How big of a stoner you
How big of a stoner you

On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Big of a Stoner Are You? (Get Over a 7 on This Test and You Just Might Be a Stoner!)

Are you an Ascended Stoner Master? The How Much of a Stoner Are You Checklist!

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Mar 4, 2024

how big of a stoner are you

The term "stoner" has journeyed from the fringes to the forefront of cannabis culture, undergoing a remarkable transformation along the way. Once wielded as a weapon to insult or demean, it has been reclaimed and now proudly serves as a badge of honor within the community.


This evolution mirrors the broader societal shift towards acceptance and legalization of cannabis, reflecting a deeper understanding and appreciation of its users. Stoners have cultivated their own rich culture, characterized by shared experiences, values, and, of course, a love for the herb. In the spirit of celebrating this culture, we've compiled a list of 10 things that typify a stoner's journey.


From the most common to the uniquely memorable, these experiences paint a picture of what it means to be part of this vibrant community. How many can you say "Yes, I did it too!" to? If your tally reaches 7 out of 10, then you're officially a stoner! Join us in exploring these rites of passage and see where you stand.


Introduction to Common Stoner Traits


In the vast and vibrant world of cannabis culture, certain experiences unite stoners, crafting a shared narrative that transcends geographical and social boundaries.


While some traits and experiences are almost ubiquitous, painting the quintessential picture of the stoner lifestyle, they still form an essential part of the "stoner experience." From the universal symbol of cannabis allegiance to the forgetful moments induced by THC, these common traits weave the fabric of cannabis camaraderie. As we delve into the first five items on our list, remember, these common experiences are badges of honor in the cannabis community, celebrating the joys and quirks of stoner life.


1.Own a Piece of Clothing or Item with a Cannabis Leaf on It


The cannabis leaf is more than just a plant part; it's an emblem of freedom, defiance, and belonging. Sporting this symbol, whether on a cap, shirt, or keychain, is a rite of passage. It's a nod to fellow enthusiasts and a declaration of one's affinity for the herb. This common trait bridges the gap between the private enjoyment of cannabis and the public celebration of its culture, making it a staple in the wardrobe of many stoners.


2.Have a Preferred Method of Consumption


Just as a connoisseur has their favored vintage, a true stoner finds their rhythm in a particular method of consumption. Be it the ritualistic rolling of joints, the ceremonial use of a bong, or the gourmet adventure of edibles, this preference becomes a personal signature. It's about the experience as much as the effect, with each method offering a different path to the same destination: bliss.


3.Watched a Stoner Movie or TV Show While Stoned off Your Ass


There's something uniquely communal about laughing or zoning out to a stoner flick while riding a high. Movies like "Pineapple Express" or shows like "That '70s Show" serve as cultural touchstones, shared experiences that unite the cannabis community.


Extra points if you've indulged in the antics of Cheech and Chong, pioneers of the genre. These moments of entertainment become milestones, shared laughs, and inside jokes among friends.


4.Forgot Where You Put Something While High

The infamous "stoner memory," a playful affliction, is a bond of shared forgetfulness. Whether it's your lighter, phone, or the TV remote, the search that ensues is a tale as old as time, amusing in its universality. It’s a humorous reminder of THC's effects on short-term memory, a trait that, while inconvenient, is a small price to pay for the escape it provides.


5.Tried to Mask the Smell with Incense or Air Freshener

In the dance of discretion and indulgence, the stoner finds inventive ways to cloak their pastime. The use of incense, air fresheners, or even homemade concoctions speaks to the creativity and resourcefulness of cannabis users, especially those in less tolerant environments. This act of masking is both a precaution and a ritual, adding another layer to the cannabis experience.


Bonus: Have Visine in Your Possession Currently

The telltale sign of red eyes has long been a giveaway, but having Visine on hand is the stoner's solution. It's the final touch in the art of subtlety, a small but telling detail in the life of someone for whom cannabis is a regular pleasure.


Together, these experiences stitch a tapestry of stoner culture, a world where the common and uncommon alike are celebrated. However, while these are the more common ones, let’s dive into something a bit more “master stoner level”.




