Best cannabis seeds to buy
Best cannabis seeds to buy

The Top 5 Strains of the Year as Selected by Premium Cultivars Customers and Sales Data

What are the top 5 strains of the year based on sales data and online shopping carts?

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Lemon Knowles on Wednesday Jun 14, 2023

best cannabis seeds from top cultivars

Premium Cultivars surveyed customers to see not just the strains they bought this year but the strains they enjoyed growing and consuming the most. Premium Cultivars reviews their product offering often and constantly adds to their genetic stock to provide the best strains.

What are your weed growing goals for 2023? Choose one of the five high-performing strains below if you want the largest and greatest yields possible. They're all dynamic and powerful, yet all provide something unique. These potent, terpene-rich strains are the top cannabis seeds for 2023. Premium Cultivars has a huge inventory of genetics available, so something extraordinary must make the cut. The strains listed below were chosen by the amazing customers of Premium Cultivars from all the high grade strains available.

Various premium quality genetics for you

If you've tried Premium Cultivars' genetics before, you're already familiar with high-quality marijuana seeds. If you haven't already, or if you want to produce more of the best cannabis seeds, 2023 has lots of superior genetics in store for you. Below you'll discover a complete collection of hard-hitting Indica hybrids with famous parentage and gourmet flavor, and one-of-a-kind Sativa with incredibly fast flowering periods - all fully feminized. We are confident that you will find something to fit your taste and preferences here, so please enjoy our top five marijuana seeds collection and get your favorites right away!

The top five cannabis seeds of the year

Some of the top five cannabis strains in 2023, according to Premium Cultivars, include Jealousy, White Trufflez, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Pink Certz, and Coochie Runtz. These cannabis seeds were produced by combining several strains to produce a hybrid with unique traits. For instance, the hybrid strain Pink Certz was produced by crossing Grape Gasoline and The Menthol. The five top cannabis strains of the year are definitely worth trying at least once if you haven't already. You never know when a novel strain with the distinct advantages you want may become your new favorite. If you're looking for just shimmering, sticky buds, Premium Cultivars' top 5 cannabis seeds are for you.


Jealousy was formed by combining the well-known and strong Gelato with Sunset Sherbet, both of which passed on some outstanding features to their offspring. Jealousy has a somewhat Indica-dominant profile (55% Indica and 45% Sativa) and contains 18-25% THC, making it suitable for more experienced users. Plants attain medium heights and offer rich harvests inside and out, which will please growers. You should anticipate medium-height crops that grow 120-150cm indoors and 180-200 cm outside. Also, the Jealousy strain develops fast and vigorously, generating plenty of frosty buds.

Additionally, this strain takes around 9-10 weeks to flower, and its enticing fragrance will fill the growing space. When grown indoors, Jealousy may yield 500-700g/m2. However, outdoor growers should expect 600-750g/plant by mid-October. Jealousy nuggets are sturdy, popcorn-shaped plants with tightly coiled, forest-green leaves with olive-green streaks. These are nearly entirely buried behind the caterpillar-like, fluffy yellow trichomes. Also, a network of fiery-orange pistils weaves through the Jealousy buds like streets on a map.

White Trufflez

White Truffle is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is the phenotype of Gorilla Butter. Also, the White Truffle strain is the product of a hybrid between Peanut Butter Breath and Gorilla Glue, two strains noted for their strength and delectable taste characteristics. Because the White Truffle strain genetically combines some of the greatest traits of its parents, you can anticipate a unique, creamy taste and smooth smoke. THC levels in the White Truffle strain range between 20-30%, providing the strain ample power in terms of euphoric effects.

Additionally, the average production of White Truffle Strain is 14 oz/ft2 inside and 17 oz/plant outside. This marijuana strain also has a comparatively short blooming duration of 60-64 days indoors and may be harvested in mid-October outdoors. Growing this strain is quite tough, and the recommended temperature range for cultivation is 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit (18-26 degrees Celsius). Knowing that White Truffle seeds grow best in a hydroponics system is crucial. The nugs will be tiny, thick, and dark green. Each bud has light orange hairs and a trichome coating.

