average stoner
average stoner

What Does the Average Stoner Look Like in 2018?

New Study Shows Cannabis Users Mainstream

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Jun 6, 2018

What Does the Average Stoner Look Like?

average stoner


We’ve been sold the idea of the average stoner being a unmotivated, semen covered loser who still lives in his mother’s basement. Or, the dimwitted chick that spaces out over everything. The Stoner stereotype is also typically aged between sixteen and twenty-five, echoing that it’s a “youthful endeavor”.


However, this image that we have of a stoner is absolutely wrong. In fact, most “stoners” today would like to distance themselves from that idea of a cannabis consumer.


Today, the average stoner is nothing like you would imagine. A recent survey from Miner & Co found after interviewing 800 cannabis consumers from the age 21 – 55, that the actual image of a stoner is much different than you would imagine.


The Modern Stoner Profile Revealed!


Miner & Co compiled the data and came out with the following consumer report.


  • On Average a Stoner is 35 Years Old

  • 86% of them all Employed Full Time

  • 77% of them make more than $75k

  • Half Consumes for both Medical and Recreational Purposes

  • 94% of Consumers smoke weed at least once a week

  • 36% of them smoke daily

  • 9 in 10 professionals described themselves as Active, Passionate, Open-Minded, Present, Engaged, Relaxed


As you can see, the image of stoner is radically different as portrayed by anti-cannabis campaigns. Furthermore, most of these “stoners” believe that perpetuating the negative stereotype instilled by government propaganda is currently stifling the legalization process.


Additionally, 4 in 5 stoners are more likely to watch a show that positively portrays cannabis. Shows like Disjointed doesn’t mesh well with the average stoner. 72% of the sample group claimed that too many TV shows portray stoners as silly and forgetful.


76% said that cannabis should be portrayed in the similar fashion as having a cocktail, drinking beer or wine. This is because 7 in 10 stoners found that a positive portrayal in a TV show about cannabis allowed them to be more comfortable discussing their own experiences with cannabis.


Finally, 85% of stoners believe that shows should speak out against cannabis prosecution since 72% of them say cannabis on TV influences legislation.


This doesn’t seem like the typical stoner we are used to seeing on TV. This sounds to me like straight-thinking, hardworking individuals that just so happen to use cannabis as a method of medication or relaxation.


Why it’s necessary to redefine the Stoner


I know some of you are sitting there saying, “Stoner is a negative word!” Well, stoner simply refers to someone who is smoking weed. The connotation surrounding the negative stereotype has simply been engrained into the subconscious of the world.


Reclaiming the word for stonerkind everywhere is important. Stoner is a word that despite the media’s negative portrayal, helped form the subgroup of cannabis consumers who weren’t afraid to be open about their cannabis use.


These are the same people that are 35 years old, have steady jobs and are generally satisfied with their life choices.


It’s okay to be a stoner. I’m a stoner. A person who smokes cannabis. I’m also a person who created my own source of income, am not dependent to any company or boss and control my own schedule. I could sell all my shit today, reduce my belongings to a backpack and travel the world and would still be able to generate income as long as I have a connection to the internet.


Hell, even taking me off the grid won’t stop me. Stoners are resourceful. Cannabis is simply something they choose to consume.


Of course, you’ve got stereotypical stoners in the world. They do exist. But the majority of us are hardworking individuals, taxpayers and parents. We’re doctors and teachers, lawyers and creatives. We help make the music you enjoy and write the scripts to the movies you love. We are the computer engineers that put up your firewalls and the Chefs that delight your pallet.


It’s important to make these positive connections to the word: Stoner. To reclaim it from the clutches of prohibition.


For those ready to wear the mantle of stoner, to come out of their cannabis closet…we welcome you. There are millions of us and as the data suggests…we’re doing well. In fact, in Colorado and California they found that those who smoked weed tended to keep their jobs longer than those who don’t. Of course, statistics are not facts but merely indicators, it still shows us that cannabis consumers are not what we were made out to be.


To be a stoner is to be proud of who you are. To remove the shame from your consumption habits and engaging the world head on. Whether people might judge you or not is their problem, as long as your life satisfaction is pristine…you keep on toking you stoner!


Finally, being called stoner is no longer a “bad thing.”








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