Would You Rather Weed Edition
Would You Rather Weed Edition

Would You Rather...The New Cannabis Hypothetical Game

When we are bored at home with our bong, we can play the

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Reginald Reefer on Saturday May 16, 2020

Let’s play a game – “Cannabis Would You Rather”

would you rather weed edition

Okay – I was going to write about some bullshit I saw that enraged the cannabis activist that lives inside of my skull – but then I thought, “Reginald – why so angry?”

I then took a deep breath – calmed myself, and decided to do something far more fun. I thusly went and sought out the best “Would you Rather’s” that I could find for people who smoke weed.

If you’re not familiar with Would You Rather then you’re probably not cool enough to read this blog. But don’t you worry your pretty little – face – I will quickly “cool-ify” you so that you can join in on the fun.  If you get bored after smoking cannabis, try this game!

Would You Rather is a game you play when you’re bored where you compare two difficult choices and make a decision on which “you would rather happen”. For example; “Would you rather have to always shout everything you say at all times OR have to run everywhere at full speed no matter the distance?”

As you can see – not really an easy choice because both have their pro’s and cons and more importantly – either choice will reveal a lot about the personality of the person answering.

And so – we now take our focus to the “Cannabis Would You Rather” list.


Would You Rather ONLY be allowed to Smoke weed or ONLY be allowed to Vape it?

This might not be a difficult choice for medical patients – however, for the average stoner this can be a conundrum. Smoking a joint is practical, it’s classic and is the quintessential method of consuming cannabis.

HOWEVER – vaping cannabis gives you a lot of added benefits like, you get more from your cannabis, you get a byproduct called AVB, it’s healthier, etc. But, you’d always need a device or some way to vape cannabis which is not practical at all.

I’m not sure which way I’d go – but I’d probably choose vaping only because for me “functionality” rules over “practicality” and vaping provides more benefits over time.

Would You Rather Have – “THE BEST MOST EXPENSIVE GEAR” but can only smoke ‘meh weed’ or “SMOKE THE BEST AND EXPENSIVE WEED” but can only smoke it out of a can? [Source: Hightimes]

This one was from High Times’ “would you rather list” – but I thought it was too good not to include. This one for me is very difficult. What constitutes “meh weed”? Also “A CAN?” WTF would it not be an apple or a paper – nope,  fucking can.

However – if we’re going to go for physiological effect – I think I’d choose “Super Bud with Can” vs “Super Gear with Meh”. What would you pick?


Would You Rather “Never have red-eyes but always smell like weed” or “Never Smell like weed but always have red eyes”?

Once more – this one is a doozy. Red eyes could easily be played off as “allergies” or “I’m sick” but…all of the time? That’s a bit extreme. Similarly, smelling like weed all of the time is not something I’d like to experience. Although – weed is a wonderful smell for me and if I smell like some fresh fruity bud – then I think I’m choosing [bud-stank] as my final answer.

Would you rather “Always Get Severe Cotton-Mouth after smoking” or “Always Get Severe Munchies after you smoke”?

Once again – difficult choices. Neither is preferable but if you would have to choose would you go for a growling belly or a parched pallet? Obviously, both would have a solution [eating or drinking something], however, which one would you prefer?

I personally think I’d go with “cotton mouth” mainly because it’s easy to carry drinks compared to food, but then having a nice snack when you’re high is also orgasmic at times and having a few snack bars in your pocket is also not a difficult one.

I’m stuck on this one – which one would you choose?

Would You Rather only be able to Smoke Blunts or only be able to Smoke Joints?

This will separate the purists from the rest. For those who will choose “smoke Joints” you know that they don’t want to influence their smoke with tobacco.

The Blunt heads on the other hand like it when the nicotine from the tobacco leaf mixes with the cannabis as it can make the experience more “intense”.

I don’t know – I just sometimes feel higher after smoking a blunt. It might be the slight bit of nicotine in the mix but considering that I’d not like to smoke nicotine every time I smoke – then I’d have to go with Joints-Only for me.

Any other Would You Rathers you can think of?

I started us off with five – let’s see if there’s anyone in this crowd that can make a few killer Would You Rather’s by posting it in the comments – from wherever you are reading this article from.


And on that note – have a good day!








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