Top 10 cultivars in 2023
Top 10 cultivars in 2023

The Top 10 Cultivars to Grow This Year (2023 Update)

What are the best cultivars to grow in your cannabis grow this year?

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top 10 cultivars to grow cannabis

Growing cannabis can be a profitable and therapeutic hobby or side job, but it helps to research before buying your seeds. Understanding your surroundings might influence the kind of strains you should plant and how you should grow them. Also, growing marijuana requires care and talent, so ensure you love the process and have the essential information and tools. Continue reading to learn about the ten finest cannabis strains to grow this year (2023) for beginners and professionals.

What makes the best modern cannabis?

Cannabis cultivators go to great lengths to ensure excellent harvests. Of course, appropriate nutrients, water, and sunlight bring out the best in every plant. Still, excellent genetics, resilience, and THC content also play an important part in deciding the quantity of each harvest.

Good genetics overall

A fantastic grow begins with great marijuana seeds for sale, which involves picking excellent genetics. After all, seeds are nothing more than tiny bundles of genetic material. How is high-quality genetics achieved? The resultant strain is frequently backcrossed (crossed with one of its parents) after crossbreeding two robust, high-quality strains to ensure stability, dependability, and the greatest growth features.

Multiple generations are normally required to develop and stabilize these features properly, but the benefits are well worth the effort. Premium Cultivars' cannabis seeds all have this high level of genetic integrity; they have excellent germination rates and are more tolerant of faults. Your yields will also be far higher than if you choose to produce bagseed, for instance.

THC content

Expert gardeners have developed cannabis seeds with extremely high THC levels and minimal CBD levels. THC levels in some of these potent marijuana cultivars average more than 22%. This results in an ideal high without CBD interfering with the benefits. Most cannabis seeds with high THC content are hybrids of other strains. That is, how they develop is determined by their parents. Choose autoflowering seeds if you want a potent high without the tremendous effort of cultivating. These high-THC marijuana cultivars are simple to grow, provide excellent bud, and need little care.

Easy to grow or resistant

Top-quality marijuana strains not only generate an abundance of buds, but they are also easy to cultivate. Having an easy-growing plant saves a lot of time and effort in caring for it, as well as money. As such, this refers to plants from hardy strains that are resistant to nearly any form of stress, pests, diseases, or climates.

What are the best strains to grow in 2023?

Here are ten simple strains to grow: they develop strong, yield well, can be grown in various environments, and have a wide margin of error.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Lemon Cherry Gelato is an Indica-heavy hybrid produced by combining Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbet and another unknown strain. Lemon Cherry Gelato strain seeds may be grown indoors and outdoors, giving the farmer considerable flexibility. These cannabis seeds are readily cultivated, reaching a mature height of 60-80 inches. It is a bushy plant that may want some topping occasionally, but don't worry, you can expect a large crop in approximately 64 days, with blooms around 57-62 days. This strain's enormous, compact buds are densely packed with an array of interesting green hues. Tiny orange pistils emerge, covered in a dense coating of glittering trichomes for a powerful and aesthetically stunning appearance.

Pink Certz

Pink Certz strain is a well-balanced cannabis hybrid that was generated by crossing The Menthol and Grape Gasoline. Pink Certz is a reasonably simple cannabis strain to grow due to its adaptability, short blooming time, and resistance to pests and environmental stresses. The strain is also ideal for experimenting with the "screen of green" (ScrOG) growth technique. Named after its beautiful look, this bud boasts gorgeous thick, fluffy heart-shaped neon green nugs with intense golden overtones, thin pink-orange hairs, and a covering of frosty, golden-pink-colored crystal trichomes.


Jealousy was produced by crossing the well-known and potent Gelato and Sunset Sherbet, both of which handed some outstanding characteristics to their offspring. Green-fingered cannabis enthusiasts should expect medium-height plants that grow 120-150cm indoors and 180-200 cm outdoors after sowing these seeds. Jealousy grows fast and vigorously, producing plenty of frosty buds. It takes around 9-10 weeks to blossom, and its enticing aroma will permeate the growing space. Jealousy is a high-yielding plant that has been reported to yield 500-700g/m2 when grown indoors. Conversely, those who grow outside should expect 600-750g/plant by mid-October. Excellent outcomes, regardless of the circumstances!

