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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Dec 4, 2016

When it’s time to “Over Grow the Government”

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There has long been a phrase that has been touted within the cannabis community. #OverGrowTheGovernment is not a new concept, yet it has never been fully implemented on a planetary scale.


We’re coming now to a crossroads in terms of cannabis legalization. The vast majority of folks around the world are calling for legalization, however there are still staunch opponents in powerful places fighting against this change.


I don’t know when this was first coined, however I have known about this phrase since I started smoking when I was 13. I’ve been smoking for 21 years now and during all this time I have never seen it happen on a grand scale. I have seen, on a few occasions people attempting to do this, however never to the success of making a global statement. I think Marc Emery might have been one of the first folks to say this and was even busted for trying to get seeds to everyone.


When is a Good time to Overgrow the Government?


Well, as I said…we’re at a crossroads. With Trump’s victory in the Whitehouse and the apparent “establishment” cabinet he’s selecting, one of the major concerns for cannabis legalization efforts comes in the form of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is an expired politician with a deep seeded hatred for cannabis.


I referenced Sessions in another article I wrote concerning one of his statements that link morality to cannabis consumption, however to give you a quick breakdown of the douchebaggery of thus said candidate;


He believes in Raegan’s “Just say no” campaign

He associated “bad people” with smoking weed

He’s against state legalization of cannabis

Wants to crack down on pot

Should have died back in 1864


Sessions is definitely not an ally for the cannabis movement and we can expect more resistance from the federal government once he is officially the AG. However, despite his wants and needs, ultimately he must serve the American public.


If by any chance he doesn’t follow the will of the people and rather imposes his “drug warrior rhetoric” on the rest of us, it will become critical for us as a cannabis collective to push back.


There are still millions in the US who are living in “Shwag States”, or states that don’t have legal cannabis on the books. For these folks, getting busted with an ounce could land you some serious jail time.


While we’re moving forward, the pushback is still quite harsh and with Sessions behind the steering wheel, it might become even more difficult.


If Sessions proves to be the douche that he is…it will be time to #OverGrowTheGovernment



Let’s get Organized


Right now, legalization is expanding organically. States are realizing that there is money to be made in legal pot and that the risks of cannabis have been grossly exaggerated. So far, the Federal government has done little to stop this progress, HOWEVER, if Sessions wishes to put an end to this passive involvement from the Federal government, we’d be forced to push back.


For most this means protesting, however protesting isn’t the most effective way of making a point. For the government, if you cost them money, they will pay attention.


We can sign a thousand petitions and they would care less, however if we cost them millions of dollars in wasted action, they will quickly realize that the people mean business.


So how would “overgrowing the government” cost them money?


The Country-of-Green Scenario


In the most viable approach, people should simply start scattering seeds everywhere. Whenever you have some seeds, just drop a few in a public garden or better yet, government property. There are roughly 30 million active smokers in the US alone. If even 10% of them were to implement this strategy, we’d see at least 3 million cannabis plants pop up all over the country.


This in turn would spark retaliation from the government, where they would “eradicate” the plants. To do this, they would have to hire people to get rid of the plants which would cost them money.


Sure, the government would begin to campaign that “people found planting seeds would get punished”, however if enough people do this consistently, they would be forced to make some change on their cannabis policies.


This is a form of active protest. It is a statement that “we do not care for their laws in regards to cannabis” and that unless they do something about prohibition, we will continue to grow everywhere.


The Private Growers Networks


The Second scenario I can think of is that consumers everywhere just begin to grow their own buds. Create millions of micro grow operations, create grow networks with your friends and simply declare that prohibition is over.


Sure, some people will get caught in this scenario, however to make this work everyone should be connected via social media. Every time someone is busted, protests should break out. For this to work, people in the Private Grow Networks should only grow enough for personal consumption unless the government busts you for major cannabis offenses. No more than 3 plants per person should work.


Every time someone is busted, the community should rise up and protest. If we all stand together, they can’t take us all.


This is risky sure, but in the end…if you want the freedom to smoke and grow cannabis, don’t expect the government to just give it to you without a fight. It’s going to require all of us to stand together and make a statement like never before.


Do you think we should Overgrow the Government his coming 4/20?



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