause a euphoric feeling. This psychoactive effect of THC occurs when THC is present in concentration to a particular threshold. This is why hemp is legal provided it less than or equal to 0.3% of THC. At this concentration, THC does not have a psychoactive effect and so it gives no euphoric effect. Fortunately, THC has other medical benefits below this psychoactive threshold which is where the benefits of cannabis dosing can be maximized. Cannabis dosing will ensure that this narrow therapeutic window is fully maximized for the wellness of the body and mind without the risk of euphoric feeling.

Cannabis has a unique biphasic effect which means that it can give the opposite effect at high and low doses. At normal doses, cannabis can reduce anxiety and promote calm relaxation. However, at high doses, it promotes the opposite effect with patients showing signs of paranoia and fear. Studies with cancer patients for pain have also confirmed this effect. At low doses, cannabis grants relief from pain whereas at high doses it causes pain.

These two unique characteristics of cannabis further show the importance of cannabis dosing if maximized. Cannabis dosing is not about getting a low, medium, or high dose. It is about getting the optimum dose to give the needed therapeutic effect. Once this is done, cannabis can be enjoyed by anyone for different uses without the risk of intoxication.

What the future will be like with cannabis dosing.

When cannabis dosing is properly utilized, people know the right amount of cannabis to use for different effects. Those who use cannabis for mental alertness as they start the day know the amount to use. Likewise, those who use cannabis to relax at night and steer clear of sleep disturbances. This means the future of cannabis with dosing will be like the present state of coffee in society. Society is bound to accept cannabis more and incorporate it into every necessary aspect.

Cannabis dosing is also bound to open up newer uses of cannabis that are yet to be explored. This is because the results and the effects of the natural herb are now predictable and reproducible. Artists can use cannabis to improve creativity, originality, and divergent thinking. Cannabis can also be introduced more into the world of food, entertainment, and sports.

 Bottom line

The future looks good with cannabis dosing as cannabis will cross from where it is now to a better space in society. Much of this is still hanged on the general legalization of cannabis which is bound to happen sooner or later.








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