Police academy grow site
Police academy grow site

The Living Metaphor: Old Police Academy Converted to Cannabis Grow Site

In a cleansing moment an old broken down police academy gets turned into a marijuana grow site

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Jun 15, 2021

The Living Metaphor: Old Police Academy Converted to Cannabis Grow Site

police academy turned grow site

It doesn’t get more Symbolic than this! A Free Thought Project Article outlined what Flint, Michigan was doing to get the city more funds – convert an old Police Academy into a cannabis grow site!


That’s right – the very grounds that were used to train the men and women who would look for ‘pesky stoners’ to bust will now become the grounds where the stoners grow their weed.


I’m sure there’s a few ex drug warriors who are throwing a hissy fit over the entire ordeal, especially “how society is going to shit!”


Even though this is happening – it wasn’t an easy sell for Flint either. According to mlive.com the city council only narrowly approved the sale with a 5-4 vote in favor.


This, despite the fact that the city has been trying to get rid of the eyesore for years now, with the only offer being that of a meager $20,000.


Compared that to the current bid of $500,000, one would have thought the city to be far more interested in selling but it seems that some prohibitionists have “Tegridy!”


“It’s kind of ironic that the training facility for the police department, that used to go against marijuana, is going to possibly become a marijuana grow shop,” Flint council member Santino Guerra, who voted for the sale said.


It’s also the literal embodiment of “overgrow the government” where cannabis truly won the war on drugs!


Pumping Life into Ghost Towns!


This isn’t the first time that cannabis has revived an old forgotten place. A few years back, an entire town was meant to be turned into a cannabis attraction in the Californian Deserts, converting a prison town into a cannabis haven.


What happened as a result?


The town began bringing in money again, the economy trickled back to life and now – what was once almost a ghost town is back on its feet again. (Source)


This also happened with a few towns in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and many other communities where cannabis was liberated and used in the public service.


Furthermore, we’re seeing that cannabis has the fastest job growth in America and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


This is good news for a post-pandemic world where millions of people lost their jobs due to the shutdowns. Now, more than ever we need to embrace cannabis to revitalize the economy, to breathe life back into the pockets of the people and to offset the immense debt the Biden Administration is racking up.


While many people are thinking that this is the right move – historically, this is going to set up Americans for a few years of hyper inflation.


Check out these comments in a recent Wall Street Journal article.


“The Journal’s Andrew Duehren and Richard Rubin report that “White House officials have crafted a preliminary plan that would cost roughly $3 trillion.”


“The overall price tag of the package could approach $4 trillion,” says Jim Tankersley of the New York Times.


At Axios Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei report that activist Democrats are among the forces “pushing Biden to jam through what could amount to a $5 trillion-plus overhaul of America, and vast changes to voting, immigration and inequality.”


Until Covid, $5 trillion was larger than the entire annual federal budget. Do we hear $6 trillion?”


This was written back in March and since then, the President has been steadily increasing the debt by printing more money!


Not to mention, Biden had a “unity message” which he’s chucking out of the window and “pushing through without bipartisan approval”.


These days Mr. Biden doesn’t even seem to need much encouragement to endorse reckless expansions of government. According to the Axios report:


The historians’ views were very much in sync with his own: It is time to go even bigger and faster than anyone expected. If that means chucking the filibuster and bipartisanship, so be it. – WSJ


Now some of you may be wondering, why is this important and how does this relate to cannabis?


Let me provide one more quote from the article to wrap it all up;


Today’s liberals... share with their 1960s precursors an abiding belief that government is best suited to help the underprivileged. The objective is to widen by as much as possible the eligibility requirements for public assistance and then ask as little as possible from the recipients in return.


Johnson’s stated goal was a reduction in dependency, not simply a redistribution of wealth to the poor. “The days of the dole in our country are numbered,” he declared in 1964. Alas, the opposite occurred. After his antipoverty programs were implemented, the proportion of people who relied on government aid to stay above the poverty line increased, a sharp reversal of the pre-Great Society trend.


How Cannabis Might be Healing Our Economy Post-Liberal Excessive Debt Expansion


I am no fan of any of the major political representation available today – left, right – they are all a bunch of swindlers and thieves in the pockets of major industries.


Not to be an alarmist, but when every major economic power (outside of the federal government) are seeing hyperinflation coming – then in all likeliness – hyperinflation is coming!


In order to offset the MASSIVE debt that could eventually exceed 10 Trillion Dollars, we are going to need a fresh new industry to take the hit.


The only problem I see with this is that the very politicians that are fucking up the economy will want to overtax the cannabis industry – which will lead to a continued expansion of the black and grey cannabis markets.


Once the cost of bread, eggs and the other basics become too expensive for poor Americans to buy, they will go towards state welfare.


This will create more strain on the economy which means that politicians will want to “tax the rich” – which really means that they will be taxing the middle class since the “rich” can wash their money by buying $75 million dollar digital art and claim a tax deduction whereas someone who is barely a millionaire would be stuck with the bill.


Trump was a weenie, Biden is the same old shit we wanted to get rid of before Trump – the debt is increasing, there’s a greater divide despite a message of unity and it seems that the only hope for America is the proper implementation of the cannabis industry.


Just like a cannabis grow facility will flourish on the bones of an old Police Academy, so we must embrace a new paradigm, abandon our blind loyalties to partyism and begin to think about new ways we can solve our problems.


Printing money is only removing the wick from the bomb – the bomb still exists and at one point, the wick will be replaced and the bomb will go off!


How prepared are you?


Oh and how do I know this? Ask yourself, what happened in 1920 right before the Great Depression?





What did you think?

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