natural leaf wraps
natural leaf wraps

Should You Try Natural Leaf Wraps Instead of Traditional Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are classic but are you missing out on not using natural leaf wraps?

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DanaSmith on Monday Nov 16, 2020

Why You Should Try Natural Leaf Wraps Instead Of Traditional Rolling Paper

natural leaf wraps

Rolling a joint is a good old way of getting high. There really is nothing like doing the work yourself, despite the advancements in technology and all these fancy vaporizers on the market.


These days, when anyone mentions the word “rolling paper”, we easily attribute it to a cannabis joint, a blunt, or tobacco or cigar wrap. But rolling papers have been around a long time – they were used to roll tobacco cigarettes around the world too. It is said that the first rolling paper was created in Spain in 1764, and it’s amazing that it’s still around today.


But there are thousands of different rolling papers out on the market: different sizes and flavors to suit your taste and preference when it comes to smoking pot. From luxurious rolling paper to cheap, everyday tobacco wraps or wood pulp papers, the rolling paper industry is pretty impressive. However, just like any other consumer good that’s mass produced, there are many poor-quality papers out there especially those that are tainted with chemicals. Besides, traditional wraps, tobacco and cigar wraps included, are known to be extremely toxic. They contain nitrosamines as well as other toxins which are known to cause cancer. Additionally, cigar wraps don’t complete the burning process since it’s more porous compared to rolling papers, and what you end up inhaling is smoke that possesses more toxin concentrations.


Cellulose rolling papers are widely used too. They are easily identifiable because they are transparent, so while many stoners think cellulose papers are a fun way to smoke, you should also know that cellulose produces a thick, heavy smoke containing chemicals that are dangerous for you when it’s burned.


Rice papers are an exception: many of them are all-natural, so it’s pretty much just processed rice you’re smoking. They are prized for how thin they are, though it does take some effort to roll. They burn slowly and have no aftertaste. Flax papers also produce similar results to rice papers.


But there are other all-natural alternatives in the form of natural leaf wraps?


Natural leaf wraps are a new trend in the world of rolling papers. They’re pretty straight forward: they are made from the leaves of plants, and have undergone just a little bit of processing to help them last longer and perform the way a good rolling paper should. They are free from chemicals and tobacco but also have other significant benefits (provided that you only buy high-quality products after doing some research):


Health: If you’re smoking pot to get high, then consuming tobacco would only be counterproductive. Far too many rolls contain tobacco, and there are no health benefits involved so why not choose the options that are tobacco free?


Better burn: Natural wraps burn slower compared to traditional wraps. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite strains longer while they burn evenly.


Better high: Tobacco wraps give a strange buzz, but once you experience using natural wraps, you’ll see that you’ll get to feel the true high of your herb. A premium natural paper will allow you to taste the authentic flavors of your strains while getting the most out of its cannabinoids.


Taste: Natural wraps allow you to get more flavor and terpenes out of your smoke. Traditional wraps that are made with tobacco tend to mask the flavor. Besides, terpenes do much more good instead of just add flavor to your toke: they also have many health benefits.



Here are some of the popular leaf wrap varieties that you can try:


Hemp: Hemp is an organic approach to rolling paper, but be sure to look out for organic hemp wraps made with its fiber for the best results. They’re usually brown since they aren’t bleached, which is much better for your health. They tend to be thicker and stronger especially when compared to rice paper, which makes them more desirable because they give a good grip as you roll.


They’re flavorful too: hemp wraps are available in several flavors such as tropical, fruity, and natural. You can also choose among hemp wraps that have a filter tip, while others don’t have filters nor crutches. Even better, some companies already make hemp blunt or joint wraps that are infused with CBD.


Many people report that hemp wraps smoke even better compared to tobacco wraps. It produces a smoother burn since they burn evenly, and they don’t canoe unlike other wraps. However, some people find that rolling a hemp blunt is more challenging than tobacco wraps, and that’s because it doesn’t have a glue strip or adhesive. It might be hard the first few times you try it, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you might like it even better.


Palm: Palm leaves are a popular natural wrap material that is widely used today. They are loved by many stoners because they are easy to roll, don’t require glue to hold their shape, burn slowly and evenly, are made without chemicals nor additives, and don’t affect the flavor of your smoke. Palm wraps are also free from tobacco, so you can consume as much pot as you want without worrying about tobacco or nicotine contents.


Palm wraps are also commonly found in pre-rolls since it’s a really convenient yet healthy way to get high.


Flower and plant leaves: Flower leaves are a unique way to enjoy your roll. Sunflower leaves are one of the better-known flower leaf wraps available, though it isn’t by any means anything new: American Indians actually used sunflowers with their tobacco, since pretty much the entire plant is edible. There are also a few companies that make high-quality rolling papers out of plants such as banana leaves, cacao leaves, and many more.


With all these great natural papers in the market that are affordable, there’s no reason why you should expose yourself to the carcinogens and harms of traditional rolling paper.








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