Reddit psychedelics
Reddit psychedelics

Psychedelic Sub-Reddits - The Best Reddit Communities for Psilocybin, Mushrooms, and Psychedelics

What does Reddit have to say about mushrooms, acid, LSD, and psilocybin?

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Chiara C on Saturday May 21, 2022

Reddit mushrooms psychedelics

In recent times, Reddit has become the hub for many enthusiasts in the psychedelic community. People from different regions meet up on the platform to share different types of information about psychedelics. From trip reports to dosing info different subreddits contain vital info, tips, and recommendations. Reddit cannabis communities have been thrving for years, while psychedelics have a shorter history on the site. Read on as we take a look at the top 10 Reddit psychedelic communities presently.

Reddit as a Psychedelic Resource

Many who are familiar with Reddit can easily summarize it as a social media platform where people meet to share photos and memes. However, for psychedelic enthusiasts, Reddit is much more than that. The popularity of psychedelics as a popular culture coupled with a lack of scientific research has prompted many to seek info elsewhere. This is where open forums such as communities on Reddit have come in as a psychedelic resource. People join such communities to share anecdotal reports on the effects of taking psychedelics and the best ways to take them. Other types of info such as the best way to grow psychedelics at home are also in these communities.

10 of the Best Psychedelic Reddit Communities

Communities on Reddit are known as subreddits. These subreddits are differentiated based on the topics they are dedicated to. Different topics such as gaming, cooking, movies, and dating advice occur on Reddit. Psychedelics have grown to become one of the prominent topics on Reddit with a wide range of members across different communities.

Below is a closer look into 10 of the best psychedelic Reddit communities.

R/Psychedelics: A community for psychonauts of all levels

If you are new to the world of psychedelics, this community should be your first stop before taking any step. The community plays host to over 140 thousand members that actively engage in all things psychedelic regularly. The features of this special community include memes on psychedelics, tripping diaries, and the history of psychedelics. The community also regularly addresses controversial topics about psychedelics to show the best side of psychedelics to newcomers.

R/Mescaline: The ultimate hub for all things mescaline

For many growers, differentiating between psychedelics can prove to be difficult. Such persons and other enthusiasts are to who this Reddit community is dedicated. Say no more to issues of differentiating between Bolivian Torch and San Pedro. This community shares info on all you need to know about growing and using mescaline. Home cultivation projects, extraction, and dosing info are also shared in this hub to equip all members adequately.

R/DMT: All the secrets of DMT laid bare

DMT is quite popular among those in the art community. This popularity is due to the special visuals attributed to the trip of DMT. The R/DMT community plays host to 185 thousand members who showcase the effects of DMT and how they apply it to art. Many users share DMT trip-influenced artwork on the platform. Most of these images are kaleidoscopic with different patterns and colors. The page is not restricted to art only as info on the preparation and dosage of the drug is also shared.

R/Trippy: All forms of abstract art inspired by psychedelics

This community helps members of the psychedelics world show visual memories of their trips. The users mostly interpret their experiences with abstract patterns, designs, and colors. This community allows the users to submit the products of their trippy visuals. Others engage in these posts by commenting on them and voting. The community is fun to be in with a good amount of members engaging actively.

R/LSA: All you need to know about LSA

LSA or Lysergic acid amide has a strong following among psychedelics. This is largely due to its similarity in name and chemical structure to LSD. This has prompted the need for many to seek info about it and has made its subreddit of the popular psychedelic communities around. Beginners and serious enthusiasts meet in this community to share info on schedules and accounts of daily doses of LSA. The information shared in the community is more scientific compared to other psychedelic communities.

R/Shrooms: The community for adequate psilocybin information

This is the place to discuss anything related to shrooms. The magical world of mushrooms is carefully explained and discussed in this community. The community plays host to over 273 thousand members where different questions about mushrooms are asked and answered regularly. Different experts are always on hand in this community to give adequate info on all that pertains to psychedelics.

R/CurrentlyTripping: The temple of tripping

This community lives up to its bidding of being the temple of tripping. Apart from it being strictly moderated, the community has different types of sensory and visual media to aid you high. The special images and gifs in the subreddit improve the quality of the trip to further improve the good vibes. The community also comes with special music recommendations that can help make any trip “trippier”.

R/Salvia: Information central for all things salvia

Salvia is one of the psychedelics that is commonly misunderstood due to wrong information being peddled around. This community corrects this wrong by ensuring that it provides its members with quality information about the dreaded psychedelic. Members are to discuss the best ways to use and appropriate doses of salvia that are safe for use. Common dos and don’ts of salvia are also commonly shared in this community.

R/Psychonaut: The best community of psychonauts

Many psychedelics enthusiasts have different questions about altered states of consciousness. Some wonder why they see the shape they see and others why it is color green and not red. This community is where such enthusiasts gather. With over 314 thousand members, it is one of the most popular psychedelic communities on Reddit. Members talk extensively to understand the reasons behind trippy experiences of psychedelics.

R/DrugGardening: Growing at its best

This is a friendly community of growers that share growing experiences and quality information. Members also share photos of their plants while asking for and sharing quality growing tips. The community helps growers of both mushrooms and herbs alike. This makes it very popular among psychedelic growers.


Bottom line

There are more communities on Reddit open for you to learn all there is to know about psychedelics. Just get in, socialize and get all the info you need while having a nice time with like minds.



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