best weed sketches
best weed sketches

The 7 Best Weed Sketches to Chillax to When You are Super Bored

What are the best marijuana video sketches to watch when you have nothing to do?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday May 27, 2020

Best Weed Sketches To Chillax on When you’ve run out of things to do…

best cannabis sketch videos

Watch the College Humor video, click here!


Sometimes you just want to roll a big phatty and sit back and relax watching some stupid shit to take your mind off the continual hum of your existence. When “Netflix and Chill” failed you and you simply don’t know what to watch anymore. When you’ve reached the precipice of absolute and emphatic boredom – Then hop onboard on “Reginald Reefer’s Blunts & Sketches” Playlist and watch random sketches all having something to do with weed.


For your convenience, I have compiled a shortlist of funny to funny-ish sketches on Youtube and compiled them on a playlist. This way – you won’t even have to get up and do anything other than cast it from your phone onto your TV and burn one.  Escaping bordem with marijuana has never been easier!


So what’s on the menu? I’m so glad you asked….


College Humor Mega Sketch Cannabis Jamboree – Watch it


First on our list is a Mega Mashup from College Humor.  It’s roughly 22-minutes long and contains seven stand-alone sketches.


Not all of them are “hilarious” but most of them will be entertaining enough to get you through a long bout of bone-crushing boredom and potentially may even force you to make a half-grin as you lay on your couch snarfing down the monstrosity you call a snack.


This is probably the longest sketch on the playlist but I think it’s worthwhile because some of the sketches on there are classics. Like the “Weed Roast” is fucking brilliant and still deserves some recognition.



Government Weed Dispensaries – Watch it


While this isn’t a reality for the US market – the Canadian Market’s “legal weed” scheme essentially bullied out the people who have been growing since “forever”, and wanted to replace them with “government cannabis”.


The solution proved to be a failure since as much as 80% of the cannabis bought in Canada came from the illegal market. This sketch takes the hilarious approach of showing us what it was like when the politicians and lawmakers finally approved weed and “WANTED TO GET ALL THAT MONEY!”


It’s a great sketch and I think it deserves more lols.


New Marijuana Policy [SNL] – Watch It


While I stopped watching SNL a while back, there are some golden sketches they have produced. I think since Trump came into the presidency, it murdered SNL’s humor and turned into the same washed-out jokes being repeated weekly. Trump was the Trojan horse they never expected and that is sad – because they used to be much funnier. We can hope one day the writers remove the stick up their asses and focus on making people laugh and not try to “sway political opinion”.


But I digress – the sketch in question is with Woody Harrelson as NY changed their policy on weed. It’s a great sketch!


Key & Peele’s “Let Me Hit That” - Watch It


This one is a simple yet brilliant sketch from these masters of comedy. I am a huge Jordan Peele fan just because I think the dude is a genius and when combined with Keegan-Michael Key it’s dynamite.


In this sketch – Key intently watches Peele take a bong hit and then says, “You know what….I’ll take a hit of that”. From this moment forward what follows is pure comical mastery.


In this specific clip they also shamefully plug their show which makes it even better.


Pot at the Canadian Border – Watch It


Before this becomes “offensive” let’s include it on the list. This takes two stoners – yes, the stereotypical sloth-like stoners – who are pulling up at the Canadian border. With smoke coming out of the car – they converse with a border patrol agent – who apparently was getting interviewed.


What ensued was mildly funny. But in the spirit of making good playlists – not every video must be HILLARIOUS otherwise, it will lack the “musicality of playlisting.”


Robin Williams Live at Met [Alcohol/Marijuana] – Watch it


Robin Williams had a George Carlin styled approach to comedy where they would ‘overload you with information’. Robins, however, would improvise the vast majority of his sets. Carlin would also have long rants within his sets – but a lot of it was pre-written. Apparently, Williams just had a few dots on a piece of paper with main “themes” and would then go off on a “consciousness stream of insanity”.


Williams goes off about excessive alcoholism and the typical stoner tropes of his time but to be honest – the energy he emits is worthy of multiple viewings.


A Tutorial to an Actual Weed Sketch – Watch it


Finally, within this particular weed sketch list, I decided to go literal and include a tutorial on how to draw a pot leaf. It doesn’t really matter either – by the time you reach this video in the playlist you’ll still keep on watching asking yourself – “When does it get funny” and then…in that moment, “You’ll get it”.








What did you think?

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