Pink Certz

The Pink Certz strain is a well-balanced cannabis hybrid generated by combining The Menthol and Grape Gasoline. Pink Certz, named after its stunning look, is the ideal high-powered hybrid for any fan of well-balanced highs. Beautiful thick, fluffy heart-shaped, brilliant neon green nugs with strong golden overtones, thin pink-orange hairs, and a covering of frosty, golden-pink-colored crystal trichomes characterize this bud. Aromas of delicious fruity berries, spicy dank overtone that develops as you peel apart each glittering small nugget. The flavor is sweet and delicious, with a berry grape overtone accentuated by fresh cold mint and peppery spices.

This strain’s high will strike you in the brain first, with an invigorating jubilation that will be complemented by increased inspiration and motivation. In this condition, you'll be mildly concentrated and ready to get to work if necessary. This heady elevation is accompanied by a pleasant physical high, which helps you feel grounded in your body while your intellect sharpens. Pink Certz is frequently used to treat various illnesses, including depression, chronic stress or anxiety, nausea, and appetite loss, because of these effects and its high 14-24% average THC content.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Lemon Cherry Gelato is an Indica-heavy hybrid with energy-boosting and soothing qualities. Its THC levels range from 19-29%, giving you plenty of room to find the perfect fit for you. It falls between indica and sativa, and high and low THC levels allow you to select what works best for you. This strain is a cross between an appealing old classic in Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), an infamous star in Sunset Sherbet, and an enigma for its third cross. Some users credit Lemon Cherry Gelato's earthy flavor to GSC, while others link its citrus overtones to Sunset Sherbet. The undiscovered third ancestor might be the bud's concealed weapon.

Furthermore, this weed strain may be cultivated both indoors and outside. Once mature, Lemon Cherry Gelato seeds may reach heights of 60-80 inches, making them suitable for constant topping. If you're cultivating indoors, monitoring the atmosphere and making any required modifications is critical. With a little patience and care, you can grow a good harvest of this tasty and robust strain right in your own house. Overall, cultivating this strain outside is a fantastic method to get the advantages of this delectable and strong strain. You can produce a flourishing crop that will offer you a plentiful harvest of sweet and citrusy blooms with a little care and attention.

Coochie Runtz

Coochie Runtz is a 50% Indica, 50% Sativa strain produced by crossing the potent Runtz with an unknown hybrid. You must pick whether to raise them indoors or outside. This is affected by where you reside and the weather conditions. After you've decided how you want this cannabis bud to be grown, you must locate a proper site. Because this cannabis plant expands widely, you must space it correctly while planting it. The best temperature for this cannabis strategy is between 75- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit.

When planted indoors, the Coochie Runtz strain will flower in 55-79 days and be ready for harvest in 80 days. Also, when cultivated indoors, this marijuana should provide a respectable yield of 10-14 ounces. Remember to water it periodically and expose it to as much sunshine as possible. Regarding soil, sandy and loamy soils are the best for Coochie Runtz. Although they resist typical pests and illnesses, these weed seeds must be properly cared for.

The Coochie Runtz strain bud is a dark purple tint that can be seen throughout the leaves. Green hairs and a thick creamy covering of trichomes are also visible. The Coochie Runtz strain exhibits brilliantly colored pigment on the plant pores. Several green, blue, and purple tones accentuate its dreary look. While the leaves are average, they are densely packed among various pops. The crimson pistils on the Coochie Runtz leaves appeal to a wide range of marijuana users.

The top cannabis seeds of the year come from Premium Cultivars

These are the greatest marijuana seeds 2023 has in store for you, including new strains Premium Cultivars has released throughout the year. We could not have created such incredible genetics without the assistance of our devoted staff of seasoned breeders and comments from our community members. Our continuous cannabis breeding blog series shows how much botanical expertise we put into our cannabis breeding program each year.

Choosing the perfect cannabis may be demanding, and many would-be producers are too scared to try. The good news is that Premium Cultivars has a broad selection of marijuana seeds for sale to meet everyone's demands, and the skilled and experienced budtenders can help you locate precisely what you're searching for in a warm, calm, and inviting environment. Premium Cultivars takes pride in curating only the best quality goods and strives to regularly bring in new strains to provide clients with access to the newest and greatest cannabis market. If you're ready to experience cannabis for the first time or just searching for a simple and economical way to buy cannabis, go to their online store and have your order delivered.





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