growing cannabis illegally
growing cannabis illegally

If You Are Going to Grow Weed Illegally, Make Sure You Cover These 6 Things Before You Start!

If you are growing cannabis without a license, make sure you cover your butt.

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Mar 2, 2022

growing cannabis illegally

While many places around the world are beginning to ease their restrictions on cannabis, there still are plenty of places that have laws against home cultivation.  This has forced many growers to conduct illegal cannabis grow operations and while the vast majority of them go unnoticed by law enforcement – some of these grow operations do make a very public appearance.


For example, this illegal grow operation was discovered in Indiantown Florida, after it went up in flames due to an electrical failure. Inside, over 600 fully mature plants were destroyed in the process. This story isn’t anything new or unprecedented – since cannabis started going mainstream, many cannabis enthusiasts and black market players thought, “Why not grow some weed for money!”


While it certainly is a method of making money, you’d simply have to be willing to risk your liberty to get it done. I personally, never encourage people to grow cannabis if they are not aware of this fact. Personally, I believe it’s a fundamental human right to be able to grow any plant on the planet and the fact that the government says it’s “illegal” doesn’t make it ethical or correct. With drug prohibition, the government is telling you, “you are not able to grow nature” because it can make you high. I’ve written extensively how this is a means of enslaving your free will – which you can read here.


Nonetheless, if you aren’t willing to lose your liberty over growing cannabis – YOU SHOULD NOT GROW CANNABIS. However, if you’re going to do it anyway – you might as well do it right. In the following article, we’ll be covering the major points on how to grow cannabis illegally without getting caught.


This is purely educational and I remove myself from any liability in the process. These tips would diminish your chances of getting caught, but it doesn’t inoculate you. You have been warned!


Get good lighting!


Many times illegal growers try to home rig their own electrical set up. While for smaller operations, the risks are greatly diminished – when you begin using higher powered lighting, the risk for short-circuiting increases significantly. This is especially true if you’re going to be automating the system with hydroponics, humidifiers, temperature control, extraction fans, etc.


If you’re not 100% certain on how to properly set up the wiring of a grow operation, I strongly recommend you experiment until you get it right and then only begin to implement it on your illegal grow. This means testing it, learning about current, insulation, proper grounding, breakers, etc. It might take you some time to master this knowledge, but in the end it will serve you for all future grows.


If you simply don’t have the brain for wiring – then find someone who does and get them to help you. You may need to lie about why you need the wiring, perhaps you’re growing “tomatoes”? Nonetheless, you want to be sure that when you leave this operation running on automation, that it won’t spark up and burn down the neighborhood.


Maximize production for the smallest space


Unless you’re growing for profit, you’re going to want to optimize the smallest space to produce the most amount of cannabis. In these instances, it’s far better to have better quality over quantity while still striving for the most quantity you can get per square foot. Learning techniques like Shwazzing, SCROGGING, and SUPER CROPPING can all help to increase the yield per plant. Furthermore, if you are able to have a dual chamber (one for flowering and the other for vegging), you can set up a conveyer belt system where you sprout new seeds at different intervals of the supply chain in order to have a consistent supply.


In other words, you’re cropping out 2-3 plants every time you’re about ready to move 2-3 plants from vegging to the flowering chamber. It takes some time to get the rhythm working optimally, but if done right – you can have a crop cycle that produces a significant yield without needing to have too many plants growing at the same time.


Getting rid of smell


Next, you’ll want to be aware that cannabis smells. If you’re afraid of being discovered, you’ll want to look into Carbon filters and ensure that it’s working fine. Many grow operations have seen their decline due to the sheer stank radiating from their flowering chambers. Be sure to invest in some extraction fans and potentially think about planting some aromatic plants nearby to hide the smell.


Don’t talk about it…


If it’s illegal, it’s supposed to be a secret. The more people you let in on the fact that you are growing weed increases the odds of one of them spilling the beans to someone they shouldn’t be talking to. Therefore, keeping the operation as much of a secret as possible will increase your odds of getting caught. As a good rule of thumb, only invite those who are willing to take the fall if they get busted. It’s not easy to find people who are trustworthy and won’t sell you out – but if you have a group of people who are growing to supplement their own consumption – then finding people who understand the risks and are willing to take the blame on your behalf (and vice versa) is of paramount importance.


Build in a self destruct mechanism…


If you’re going to get caught and want to reduce the sentencing, having a destruction protocol in place is a great idea. One way is to have a bunch of blenders with some water on hand. Cut the plants in pieces, throw it into the blender with some water, and blend! Take the blended mixtures and flush it down the toilet. Of course, this is why having a manageable amount of plants come in handy. If you have your destruction protocol on point – you could easily get rid of 10-12 plants without a problem in a matter of minutes.


The bottom line


Growing illegally isn’t the objective, but some people are going to do it anyway. With these tips, you significantly decrease the odds of getting caught. 








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