stealing hemp
stealing hemp

People are Stealing Hemp Plants Thinking It is Weed

Hemp growers are seeing plants stolen because people think it is weed

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Nov 7, 2019

Dumbass Criminals Steal Hemp thinking it’s Marijuana


The other day we saw an “Applegate” in a dispensary try to return weed after a week of consumption. When things didn’t pan out, he became violent and fled the scene, only to be caught by the cops later. This all happened in a dispensary in Oregon.


Today, we’re taking a look at another state, and another crop. Growers in Indiana are currently cropping out the very first Hemp crop since it was legalized at the end of 2018. This is truly an historic event considering that hemp, along with cannabis have been illegal since 1937.


US Hemp Co., the company in question, launched in 2019 and began planting their crops in the first quarter of the year. Now that the plants are ready for harvest, the company is running into a problem – thieves!


You read that correctly, people are stealing hemp thinking it’s marijuana. Currently, more than 20 people have been put in jail due to these hemp thefts.


“It just makes you feel violated,” said Weaver, one of the founders of US Hemp Co.


Why stealing hemp is a dumbass move!


To be legally considered Hemp, the plants need to have less than .3% THC in it, meaning, no matter how much you smoke – you won’t get high.


Every thief arrested believed that they were stealing marijuana – which is a dick move in its own right. But the problem with stealing hemp is that not only you can’t get high on it, you can’t legally sell the hemp to anyone without proper licenses.


This means that these thieves are literally just stealing plant matter and risking their liberty for absolutely nothing. What’s more, these hemp farmers are literally depending on the success of this first crop. In other words, these thieves looking to get high are not only breaking the law, they are hurting legal commerce.


It’s not too difficult to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana


While hemp can be both male and female – a common misconception that hemp is just the male version of cannabis plants – it is a different species of the cannabis plant. They tend to be slightly more robust and grow taller than most medical and recreational cannabis plants.


Additionally, in order to grow psychoactive cannabis, you require a lot more security than hemp. So if you see a farm with plants that look like marijuana, but the security is weak – odds are you’re looking at a hemp plantation.


Secondly, hemp plants typically grow tall and skinny whereas cannabis plants tend to bush out. While it might smell the same, another telltale sign that you’re looking at hemp is leaf formation. Hemp tends to have long-slender leaves while cannabis leaves are typically a bit broader.


While the buds on the hemp plant might resemble cannabis buds, the final thing you’ll want to look at are the “sugar contents”. By this, we mean the resin production on the buds itself. Hemp will not produce the same trichomes as the cannabis plant, and typically it looks like ditch weed.


Even a poorly grown cannabis plant will have a decent amount of resin production. Some of the trichomes will spread to the leaf and there will be more buds on the plant. A hemp plant typically manifests its buds on the “top of the plant” whereas a cannabis plant will bush it through the leaves.


To the untrained eye, hemp and cannabis are indistinguishable – however, with a little bit of observation even a complete moron would be able to know the difference.


If you’re a cannabis smoker thinking of stealing – FUCK YOU!


Don’t get me wrong I love weed. However, people breaking into dispensaries or grows to steal plants should be sent to an island to live the rest of their lives in isolation. Cannabis has been illegal for more than 80 years and for cannabis smokers to think it’s “okay” to steal legally grown weed is simply a statement of how much of a “garbage-person” they truly are.


Not only are you breaking the law, you’re creating a bad name for cannabis consumers, hurting a legal industry and hurting businesses trying to reinstate an industry that has been prohibited for nearly a century.


“And it’s literally our livelihood out there,” said Weaver. “It’s not something we’re doing as a hobby. It’s literally our livelihood and we’ve got a lot on the line financially,” said Weaver.


If you want weed – FUCKING GROW IT! Don’t be a lazy cunt and steal from people who are actually trying to do something good for the world. Unlike Applegate – I would love to see these crooks locked up for a long time. If we want to fully legitimize the cannabis and hemp industry, we need to place strict protections on the marketplace – and that means punishing criminals that steal hemp with the maximum punishment allotted by the courts.


What pisses me off the most is that I am not a very “pro-government” type guy, but when I hear these things – I sadly have to turn to “Papa government” to deal with it…and I hope they do.








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