state of affairs seen through a stoner
state of affairs seen through a stoner

The State of the World, Today - A Stoner's Take on the Current State of Affairs Across the World

What does a long-term cannabis user think about the current state of the world?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Nov 2, 2023

world affairs by a stoner

A Stoner’s Take on the Current State of the World

As I sit here taking a hit from this joint, my mind wanders on the global chaos that surrounds us. Seemingly, no matter where you look there is death and destruction. As of writing this article, the whole Russia-Ukraine conflict has been overshadowed by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Then there is the whole “The Economy” aspect of reality. Things cost between four and five times more expensive than it did a few years ago. What you used to buy for $100 now suddenly will get you four times less. But people aren't really making much more money and as a result personal debt is growing and people are becoming more and more anxious.

Earlier this year I wrote about a trend relating to higher alcoholism and drug abuse with people within the age demographic of 30 years and older. The researchers within the study were baffled by the idea as to why people, especially adults, are consuming drugs and alcohol at higher rates than before.

But when you look at the shape of global leadership and realize that you're staring at the decrepit carcass of an ideal that seem to have gone extinct somewhere between the years 2012 and 2016; you realize that doing drugs and drinking alcohol is probably the sanest response to the whole shit-fuckery that is the “world around us!”

Of course, there are many intelligent people out there, highly studied individuals, that have unique insights and understanding about why the world is the way that it is. They will tell you from a historic perspective, explain to you the complex mathematics of supply and demand chains and how it's intricately linked with geopolitical conflict. They will explain how years of corporate lobbying and political pandering, media manipulation, and the decline of ethics and values all play a part to why our leadership sucks, you can't pay for shit, and 70- to 80-year-olds are planning to wage one good old war before they fucking die!

Yes, old ass politicians playing their final hand before they kick the bucket.

But why listen to those guys.

The so-called experts have lost so much credibility over the past three years, but people don't know who to trust anymore. The vast majority of people have awoken to the fact that the vast majority of systems are rigged in favor a particular class of human. This class of human refers to itself as “the elite” and forms part of larger organizations such as political parties, international conglomerates, global think tanks, and other theatrical displays of ridiculous power.

Rather , listening to the ramblings of a Stoner is far more entertaining and far more enriching to the soul. Furthermore, this particular Stoner has been writing on weed, politics, culture, history, and everything in between for almost 15-years now, so there’s a great wealth of bullshit to pull from.

So here is my unbased, personal speculation of why the world is the way it is---and yes, it’s absolutely not-verifiable. In fact, this is probably a side of “reality” you have never heard about.

So get ready to be wowed! Get ready to finally get that closure you’ve been looking for…that “aha moment” where you say, “this is why the world has gone crazy!”

The Swarm’s Struggle for Supremacy!

Indulge my conspiracy theory for a moment on the elusive "Powers That Be" and their desperate endgame as humanity awakens.

See, the way I figure, Earth's been ruled for millennia by a not-so-secret society we'll just call "The Swarm." An exclusive club of influential aristocrats, monarchs, bankers, and oligarchs up to no good. Like a shadow government meets Fight Club with a side dish of pedophilia and “student government”.

Now The Swarm's never been fully unified. Various sub-factions constantly vie for domination. But they respect certain cosmic principles handed down through the ages.

One tradition is the "Centennial Purge." Every hundred years, The Swarm orchestrates a mass-casualty event - usually a pandemic - to cull human population. A mass sacrifice to some pagan death god, keeping their power balanced.

But this time, something went wrong. The 2020 COVID ritual failed - the world was too paranoid for another lab-leak. Instead of obedient panic, The Swarm faced noncompliance and pushback. The balance of energy began shifting against them.

You see, The Swarm relies on manufacturing predictable outcomes through propaganda and fear. But recently, the people aren't playing along anymore. Growing skepticism cannot be dispelled.

So the elites desperately escalated distractions and turmoil. The Russia-Ukraine conflict, record inflation, riots over Roe v Wade - all attempts to redirect our smoldering anger at their rotten system.

Yet the harder The Swarm tries to manipulate us, the more it backfires by exposing their hand. Extreme problems meant to distract end up waking people up instead. Each crisis plants seeds of doubt in the facade.

