top 5 marijuana strains in Europe
top 5 marijuana strains in Europe

The 5 Most Popular Marijuana Strains in Europe Right Now

What are the most popular cannabis strains growing in Europe today?

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Jun 18, 2020

Top 5 Most Popular Cannabis Strains To Grow In Europe

popular marijuana strains in Europe

The use of cannabis keeps increasing daily. Extensive works of research are regularly being conducted to discover diverse ways which cannabis can be of benefit to mankind. There are several strains currently available in the cannabis world with each strain unique in its own way. And like in all cases where there are different options available, some will stand out. Different strains are sought after by different people to serve their various needs but some strains are special, so special that arguably everyone wants a taste of what they offer, either for commercial, recreational, or medical purposes. In this article I'll briefly go over a couple of those types of strains. Read on to find out the top 5 most popular cannabis strains to grow in Europe.

purple kush

1. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a gorgeous hybrid strain that flowers for 55-60 days and can be very medicinal. Its purple buds filled with trichomes and sweet berry flavor plus high THC level are the features of the Purple Kush strain. Purple Kush is not sedative because the high is stimulating but it can be quite relaxing which makes it perfect for smokers who want to stay high but also functional at the same time. The outdoor growing of the Purple Kush can yield up to 800g per plant, while the indoor yield is over 500g. It is one of the most used cannabis strains in Europe, it is easy to grow and can guarantee total relaxation, happiness, and even sleep as it is used to treat insomnia, reduce muscle spasms and pain.


2. White Widow Haze

White Widow Haze is a strain that is commonly used in Italy, it became a sensation in Italy because of its tropical nature. Italy is a country with a Mediterranean climate but for most parts, they enjoy hot summers with temperatures between 28-40°C. Summer periods are always dry and warm while winters can be moderate and wet. When you grow a White Widow Haze strain, expect to have a tall plant that covers about 300cm in potent and aromatic buds within 5 weeks of flowering. When it is grown outdoors, it can offer a whooping yield of 700g. The THC levels are 20% or more and it has a very strong woody and earthy flavor.


gelato strain

3.Cookies Gelato

Cookies Gelato is another amazing strain that is popular in Europe, Netherland to be precise because of its potency and taste. The cannabis capital of Europe is Netherland. Growers in the Netherlands have plenty of choices as far as cannabis consumption is a concern and Cookies Gelato tops the list. It contains a variety of aromatics that gives the user a feeling of earthiness and notes of candy, fruit, and sweetness. The delicious terpenes that corroborate these flavors are caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. Cookies Gelato strain has a shocking THC content of 28%, making it a potent strain of cannabis. It is one of the most commonly used strains in the whole of Europe because of its potency level and maximum yield. After a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, indoor plants can yield a return of 550-600g while outdoor plants produce 600-650g.

triple G strain

4. Triple G

Triple G strain is popular in Europe especially Spain for its perfect 85% Indica genetics and powerful THC content of 26% above. The Spaniards have a unique relationship with cannabis and Triple G strain is one of their favorites. The fertile land, warm weather, and the long growing season in Spain enable growers to put in serious work to grow the best strains of weed. Triple G strain has a deep stoning Indica effect on its user and is a perfect fit for the lifestyle of most cannabis users which is why it is very popular in Europe (Spain). Muscle relaxation and halt in rumination are what a smoker will feel after several hits. Triple G strain responds superbly to low-stress training and grows in a bushy Indica cycle. Triple G plants grown outdoors can provide 600-650g per plant while indoors plant produces about 575g per plant.

royal gorilla cannabis strain


Royal Gorilla is a popular cannabis strain in Europe but it is most commonly used in Germany. The German people have an impressive taste for everything and cannabis is no exception. The nation loves strains that have tantalizing terpenes profiles and high THC levels. The reason why Royal Gorilla is a popular strain in Europe is that it has a massive yield, high THC levels, and set terpenes. In the world of marijuana genetics, Royal Gorilla depicts excellence. No wonder it is very popular in Europe especially Germany. Royal Gorilla is a beautiful plant, but after a single hit, her 27% THC level begins to work on the whole system. It leads to an instant high that stones the body and at the same time light up the mind. Following a flowering period of 9-10 weeks, a Royal Gorilla plant outdoor can produce 500-600g while the indoor plant can provide about 500-550g.








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