Super Boof

Super Boof is a well-balanced marijuana hybrid (50% Indica/50% Sativa) formed by crossing the strong Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies strains. The Super Boof is a hybrid that can be grown inside and outdoors, although you are urged to develop them indoors due to the controlled setting. Also, growing Super Boof is straightforward and perfect for beginners because it is a highly resilient plant with a huge margin of error.

Because of their Sativa genetics, Super Boof strain seeds grow tall yet produce Indica-like buds with wide leaves. This strain thrives in a semi-humid environment with consistent daily sunlight and temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the Super Boof strain blooms in 8 to 9 weeks and produces more flowers than usual when grown indoors.


Trufflez is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain created by combining Zkittlez with Cherry Noir. Trufflez strain seeds grow well inside and outdoors, although experts favor the former if you utilize nutrient-rich soil. Trufflez is a big producer in optimal regulated conditions because its parents have enormous output potential, especially indoors. A robust harvest of trichome-laden nugs may be obtained with careful management.

Additionally, overwatering your Trufflez plants risks limiting their growth. To prevent the danger of bad-tasting buds, avoid nutrient burn. Trufflez, like other Indica strains, has a rather short blooming time. Expect your delectable buds to appear with a plentiful crop within 8-10 weeks. Also, the Trufflez strain produces around 18-22 oz./m2 inside and 15-20 oz./plant outside.

Jet Fuel Gelato

Jet Fuel Gelato is a well-balanced hybrid produced by combining Jet Fuel and Hi-Octane strains. Also, Jet Fuel Gelato is an excellent choice for adding a new weed strain to your yard. Growing Jet Fuel Gelato necessitates attention to detail, including using the proper soil type. However, the plants are known to be rather robust. In indoor and outdoor situations, you may anticipate harvesting 12-14 ounces of bud per square meter. If grown outdoors, expect it to grow to a height of up to ten feet; inside, growth will be limited to six feet. Indoors, this strain will blossom in 50-60 days, and you can anticipate harvesting in 60 days.


Sherbanger strain is a well-balanced hybrid produced by crossing Sherbet and Headbanger. This weed strain is well-known for its distinctive color and distinct blueberry gas aroma. During the first 6-7 weeks of flowering, experts recommend high humidity and temperatures of 70%+ humidity and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To stimulate color change later in the bloom, temperature, and humidity should be reduced, preferably to 64 degrees or lower. The flower structure is strong, with optimal internode spacing that is neither too tight nor too far apart, allowing for proper airflow and light penetration.

Yellow Fruit Stripe

Yellow Fruit Stripe marijuana combines the Lemonchello10 and London Pound Cake 97 strains. Growing Yellow Fruit Stripes seeds is a straightforward process. The Yellow Fruit Stripe cannabis strain may thrive both inside and outdoors. It will take between 53 and 64 days for the blooms to appear once they have been planted. The flowers will be thick and sticky, so ensure you have a support system. They should reach a height of 30 to 60 inches if grown indoors. Anticipate them to grow between 60 and 80 inches if grown outside. Indoors, the typical output is 1 to 2 ounces per square foot; outside, you can obtain up to 4 ounces per plant.


The strain Garanimals is an Indica-leaning marijuana hybrid (75% Indica/25% Sativa) made by combining Animal Cookies and Grape Pie. This marijuana strain is ideal for indoor and outdoor production and yields comparable results. The Garanimals strain yields around 14 oz/ft both indoors and outdoors and finishes blooming in 8-9 weeks. For your Garanimals plants, use soil rich in nutrients such as phosphate and nitrogen and lots of humidity and sunlight. If you're growing inside, ensure you have the ideal grow lights (600-watt HPS lamps). Outdoors, Garanimals demand consistent sunny, hot, and dry environments.


The Jokerz strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid (70% Indica/30% Sativa) produced by crossing Jet Fuel Gelato and White Runtz. Jokerz can grow in practically any place with little effort. At 1.5-2m in height, this cannabis strain may be grown indoors in a small or medium-sized tent or outside on raised beds or containers. If you value stealth, top and train this powerful strain to stay low to the earth and considerably more hidden. Jokerz blossoms in around 58 days, during which time you may enjoy watching its small, grape-shaped flowers get more resinous by the day. Also, expect a satisfying yield of 450-500g/m2 inside and outdoors.





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