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How Cannabis Changes Your Mind About Life...And More

Why you are wiser and smarter for smoking weed

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Oaktree on Tuesday Mar 29, 2016

Cannabis the Great Eye Opener


How Cannabis Changes Some of Your Views on Life from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Most of the cannabis consumers that I have met over my years of smoking marijuana tend to have the same general views on life. A “Live and Let Live” dominating philosophy and a general distrust of the government. You can’t blame cannabis consumers for mistrusting their “authorities” especially since they have been hunted by thus said authorities for decades now. 


We have been systematically lied to about marijuana and despite government intention, people are smoking weed at record highs. Throughout this article we’ll explore some of the main points that I believe changes once someone has smoked marijuana consistently for a few years. There is a very real change…but that change isn’t a bad thing at all. 



You’ve been lied too! 


The first cannabis induced paradigm shift that occurs is that we find out that the entire official marijuana rhetoric presented by the government is an outright lie. We discover the shady roots of prohibition, we find out about the likes of Randolph Hearst and Anslinger. We continue our path of exploration and discover that the government has fabricated data, accepted money from companies that benefit from prohibition and a lot more. 


The DEA and the FDA are caught in bed working together to maintain the illegality of cannabis. Politicians lie under oath. Prisons are filled with non-violent offenders and then we realize that Hemp can replace a bunch of products that wouldn’t have been as prominent if it was never made illegal in the first place. 


We then ask, “If they lied about marijuana, what else did they lie about?” Suddenly you find yourself investigating other cover ups, conspiracies and the likes. The “illuminati”, central banking cartels and war profiteering comes to light. 


While we don’t have all the answers there is one thing abundantly clear…the government isn’t the “righteous” entity it would like you to believe it is. Perhaps there isn’t one evil organization pulling the strings, but you can’t deny that there is shadiness at work within all levels of government. In turn, most stoners I know become raging skeptics about the intentions of the government. Cannabis helps you see the strings that hold together the illusion of society. 


Let it be! 


When you start smoking marijuana it is exciting, especially if you break the law. There is a sense of adrenaline, you’re doing something “wrong”. That is of course until you have smoked enough to realize that you aren’t doing anything wrong at all. 


You realize that experimenting with your own consciousness is a right and not a privilege. You understand that you are the ultimate authority over what goes in and comes out of your mouth. You discover that any type of law that restricts an individual from altering their own brain chemistry is in essence an act of aggression and tyranny against the individual. 


What’s the problem with getting high? There isn’t one. That idea is a moralistic notion that was induced by the Drug War Machine to ostracize the act of “stepping out of reality”. But in reality, you aren’t stepping out of reality but rather perceiving it from another perspective. It makes you realize that there is nothing inherently wrong with this act and it is preposterous to allow people to get “drunk” but not to get “high”. Especially seeing that alcohol is 114 times more lethal than cannabis. 



The breaking of governing paradigms


When I started smoking marijuana one could say I was somewhat “religious”. While I didn’t follow all the rules of my religion, I did have it as a core value within my governing principles. Over time, cannabis chipped away at my religious mind and liberated me from the chains that held me back. 


It allowed me to ask the question that at one point in my existence would have been considered blasphemy. By giving me these “fresh eyes”, I was able to apply objective thinking to a subjective lifestyle and finally rid myself of the bondage of the religious mind. 


Since then, many other governing paradigms were subjected to the same level of questioning as with my religious paradigm. Race, Politics, human existence, sex and much more were systematically broken down to its core and allowed me to be free from pre-programmed responses I learned through observing society and TV. 


TV is Dead to me now!


While this is a very personal reaction, cannabis helped me completely get rid of watching TV. I unplugged from the official narrative probably two years after I started smoking. Now, with more than 15 years of not watching TV, I have completely changed the way I think and view life forever. I couldn’t be happier. 


Now don’t get me wrong, I still watch movies and series, however I do not watch the official “stream” presented on TV. I cut out the main stream news from my mental diet, the commercials that induce consumerism, the rhetoric to keep me dumb and faithful to the official narrative. 


I know many people still watch television but I can wholeheartedly say that the moment I have up that box, my life became a lot less complicated. 


A different reaction


Sure, not everyone will undergo this transformation, however I do find a very consistent factor in the seasoned stoners I meet in my life. I believe one of the main changes one can observe from stoners is their ever questioning minds, always seeking and never conforming to “the way things are”. 


Perhaps this is why many stoners are into conspiracy theories and counter culture lifestyle. Nonetheless, cannabis will change you…but for the better…not for the worse.








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