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The Million Dollar Marijuana Idea You Have

How To Take A

Posted by Reginald Reefer on Thursday Dec 8, 2016
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Turning your “High-deas” in Reality



I’m sure there are many of you who have come up with some truly awe-inspiring “highdeas”. From the absolutely absurd to the ingenious clever, we have all had some fascinating ideas come to us while we were under the influence of that sweet Maryjane. However, how many of you have actually acted on those ideas?



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I’m not talking about trying to implement the “Giganto-Space Rope”, which is a gigantic rope that connects the earth and the moon (don’t ask), but I’m talking more about those innovative ideas that come to us when we’re baked out of our mind. Things that are actually applicable in real life.



There are many times we think of “app ideas” or “business ideas” or anything that could actually provide some sort of benefit to society while under the influence, however rarely act on them. I guess we could say that this is true for most people, whether high or not, however cannabis has a tendency to increase the frequency of these ideas.



Why we get these Amazing Highdeas.



Before we talk about the actual application of the cannabis-infused ideas, we need to understand why people get them at higher frequencies. While I’m not talking from a scientific perspective in this particular point, I do speak from experience. When you’re under the influence of cannabis, your mind is more malleable. In other words, there is less restriction on your imagination.  There would be no Ipod or Iphone without cannabis, as you can read the article here.



You’re able to simply run with an idea without the plague of logic and reasoning holding you back. You have the ability to use your imagination to a fuller degree. In turn, we can enter the flow state much quicker.



When in this flow state, you connect to the “source of creation”. Pattern recognition is facilitated and in turn ‘highdeas’ are born.



This is a kind of ‘magical thinking’ that allows us to explore concepts from multiple angles and use our creativity in a different measure than when sober.



In most cases however, people remain in this phase of creation. They merely imagine scenarios without the intention of ever really doing them, regardless whether the person is actually invested in the idea or not.



weed ideas that make money


What would happen if you did them?



Dreaming is great, however doing is much better. If you’re a perpetual dreamer, odds are you are always plagued with a sense if ‘not being satisfied’ with the actual reality of your situation. You have big dreams about business, creative projects and so forth, however due to your lack of implementation, these ‘dreams’ may even be the source of your lack of satisfaction.



However, what would happen if you were to take these ‘highdeas’ and actually turned them into reality? Well, firstly you’d begin to apply logic and reasoning to your thought processes. You’d have to consider ‘reality’ and what is plausible and what should be abandoned. You’d have to actually do some work.



Now dreaming is all fine and dandy, but there is no greater satisfaction that turning it into reality.



How do you go about turning a highdea into reality?



The first step is to dream without restriction. Get high AF, and talk with your stoner circle about the idea until you have nothing more to say. If you’re too high to write shit down, record your conversations.



The next day, read or listen to the previous day’s conversation (sober) and implement your reason and logic to make the highdea a plausible action. In other words, scrutinize the idea. Be your own troll.



From the highdea, you need to salvage what is ‘doable’ and what should be abandoned while keeping the end goal in mind. Once you have separated fantasy from reality, it’s time to work on an action plan.



There are several ways you can go about it. What I like to do is to envision the final version of my idea, and then to reverse engineer each step backwards. It’s a simple process of using a piece of paper and writing it down in steps.



“Last Step” the full version of your idea. Then you ask yourself, “What do I need to do before this step?” Once you have answered that question, you repeat the question until you get to where you are now, which is nothing.



This method will give you a blueprint and steps to follow to make your highdea a reality. There are plenty of other methods too, but for me the “reverse engineering method” works quite well. Specifically, when it comes to writing books and so forth, however it works even within the physical application of ideas.



Once you have the blueprint worked out, it’s as simple as getting started.



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Your plans will change, so will your vision



One thing you’ll quickly discover when actually implementing your ideas is that your initial vision for ‘what you want to achieve’ will change over time. The more you walk closer to achieving your goal, the more you’ll be able to see, you’ll learn new things and adapt your strategy.



The initial ‘plan’ is merely a general guide, the process of implementation will refine itself. So don’t worry if your plan looks completely different in a few weeks. The trick at this stage is consistency. Use the same creativity you used to come up with the idea to solve the mountain of problems that will arise on your path of implementation.



Once you have achieved your first highdea, you might become addicted to realizing your dreams. Cannabis can be a great helper in the initial process and can help you keep your sanity throughout the process as well.



However, I think it’s important that we start talking less about these amazing ideas that can revolutionize the world…and actually fucking do them!



Are there any HighDeas bouncing around in your head right now that could actually make a change in the world or even improve your own life? If so, why not give it a try and start working on getting it done. After all, what do you have to lose?






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What did you think?

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