low sugar cannabis gummies
low sugar cannabis gummies

How to Make Low-Sugar Vegan Cannabis-Infused Gummy Bears

How do you make marijuana-infused gummy bears at home?

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BehindTheWaves on Thursday Jul 18, 2019

How to Make Low-Sugar Vegan Cannabis-Infused Gummy Bears

low sugar vegan cannabis gummies

Cannabis gummies are handy to have around if you want to take advantage of the benefits of THC or CBD, but don't want to smoke the plant. Unfortunately, most gummies are full of sugar and artificial flavors, making them less than ideal for anyone who's trying to avoid ingesting too many sweets.

And for those who stick to a vegan diet, gummy candies are also a no-no because one of the main ingredients is animal gelatin, which is why we've come up with a new option for you — some low-sugar, totally vegan cannabis-infused gummies. Follow along for the recipe!


Make Your Cannabis Tincture

Now, you do have the option to purchase a pre-made cannabis tincture — they're available at most dispensaries — but we prefer to make our own, so we've included a how-to if you'd like to try your hand at tincture creation. In addition to various kitchen tools, you will need:

  • One ounce of premium cannabis shake
  • Any hash you want to add for additional potency
  • Two cups of high-proof clear liquor — preferably Everclear

First, you need to activate your cannabis through a process known as decarboxylation. You'll want to bake it at no more than about 240 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes, covered with foil. Any hotter and the THC will boil away, defeating the purpose of the process. Once it's done baking and has cooled, transfer the cannabis to a Mason jar, cover it with the high-proof liquor and put it in the freezer for at least a week, but as long as six months if you want to wait. This process helps draw the cannabinoids out of the plant matter. Make sure you shake it every day during this process.

Once you feel like the cannabis tincture has steeped long enough, pour it out of the Mason jar through a double layer of cheesecloth to filter out the plant matter. Then, filter it again through coffee filters to remove any murk left in the tincture.

And there you have it — you've made your cannabis tincture. Congratulations! Now we can move on to creating those gummies.


Gather Your Ingredients

It's time to pull your gummy ingredients together. Traditionally, you'd use something like Jell-O or other gelatin packets, but since those derive from animal matter, we're going to skip that entirely in favor of something a little more vegan-friendly. Pull together:

  • One cup of fruit juice or fruit puree
  • 1/4 cup of cold water
  • One teaspoon of agar powder or two teaspoons of apple pectin
  • One tablespoon of your cannabis tincture
  • Sweetener to taste if you feel like your fruit juice needs it

You'll also need silicon molds to shape your gummies. If you don't have those, you can line a sheet pan with parchment paper or even use ice cube trays.


Putting It All Together

Start by putting your fruit juice on the stove over medium-high heat until it reaches a low boil. While it's heating, mix your agar powder or pectin with the cold water, stirring until completely dissolved.

Add your thickening agent and water mixture to the juice, and stir constantly for three minutes. If you're adding any extra sweetener to your gummies, this step is when you'll want to add it.

Once your three minutes are up, pull your juice off the heat and let it cool until it's below 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it's cool enough, add the cannabis tincture and stir well. Then, pour the mixture into your molds and let it sit at room temperature for roughly 15 minutes, then in the fridge for another 30 minutes to an hour, or until the mix sets firm.

Now, while this is a vegan-friendly and low-sugar recipe, it isn't sugar-free. If you need sugar-free gummies, there are plenty of delicious DIY recipes available, but be sure to swap the gelatin for pectin or agar powder if you are avoiding animal products.


Store and Secure Your Gummies

Once the gummies have set, all that's left is to unmold them — or cut them into shape if you're using a sheet pan — and toss them in powdered sugar to coat. You'll want the sugar to keep the gummies from sticking together, because homemade recipes tend to be a little stickier than store-bought options.

These gummies will keep in an airtight container for up to three weeks, but make sure you keep them secure — especially if there are children in the home and your gummies contain THC. Label them clearly and keep them out of reach of children.


Never Go Back to Store-Bought

With this recipe in your pocket, you may never go back to store-bought gummies. The only limit to your flavor possibilities are the fruit juices you make or buy — you can enjoy mango cannabis gummies one week and switch to strawberry the next.

If you can find or make juice from it, you can turn it into a low-sugar, vegan-friendly cannabis gummy. Let us know what flavor combinations you like best and which ones make the best gummies — we'd love to try out some new flavors!








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