tips for choosing the best vaporizer
tips for choosing the best vaporizer

Tips For Choosing The Best Vaporizer

What is the best vaporizer for you vaping style

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HighChi on Tuesday Mar 14, 2017

Tips for Choosing the Best Vaporizer

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It can be a rather difficult undertaking when you are trying to buy a vaporizer. There are some many different styles and variations of these vaporizers for sale these days. If you are new to vaping, it is important to consider the advantages that vaping cannabis as opposed to smoking cannabis will have on your health, especially if you are using marijuana for medicinal reasons. Experts have determined that vaping is a lot safer than smoking. So, we thought we’d take a look at what you should be looking for when you are looking for your next vaporizer.


Buying a vaporizer depends on a number of different factors. For example, it’s not possible to just go and find a “top 10” list and choose a product from that list, because the vaporizer may not be suitable for your exact needs. So, we’ve looked at the best vaporizers currently for sale and produced a guide on what characteristics you should be looking out for. We hope you find it useful!

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It is quite common for vaporizers to be small in size, so that they can be handheld. These are usually called vape pens. This means you can easily slip the vaporizer into your pocket and use it when you are on the go. This provides you with added convenience, as you don’t want to carry around a large vaporizer, especially if you are wanting to keep your cannabis usage under wraps.


If you decide that you want to go for a handheld vaporizer, you will have to consider how the vaporizer will be powered. You can either choose a hand held vaporizer that comes with a rechargeable battery, or you can select one that uses butane as its power source. The vast majority of portable vaporizers use rechargeable batteries, but it is possible to source the more expensive butane powered models. If you are looking to select a battery powered device, make sure you confirm with the product manufacturers that there is adequate warranty for replacing the battery of the vaporizer if it doesn’t work soon after buying.


But, don’t rule out standard desktop vaporizers. They are also very good, and may be suitable for those of you who want to vape in the comfort of their own home. The desktop model of vaporizer can have an advantage over the portable model as there will be more intake methods, and it is generally agreed that a desktop vaporizer will produce a better vape quality.

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Quickly jumping back to the topic of keeping your vaporizer usage under wraps, many of the best vaporizers do not give it away that you are using the device to smoke cannabis. They will look plain, stylish and not have a big cannabis leaf on them! As a general rule of thumb, we have found that as the discreetness of the vaporizer increases, the more popular they are with their customers and users. This is definitely something to keep in mind.


Duration of the Draw

You may not be too well aware of this, but the “duration of the draw” refers to the amount of time needed to retrieve some vapor from the vaporizer. This means you will ideally be looking for a vaporizer that has a small draw duration, as it makes the vaping experience more pleasant when vapor is unleashed quicker. This is a key characteristic to look out for, and make sure you stay clear of vaporizers with long draw durations, as they may be poorly made.


Quality of the Vapor

There is nothing worse when you are vaping and the vapor that you inhale from the vaporizer tastes of smoke. It should be expected that your vaporizer offers a vapor that is flavorsome, as well as being aromatic. It can be rather difficult to find out prior to buying the vaporizer what the quality of the vapor will be. But, a vaporizer that uses convection as opposed to conduction is likely to produce a better quality of vapor. Convection based vaporizers reduce the likelihood that the cannabis will be combusted, as opposed to being vaporized.

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Temperature Control

Many of the best vaporizers will come fitted with some form of temperature control functionality.  The most up-to-date models of vaporizer will automatically manage the temperature of the vaporizer. But, there are many manual vaporizers for sale as well.


The perfect temperature for your vaporizer will in part depend on your own usage needs, so it is recommended that you purchase a vaporizer with some sort of digital control in order to get the best out of your vaping experience. This allows you to set the temperature of your vaporizer to your perfect setting, as it can take some time to find the right temperature to use.

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Oh, and it is important to have a browse at the quality and price of the various accessories that the vaporizer comes with. If you buy a cheap vaporizer, but the accessories and replacement parts for the vaporizer are overly priced, stay clear!



If you are looking to buy a high quality vaporizer, you will most likely be looking for one that is strong and rigid, and is durable in the long term. If your vaporizer is made of glass, you should be especially careful. If it feels fragile when you pick it up, you will know that it has been made cheaply, and will most likely break if handled incorrectly. It is important to consider the quality of the glass to prevent cracking while the vaporizer is in use.


It will be difficult to find a vaporizer product which has all of these features, so you should be prepared to compromise. The one thing we would recommend you do is not to choose the cheapest option! Buying a vaporizer should be seen as an investment, so look to spend a little bit more than you normally would in order to buy a better quality vaporizer. You will certainly notice and appreciate the difference. What features do you think a vaporizer should have? Let us know!








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