Venturing deeper into the heart of cannabis culture, we encounter experiences less traveled, markers that elevate one from a casual enthusiast to a connoisseur of the cannabis craft. These uncommon traits are badges of distinction, separating the green from the seasoned. While having a few might hint at a strong affinity for the herb, embodying all of them could very well crown you as a Master Stoner. This level of dedication reflects not just a preference but a lifestyle, a testament to the profound connection between the individual and the plant. Let’s explore these less common, yet deeply emblematic stoner experiences. If you find yourself nodding along to even a few, your stoner credentials are beyond question. Achieving all, however, places you among the elite, a true Master Stoner in the vast, verdant world of cannabis culture.



6.Took a Shot of Bong Water


Taking a shot of bong water is not an endeavor for the faint-hearted or casual stoner. This uncommon, often accidental venture, when survived, morphs into an epic tale among friends, immortalizing the individual in stoner folklore.


 It's a testament to the lengths some will go for their love of cannabis, or perhaps a misadventure born from curiosity. While not recommended for its taste or effects, this experience marks a rite of passage that, once endured, grants you an almost mythic status within your circle. It signifies a willingness to explore the outer bounds of cannabis culture, turning an unpleasant experience into a badge of honor and a story that cements your place as a Master Stoner.


7.Decarboxylated Cannabis to Make Edibles


Mastering the art of decarboxylation to make edibles is a clear sign you've ascended in the ranks of cannabis connoisseurs. Decarboxylation, the process of applying heat to activate cannabis’s psychoactive potential, is a crucial step in crafting potent and effective edibles.


Understanding this chemical transformation goes beyond mere baking or cooking; it represents a scientific curiosity and a commitment to the craft of cannabis. By unlocking the full potential of the plant through decarboxylation, you demonstrate not just an appreciation for the finer points of cannabis consumption but also a dedication to elevating your culinary cannabis creations. This knowledge places you in a special category of stoners who not only enjoy the plant but also respect its complexities and science.


8.Cultivated Your Own Cannabis Plant

Growing your own cannabis plant is a commitment that transcends the typical stoner hobby. It requires patience, care, and a genuine passion for the plant. Cultivation is an intimate act of connection with cannabis, where you nurture and witness the cycle of life and harvest.


This journey from seedling to bud is filled with challenges and learning, making each harvest a deeply personal achievement. A stoner who takes the step to cultivate their own plant delves into the agronomy of cannabis, understanding its needs, strains, and the satisfaction of consuming something grown with their own hands. It’s a hallmark of a Master Stoner, showcasing a dedication not just to the consumption but to the entire lifecycle of cannabis.


9.Greening Out

Experiencing a "green out," or the overwhelming effects of consuming too much cannabis, is a memorable, albeit uncomfortable, event. It teaches important lessons about personal limits and the potent power of the plant. While common amongst novices, even seasoned stoners may encounter this boundary.


What sets the Master Stoner apart in this experience is the understanding and respect gained for cannabis's effects. It's a humbling reminder of the importance of moderation and knowing one’s body. This experience enriches the cannabis journey, adding a layer of wisdom to the stoner’s repertoire and emphasizing the need for mindful consumption.


10.Became a Weed Mentor


Becoming a weed mentor signifies a deep involvement and mastery over cannabis culture. Sharing knowledge and experiences, guiding newcomers through the nuances of cannabis, from consumption techniques to understanding strains and effects, is a valuable role. It reflects a journey from novice to sage, where your insights help shape the cannabis journeys of others.


This mentorship is rooted in a love for the community and a desire to foster a safe, informed, and respectful cannabis culture. It’s a role that demands not only a comprehensive understanding of cannabis but also patience and compassion. Being a weed mentor positions you as a cornerstone in the cannabis community, embodying the spirit of a Master Stoner by elevating the experience and understanding of those around you.



The Sticky Bottom Line

As we come to the end of our journey through the stoner experience checklist, it's time to tally up your score. How many of these cannabis-centric experiences can you confidently say "Yes" to? Remember, there's a potential to score 12 out of 10, considering the bonus points.


Scoring anything above 7 means you're officially part of the stoner culture, but surpassing the 10-point mark?


That elevates you to the revered status of a Master Stoner. Whether you find yourself just beginning to explore the vast world of cannabis or you've ascended to the ranks of Master Stoner, each experience is a step further into the rich tapestry of cannabis culture.


Let us know where you stand—are you a casual enthusiast, a seasoned stoner, or have you achieved the illustrious title of Master Stoner? Your journey with cannabis is unique and celebrated within the community, no matter the score.





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