Puffco Peak Reviews
Puffco Peak Reviews

Puffco Peak Review from a Daily Dabber Extraordinaire

Did the Puffco Peak live up to it's legendary reviews?

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The Undercover Stoner on Monday Aug 10, 2020

Puffco Peak Review from a Daily Dabber

puffco peak reviews

This Puffco Peak review was written after using it everyday for 3 months. During this time I learned a lot about using this modern dab rig. I used only the finest cannabis extracts when dabbing with the Puffco Peak. Concentrates include sugar wax and other live resins from Raw garde and Apex Extractions. Unfortunately, I am writing this review after the Puffco Peak I purchased no longer works. 

Before buying it I read other Puffco Peak reviews about problems with it not lasting a long time. However, I decided to accept the risk and now I have paid the price.

I tried my best to keep this dab rig clean, but ultimately it was the gunked up THC residue that contributed to it being destroyed. Although it wasn’t the Puffco Peak that stopped working, I damaged it by trying to remove the ceramic bowl. With that said, it was the best dabbing experience I ever had. 

I was a bit skeptical that I wouldn’t like the Puffco Peak dab rig, because I couldn’t find any videos of anyone producing major clouds from it. I searched on youtube for Puffco Peak reviews and found only medium size dab hits at most. However, It will only take one hit to quickly see that big size dab hits are not required to reach an intense high. Truely, this company has created the perfect portable dabbing experience. But its design is flawed, and allows for the cannabis extract to cause damage to it. 

puffco reviews with concentrates

Get More Dabs From Concentrates

Typically with traditional dab rigs I would always find myself wanting to take big dabs, this was not the case with the Puffco Peak. I was satisfied with small rice size dabs, and never needed to go beyond it. This translated in savings that I thought would pay for this electronic dab rig, but instead the dab rig had a short life. Although dabs from this rig was the best I ever had, I am fine with vape cartridges as my primarily method to vape. 

Take a small dab hit at the highest temperature, and you're going to get a super smooth hit that's going to leave you baked. The lowest temperature setting will give the most flavorful hit, and the smoothest. I found every temperature setting to provide smooth hits, more so than any other vape cartridge. It's the water filtration that cools down the vapor to a more comfortable temperature, which is way more pleasant compared to a vape cartridge hit.

Puffco Peak Glass 

The glass piece attachment is the filtration and mouthpiece. It's small but performs excellently with a little bit of water. It's very easy to clean if you use 80% or above rubbing alcohol. Although if you prolong cleaning it, you will need to leak it soaking for a while until all of the THC residue is removed. I recommend third party cleaners that are available specifically for removing cannabis extraction residue. 


This thing would heat up super quick and provide me with tasty dabs every time. It was a true pleasure to be able to dab with the click of a button! However, the Puffco Peak atomizer will get dirty quickly with heavy use. Although there are other options available to the ceramic bowl, it does a more than adequate job creating a clean tasting vapor. 

Battery Life

One thing about the other Puffco Peak reviews that I read that wasn’t a problem for me was the battery life. I could last an entire day and night with this electronic dab rig on one full charge. It would even last when I shared it with multiple friends which surprised me. 

Not Recommend For Daily Use

I used to be a person who would dab first thing when they woke up. But the whole dabbing process became too time consuming, so I switched completely vaping prefilled THC oil cartridges. I had quit dabbing for a few years before deciding on buying the Puffco Peak. After using the Puffco Peak dab rig, it was a truly astonishing experience. It completely shifted me from vape cartridges back to dabbing only. No longer was it a painful experience having to keep refilling a torch with butane. 

It provides preset temperatures that were perfect options for taking a dab. In fact, they were temperatures that were perfect for dabs. After my first dab from the Puffco Peak, I was amazed at the smoothness of the vapor and density. This is the type of dab rig that protects you from taking too hot dabs, which can result in a painful dabbing experience. My first dab was from a friend who gave me a huge dab on a red hot nail, my whole throat felt like it was on fire.

If your first dab is from a Puffco Peak, consider yourself lucky because it gives dabs at the best temperatures. This can make a great dab rig for someone who does not dab very often. But its essential to not allow any cann extract to build up under the ceramic bowl. It's important to learn from my mistake shared in this Puffco Peak review, because this company will not replace it for user error. 

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Excellent Dabs 

The Ceramic heating Chamber Atomizer was great before it broke This recharger dab rig provides outstanding and consistent flavor from concentrates. It's very important not to burn your cannabis extracts because it will leave a charred black mark in the ceramic bowl. This does not really affect the taste or quality of your dabs, but it will need to be eventually replaced. It's not very expensive to replace but it will be an expense that never ends.

This is a dab rig that provides convenience for easy dabs while traveling. Overall, my absolute favorite thing about this electronic dab rig was the flavors produced when dabbing. Being able to experience premium live resins and sugar waxes at optimal temperatures was truly amazing. This dab rig lets you enjoy cannabis concentrates to their fullest flavor potential, and without sacrificing the thickness of your vapor clouds.

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Puffco Peak Didn’t Last Long

I was quite surprised when I realized that I broke my Puffco Peak, but luckily it gave me enough time to learn a lot about it. The reason behind the atomizer breaking was because I was trying to remove the removable ceramic dish, but it was stuck because of THC residue and broke off important connectors. Afterwards, it turned my close to $300 investment into a loss that was not worth the short time I had with it. I was very disappointed when I realized I ripped wires from the circuit board.

It was unfortunate that I had to experience the same unfortunate fate as the other Puffco Peak owners I spoke to. However, unlike them I will not buy another electronic dab rig from this company until an improved version is released. 

I was confident that I could keep up with the maintenance but will admit that I slacked off a bit. This slacking off caused a build up of cannabis extract that caused the ceramic bowl to stick to the heating device under it. I provided too much force trying to remove the ceramic bowl that it ripped off wires from the circuit board beneath it. 

Would I Buy It Again?

Before I even purchased the Puffco Peak, I spoke with multiple owners of it and they all warned me about the atomizer breaking. I really thought I wouldnt have the same problem, but I did by simply trying to remove the ceramic dish. I could not believe I broke the atomizer by pulling the ceramic dish too hard that I damaged the Atomizer. This Puffco Peak review was not sponsored by anyone, it's an independent shared experience. 

While using the Puffco Peak I would dab about 5 times a day on average. I was cleaning the glass mouthpiece/bubbler mandatory 1 time a week. Although it makes the whole dabbing process so much better, it requires frequent cleaning for daily dabbers. The time it requires to keep cleaning it or risk breaking it like I did may not be worth it to some others. 

Since I accidentally broke the Puffco peak, I have switched back to Raw Garden vape cartridges. There are new vape pens hitting the market with superior cartridges, and their hardware is making it close to a dab hit. I recently tried the 710 vape pen which is from Oakland California, and they have some premium hardware. It's a small vaporizer, but it's designed to give an effortless vaporizing experience. It's super powerful too, combined with the premium cannabis oil inside is a sufficient alternative to the Puffco Peak. 

I would only buy again if they made it impossible for the cannabis extract to cause fatal damage to it. As for now, I will continue to vape Raw Garden cartridges, and on special occasions 710 cartridges.








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