happpiness from a plant
happpiness from a plant

Want More Happiness in Your Life? Grow Some Plants!

Can happiness come from a taking care of a plant?

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Joseph Billions on Friday Jan 14, 2022

happiness in growing plants

As humans on planet earth, we are all on a mission in the pursuit of happiness. And this has never been more true amid this never-ending global pandemic. While some people think happiness can be bought, that doesn't always turn out to be true. Once the buzz we feel after acquiring something new fades away, we are back to being sad and unhappy.

This is where the beauty of plants lies! The greatest happiness does not come with buying a plant but comes from taking care of it. You watch them grow, bring forth flowers while you invest in their leafy future. There's a simple virtue at the foundation of taking care of a plant. You're taking care of a life and yes that's one of the best and lasting feelings of happiness.

A beautiful thing about plant parenthood is you receive as much as you give to your plant, making you happy and fulfilled. Here are some ways we give love to our plants and receive in return.


You get to have a jungle house vibe and decor

It takes a whole lot of effort to create a luscious jungle in your living room. However, the benefits outweigh the effort. By creating a luscious jungle in your sitting room you bring the outside in. You enjoy nature's presence at all times even when you're binge-watching Netflix.

Houseplants are known to love company, so this doesn't only make you happier but your plants too. While several studies have shown that planes don't like touching each other, plants will enjoy each other's company. They enjoy benefits like better air quality and an increase in relative humidity.


Your house will be flooded with sunlight

We all know how important the sun is to plants. So since you don't want your plants to die, you have to open the curtains for sunlight. Not only does this help your plant but it benefits you as well!

Sunlight brightens the mood reaching the deepest corner of your heart. In fact, there are scientific studies that confirm the benefit of sunlight. Natural light stimulates the release of serotonin (happy hormone) in the brain, making you happier. A win-win situation you would agree!



Plants will make you a better person

While this might come off as an exaggeration, it is absolutely true! Taking care of your plants can assist us in improving on traits that will make us better individuals. It requires patience, tenderness, kindness, and a caring spirit to take good care of a plant. And these exact traits are what we need to become better persons. With these qualities, you can build healthy human relationships with your friends and family bringing you lasting happiness.



You'll have a calming hobby

As humans, we all feel a heightened level of calm when surrounded by nature. We find that peaceful feeling when taking care of our plants and leaving that computer screen behind. Watering, pruning, wiping leaves, misting…. No matter how far you take your plant care, there's an assurance of calm and relaxed feeling. There's nothing more satisfying than nursing a plant back to life from certain death and watching it grow and thrive.


Plants clean the air

A lot of benefits are associated with this. Clean and purified air helps to balance our emotions, regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Not just that, clean air helps to reduce our chance of contracting various illnesses and allergies. Plants help to get rid of household toxins like formaldehyde which is found in virtually everything. This is quite an advantage especially when you're trying to lead a toxin-free life.

No doubt we've all badly tried to rid our homes of these chemicals be it in our personal products or cleaners. However, they are still used in the manufacture of unavoidable furniture like sofas, carpets, clothes, and rugs. All these materials contain formaldehyde and various hormone and mood-changing compounds. But with your leafy companions, you can say goodbye to these harmful chemicals. Plants are natural purifiers and mood lifters. One can ask for a better companion than that!


A good night rest

You read right! If you've been suffering from insomnia then a plant can be of help. It's a proven fact that plants give off oxygen and purify the air. This is exactly what we need for better sleep. More oxygen for better sleep!


Plants, like humans, also regulate their activities throughout the day and night although they don't work on the same principles as humans. To put it simply, many plants also go to sleep at night. Come to think of it, why would the morning glory 'close up shop' or the prayer plant point upward when it's nighttime? That's because they are sleeping! However, it had everything to do with light.

All processes of photosynthesis are halted at night and plants use this time to relax. The same is true for humans. This helps to remind us that it's time to get some rest and relax. It's time to go to bed, unwind, and get the extra oxygen made available by your plant friends. What's more relaxing than a good night's sleep? Maybe waking up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee just your plants will appreciate early morning watering.


You'll feel rewarded

The longer you treat and take care of your plants, the more you get addicted to the calmness associated with tending to them.  Certainly, as years pass, some of your plants will die but that's natural. But most of your plants will grow and thrive why? Because you nurtured and took care of them. And as they grow your legacy lives on for years and through lifetimes as they can be passed from one generation to the next. What's more rewarding than that? A sense of fulfillment you will feel knowing you nurtured your leafy companions for the next generation.



Plants can be anything you want them to be; therapy companions, steadfast friends, family heirlooms. They sure will make you happy and help you become a better person for yourself, family and friends.





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