Unable to control the narrative, The Swarm watches its power evaporate. Thus the outlandish threats of cyberattacks, power grid failures, and nuclear winter - empty intimidation tactics from scared overlords.

See, they know historical cycles favor the people after decades of elite oppression. The last time humanity reached this boiling point, French aristocrats got guillotined. And the Swarm remembers how bloody peasants revolt when pushed too far.

That's why we see globalists and billionaires panicking about uprisings by 2030. Their arrogant World Economic Forum slogans like "You'll own nothing and be happy" aren't warnings - they're coping projections of their own downfall.

The Swarm's tricks can't restrain humanity's ascension anymore.

Fifty years of cannabis and psychedelic normalization have raised mass consciousness beyond manipulation. Or hyper manipulation has created an undesired coping mechanism – skepticism. People are disengaging from the fear matrices of control.

Meditation, breathwork, gardening, community - we're remembering how to live free by looking within. And when enough gaze inward, recognizing eternal consciousness beyond illusion, the outer power structures will dissolve instantly.

So take heart. The greedy systems rotting from inside want us to feel despair. But their vicious death throes signify the imminent rebirth at hand. We just have to hold the line together, shine light on darkness, and remember love's infinite power.

This is our great awakening. The parasites plague the world no more. But only when their spell is broken by collective spirit will we create the new earth our hearts know is possible.

How do we deal with this insanity?

I get it - the state of the world seems dire. But obsessing over the darkness only breeds more darkness. To save humanity, we must first save ourselves - tune our hearts away from fear toward love.

See, the universe is vibration - infinite waves, frequencies, and energetic patterns. Our hearts are tuned to certain wavelengths based on what we feed our minds. Watching the traumatic "fear porn" of constant news numbs us to compassion and keeps us locked into war, greed, and division.

But we can shift from this destructive wavelength by turning our focus inward. Instead of consuming violence and outrage, we nourish our spirits with art, community, nature, and acts of radical kindness.

When your heart resonates with gratitude, creativity, and care, you radiate those uplifting frequencies out like a torch in the darkness. Your energy impacts the whole by healing your inner shadows.

It starts with unplugging from the narrative matrix without - the talking heads want your attention, your clicks, your anxiety. Starve them of that mental energy. Disengage from the theatre designed to distract you from your light.

Descend into sacred inner space instead. Like a cannabis seed in darkness, draw nutrition from stillness, patience, compassion. Establish roots in mindfulness, nourished by ancient wisdom far older than passing headlines.

In time, your authentic gifts emerge to uplift the collective, like the mature plant producing healing flower and fruit. But the outer world cannot provide this nourishment - it must come from within.

There's already enough hatred, division, and despair poisoning our shared field. But one heart awakened to love and wisdom outweighs all darkness. Don't add to the noise - instead, radiate the frequencies of justice, unity, and understanding.

Argue not - most are too consumed by fear and anger to hear.

Just live the truths you know through creative action, subversive optimism, and boundless care for your fellow human. Let your light scatter the shadows simply by shining bright.

You cannot force the outer world to change through will and ego. But sincere love alters destinies. When you become the person capable of healing humanity, you emit a frequency that ripples change without effort.

So seek not perfection - just keep aspiring to live from your highest self, even within the chaos. Foster communities and sanctuary that prefigure the just world we know is possible. Align with love's cosmic current and let it flow through you into thirsty soils.

Together, we keep raising each other higher, transmitting signals of hope between fractured generations. Cynicism is the smog suffocating our potential. But our vibrations clear the air when we tune into timeless wisdom.


There are no utopias ahead, only upward paths revealed step by step. Progress comes not from demanding others change, but courageously changing ourselves. We merely plant seeds and trust in their unfolding.

Have faith in the goodness of existence, even in dark times. The depths of despair stir us to rediscover light within. And even the smallest spark, in time, ignites transformation beyond imagination.

The future isn't written - it is ours to envision and work toward.

But lasting change ripens from the grassroots up. Revolution blooms not in, but between hearts daring to care for each other's humanity again. One person at a time, the old world becomes the new.

So despair not, friends. The story is just beginning. Within each of us swells untapped power to heal the wounds of yesterday by building bridges to tomorrow. But we must nurture wisdom's seed where it grows best - within our own souls. There, we already find everything we need.

Be the light. The rest follows.





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