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Why 8.5 Million California Residents Have To Buy Weed Online

Ordering Cannabis Online in California May Be The Only Option For Some

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jsp1073 on Monday Mar 26, 2018

Why 8.5 Million California Residents Have To Buy Weed Online

Why 8.5 Million California Residents Have To Buy Marijuana Online from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


California is one of the most progressive state when it comes to cannabis. Given the success of the Golden State’s 2016 ballot initiative, California is poised to be the biggest legal cannabis market in the country – or even the world.


Reports say that the legal cannabis market in California could be worth three times as much as that of the entire United States within the next 10 years. According to GreenWave advisors, California cannabis businesses could rake in $5.1 billion this year alone.


It’s clear that Californians love pot.


On any given Saturday, take a trip to a California recreational dispensary and it’s not uncommon to have to wait anywhere from 20 minutes up in line before entering a crowded dispensary. But only a dozen towns in California are allowed to sell adult use cannabis within city limits.


It’s not that there isn’t adequate cannabis available in California. In fact, the state is probably producing too much although the real issue here is that rural areas aren’t licensing cultivators as quickly as cities are. Only a few distributes have been privileged enough to be granted licenses to transport pot into big cities, even the most populated cities in California. What makes it worse is that the few dispensaries available can expect to face stricter regulations come April 1, 2018 but by July 1, there will be even harsher laws for handling and testing right when California expects to see more recreational dispensaries open throughout the state.


But there’s a problem – accessibility. 


As if that wasn’t enough, many feel that state authorities aren’t doing enough to stop the black market all while making standards too expensive and strenuous for legal retailers. Compared to other states, California has long had a history of having a massive black market yet the new regulations that took effect on January of this year are the most complicated tax structure in any state that has legalized cannabis. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, less than 3% of California’s 53,000 cannabis farmers were given licenses by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, although industry estimates are lower.


California has separate taxes for growers, businesses, and retail consumers. The strict regulations that come with operating a retail business has a drastic effect on the consumers who have the right to access adult use cannabis. 


The State of Weed In The State That Loves Weed


Big Moon Sky, an online cannabis retailer that delivers in California, just released a report on the state of the California cannabis market. Big Moon Sky surveyed 100 of California’s most densely populated areas to gauge the accessibility of recreational dispensaries.  What they found was shocking: despite being 2 months into legalizing recreational use of cannabis, many consumers outside a handful of cities in California still have difficulties accessing recreational cannabis.


In fact, more than half of the state’s most populated areas, including Fresno and Bakersfield, are not in close proximity to physical cannabis dispensaries. This is probably because of the strict regulations when it comes to recreational licensing. What this means is that 8.5 million Californians, or more than 20% of the population, can’t physically buy cannabis at a dispensary.


Case in point: Fresno, the biggest city with more than 525,000 residents, is 100 miles away from the nearest recreational cannabis dispensary.


Why is that, when there is such a high demand for pot?


The demand is backed up by the fact that in January alone, there was a 272% increase in Google searches with the word “cannabis” within California. The search was done by over 150,000 Californian residents looking for dispensaries nearby. And since January 1, there has been over a million searches for local dispensaries – and for the first time in history, people were even turning to the net to check if recreational dispensaries would be available at Coachella!


The solution? Buy your pot online.


Big Moon Sky can deliver to most areas in California, including San Diego. Thanks to big Moon Sky, all Californians can now enjoy premium cannabis and choose from an extensive range of products from flower to infused cold brew coffees.


Purchasing cannabis safely and legally in California and having it delivered straight to your doorstep has never been easier, thanks to Big Moon Sky.  Check out Blue Moon Sky, click here.


Why 8.5 Million California Residents Have To Buy Marijuana Online from CannabisNet on Vimeo.









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