Bible written while using marijuana
Bible written while using marijuana

Was the Bible Written by Stoners? - 3,000 Year-Old Israeli Shrine Discovered with Cannabis on the Altar

Was the Old Testament written by people high on marijuana?

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Jun 9, 2020

Your Bible – ON WEED!

holy bible written with marijuana weed

Ancient Israelites may have been getting zonked while talking to God


A recent archeological find discovered cannabis residue at a 3,000-year-old shrine on an altar at Tel Arad temple in the Negev Desert. While the site was discovered over 50-years ago, a new analysis of a previously “unidentified organic material” that was found on the altar itself – was now processed.


“Archaeologist Eran Arie, who led the research project on behalf of the Israel Museum and Israel’s Volcani Institute, said the material contained traces of cannabis and animal dung, likely used to help the plant burn.” - Source


What makes this story even more interesting is that according to Arie, based on the timestamp of the sample – there was no known cannabis cultivation in the region. This meant that it was imported to be a part of the ritual. It was also left on the shrine in “typical stoner fashion”.


What does this mean and is it important?


It would seem that within the current state of the world news of some weed on a 3,000-year-old shrine in Israel would seem insignificant. Perhaps it won’t be a life-altering discovery that would create lasting world peace, but the discovery of weed being part of the rituals of the Ancient Hebrews is significant for many reasons.


Arguably – the Old Testament is one of the most important religious texts in the world. While the Bible, the Torah, and the Quran all have their spins on things – they all share a few books in the Old Testament.


This would mean that theologically speaking the world’s dominating religions are actually founded on the principle of intoxication via cannabis [and other drugs] to commune with God.


This means that the current way that we are dealing with drugs on a global scale – at least in accordance with religious filters – is sacrilegious. It takes a “holy artifact” and criminalizes it.


So what – Religion doesn’t mean SHIT in the world today, Nietzsche said…


Yes, we all know what Nietzsche said….but Nietzsche is but one man and obviously didn’t live till 2020 where religious fundamentalism was still a very big thing. In fact, religion was a main motivator in many political activities INCLUDING the War on Drugs.


How else do you think that Anslinger, Nixon, Raegan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and the rest of the parasitic political class appeals to the masses? You see – religion isn’t “just a pretty little belief” but rather a major psychological program that dictates the behavior of the masses.


Anslinger invoked the puritanical religious dogma of the racial majority of the time to leverage their fears and biases and circumvent human rights, the constitution and just fucking being a decent human being; to create a policy that would militarize the police against the masses, legally enslave up to 20,000,000 people, cost more than a trillion dollars of taxpayer money and inflate drug cartels to international threat-levels.


But sure – religion is “just a silly little story we tell ourselves”.


What makes “cannabis being a religious sacrament” a thing is because it means that the entire War on Drugs, at its core, is “anti-God”. Those puritanical politicians can no longer say they lock up cannabis users because it’s “godly” – no, actually – the cannabis folks had it right all along.


Another thing – can you claim religious immunity?


I’m not sure about the legalities of all of this, and in all likeliness, within this “police-state” this argument would be worthless anyway – BUT – if cannabis is part of a religious rite, wouldn’t that mean that you could be immune of being prosecuted due to religious freedoms.


“Sorry Uncle Sam – these 100, plants are part of my religious duties…in fact, God said that he made all Seed baring plants for my use, and well – it’s God and all, and there’s not much we can do about that now can we…”


Sure – you’re probably going to be meeting the end of their boots when you so matter-of-factly stated your religious rights….but you get the picture.


The trick with undoing a web of lies is to start cutting on all of the threads irrespective of where it is attached to. The medical side of the argument to end prohibition has been established and is the first move most states implement.


The recreational argument claims that “since cannabis is safer than alcohol, adults should be able to use it without the fear of going to prison”. This is also linked with taxes, jobs, and plenty of other social benefits.


Now – people should challenge the strict “state-imposed” limits of cultivation [needing a license that costs an arm and a leg, regulatory fees, growing restrictions, etc] and exercise their religious rights to cultivation.


You see – while it’s “legal” in a state yet you are NOT allowed to grow “X” amount of plants, or there is a “limit” on how much you can have at a time – it means that you don’t have a right. You only have a privilege.


This discovery could very well be the first bit of evidence to support a case that could withstand the scrutiny of the courts - #CallingAllLawyers








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