marijuana and gaming
marijuana and gaming

Video Games and Cannabis - How Weed is Part of the Gamer Revolution

Gaming is a billion dollar industry and cannabis is part of their playbook

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Joseph Billions on Friday Nov 15, 2019

Video Games and Cannabis

cannabis and video games gamers and weed

I've always wanted to have a taste of all there is in this world, push the boundaries and redefine the limits of what's fun and acceptable. Gaming while stoned has got to be the most enthralling experience ever. You haven't really lived until you've tried this, this is the perfect embodiment of the phrase 'blow my mind'. But, primarily because of the amount of false information littered all over the Internet a lot of weed lovers have been misled into believing that you can't perform activities that require a high level of focus and concentration while stoned. A lot of stoners have been led astray but like the lost sheep was found you have been found. Because in here I'll separate the facts from the fiction, I'll go deep on the reasons why cannabis affects the body system the way it does, its effect on focus and concentration, and most importantly the effects being stoned has on the gaming experience.


Cannabis and the body system

For ages, cannabis has been a plant with a consistent level of relevance and importance and although it's illegal status hampered its thriving momentum for the best part of four decades the plant was still an entity in great demand. The recent legal status of cannabis has driven the industry to unprecedented heights, with every passing day the industry continues to grow and although the most common means of consuming cannabis is currently via smoking or vaping other innovative means are been developed constantly. The underlying reason for this quest to diversify the mediums through which cannabis is consumed is majorly because each medium affects the body differently, some mediums are more potent and effective than others. Generally, methods of consumption that involve inhalation (smoking, vaping) produce more rapid and potent effects than other means of consumption because they get absorbed into the body directly and as such avoid being metabolized first. Metabolism, a process that doesn't just reduce the plant's potency but also increases its onset of action. While the medium of consumption is crucially important to cannabis effects on the body system the major factor that determines the level of its effects on the body is the level of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis, the compound primarily responsible for the psychoactive effects of the plant) and CBD present in the cannabis.

Although the specifics of the effects of cannabis on the body have been a source of controversy in recent years, what the majority can agree on are the effects it has on activities that require high levels of focus and concentration, among which is gaming. But what exactly is the effect of cannabis on gaming, Does it enhance or diminish it? Read on to find out!


The effects being stoned has on the gaming experience


The effects of cannabis on gaming goes on and on, and in this section, I'll take you through the positives and negatives of it.


Video games immersion when high -  Video games are a virtual reality that demands an objective view of ideas that may seem surreal. An ability that is greatly elevated by cannabis Intake. Cannabis helps gamers elevate their level of objectiveness increasing their sense of awareness to all that's going on in the virtual world, an ability especially important in gaming because gaming requires your undivided attention.


Concentration/Focus -  Almost all games demand laser focus and cutting edge precision, both of which have been shown to be elevated in stoned gamers. A lot of games especially combat games require you to press some buttons repeatedly in confusing and difficult combinations. A lot of stoned gamers find it relatively easy to zone out their concentration and focus on nothing but the task at hand and are often able to perform these tasks repeatedly until perfection.


Cognitive function  -  Cannabis generally increases the levels of cognitive functions of the brain. Being stoned doesn't just help gamers think more creatively, it also elevates the problem-solving abilities of the brain, stoned gamers stand more chance of figuring out complex patterns or combinations in games than ordinary gamers, although there's a slight drawback to this, while the mind of a stoned gamer might be well equipped to solve difficult tasks it might be relatively difficult to solve simple problems.


Memory retention -  This is where being stoned can get really funny, lol. While stoned you can easily forget what you're discussing in a conversation! And taking that into consideration you should know what to expect while playing video games, an activity that can be way more complex and challenging, lol. Based on the account of some gamers they completely lose track of the task at hand sometimes. And this is especially the case with adventure or exploration games that involve maze-like movements and puzzle-like challenges. Under these circumstances, stoned gamers can lose track of what they're supposed to be doing or where they're supposed to be going easily. Fortunately though, almost all games now come with maps and navigation features that can help you keep track of your movement and tasks. Also, less I forget don't forget to save your progress as often as possible, I've had one such experience and trust me it wasn't funny.


Athletics - Recent studies conducted on cannabis and gaming have shown that the primary effects of cannabis on vision, muscles, anxiety, and pressure work enormously in making gamers better at what they do. Cannabis improves vision, helps relaxes muscles and greatly reduces anxiety and pressure, all which literally turns an average gamer into a stone-cold terminator like Kawhi Leonard.


Stereotypes About Cannabis and Gaming

For years the majority of folks have been brainwashed into believing several blasphemous claims about gamers that take cannabis. Unfounded and baseless claims have been peddled by several news outlets that know next to nothing about the subject in question. A couple of these stereotypes include:


Lack of motivation - Nothing has ever been farther from the truth, I seriously wonder how these stereotypes start because often times than not they're so ridiculous. The stereotype thinking that stoners who play games lack motivation is false and if you've always believed this to be true and as such haven't tried playing with cannabis, change your thinking! You're only depriving yourself of something 'funtastic'.


Poor Coordination - Another stereotype about stoned gamers is that they lack coordination. And just like the bogus claim about motivation, this is also false.


Confidence - Of all the stereotypes about cannabis and gaming, this is perhaps the funniest because no matter how hard I try I just can't see the link between low confidence and cannabis. Cannabis, in fact, increases confidence by helping you feel less anxious and perform better under pressure.


Bottom line

Without a doubt, cannabis gives gamers an edge and this isn't just a random statement there are studies that prove this to be the case. These studies not only rebuff the stereotypes that have long existed about cannabis and gaming it shows that cannabis can be considered a performance enhancer. Stoned gamers aren't operating at the frequency of your average gamer. No! They're two steps above, in a zone where they're demigods.









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