water cannabis bongs
water cannabis bongs

Ways to Smoke Cannabis That Involve Water

Water Bongs, Bubblers, Vapes, and More Cannabis Fun

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Thom Baccus on Tuesday Aug 1, 2017

Ways to Smoke Cannabis That Involve Water

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There are a multitude of techniques for smoking marijuana and each method has its own positives and negatives.


In this article, we are going to focus on ways to smoke marijuana that involve water. We will talk about a few of the most common water-based smoking methods and make some comparisons.


The main reason behind using a smoking method that involves the use of water is essentially to use water as a means of filtration, as well as cooling. When marijuana is heated, there are potentially harmful substances that are present in the smoke. These substances may pose a health risk to your body, so naturally we should try our best to filter out as much of the bad stuff as possible.


The most common water-based smoking methods we are going to discuss include varieties of bongs, bubblers, and vaporizers.


water bong

Standard Water Bongs


Standard bongs also known as water pipes or water bongs, tend to be the most widely popular water-based smoking devices around the world. The ease of use, maintenance and potency contribute to its wide success.


Water is stored in the base of the chamber and as the smoke is generated, it travels down through the stem and into the water. It is then bubbled out of the water during the inhale and moves from the water up to the smoker’s mouth. During its stage in the water, unwanted material is captured therefore completing the filtration.


The Proof is in the Water!


If you're at all skeptical about whether water actually does filter the smoke, just use a bong for a week, then look at the colour of the water. This is what your body would've gotten if it had not filtered out the toxins that come with smoking.


Accessories For Bongs:

Smokers can modify their bongs to their hearts content. There are many options available such as different bowls, percolators, and ash catches that you can purchase.


Almost all glass bongs have universal attachments and come in a few different sizes. Most are 14mm or 18mm so you just need to make sure the attachments you purchase are the same size as your bong.


  • Simplistic design, easy to use

  • Readily available in most states/countries. Easy to construct if needed

  • Ice can be included to cool the smoke during filtration phase

  • Smoke directly passes through smoke allowing some filtration of toxins

  • Can be customized with different attachments



  • Regular cleaning of the water is required to prevent stink

  • Potentially wasted THC which can also be filtered during filtration


gravity bong

Gravity Bongs

The design of a gravity bong involves the use of gravity, or pressure, instead of the smoker’s lung capacity producing the vacuum. The theory behind this water-based smoking method is thought to be the same, however with standard gravity bongs, smoke is not actually filtered through the water. The water is merely the catalyst for the change in pressure which generates the smoke.


It is possible to create a gravity bong that includes a secondary chamber for filtration, though it would involve some creativity and a bit of extra research.



  • Little inhalation effort required by the smoker

  • Can produce big hits

  • Exciting/fun, good for groups



  • Not actually filtering the smoke

  • Complex construction and process

  • Inexperienced users tend to waste marijuana through the process

bubbler bong vape pen


A bubbler is basically a creative combination of a bong and a pipe. Bubblers are usually smaller than a standard bong, but larger than a standard pipe. The operation, however, is almost identical to that of a standard bong.


As the smoke is generated by the inhalation, it travels through the water for its filtration and cooling. Due to the small design, there is a smaller volume of water which may decrease its effectiveness, although you will find many report the bubbler experience to be quite smooth.



  • Small, aesthetically pleasing design

  • Easily portable

  • Simple to operate and very convenient

  • Filters and cools the smoke, similar to a bong



  • Water becomes dirty much faster than other methods

  • Risk of ‘sucking’ up the water if inhaling too hard

  • Can be difficult to clean, with a risk of breaking

vaporizer pen


Vaporizers are an impressive, futuristic take on the progression of marijuana smoking in this lifetime. Vaporizers are electronic devices that work by a powered heating element gradually heating up the plant material, instead of an unregulated flame burning at random temperatures.


Vaporizers often have controllable temperature settings; however, they are mostly used to vaporize the material at a temperature consistent with its boiling point, without reaching full combustion. This is considered a much more efficient and safe procedure.


Vaporizers have now been combined with the water-filtration theory of a bong, either as an addon or standard. Once the vapor is produced, it moves into the water chamber where it is bubbled through for filtering before entering the mouth and lungs.



  • Efficient smoke/vapor production

  • Considered much healthier than regular burnt smoke

  • Possesses its own heating element, no need for a lighter

  • Small, sleek design

  • Lower odor, more discreet


  • Increased learning curve to carry out maintenance

  • More moving parts, difficult to repair

  • Small volume of water for filtration

  • More expensive than others



As you can see, there are many great options to choose from when looking for ways to smoke marijuana that involve water filtration. Utilizing the hidden power of water for filtering and cooling helps you ensure you are getting a healthier smoking experience compared to dry smoking.


Remember to filter out the bad stuff, so you can enjoy the good stuff!


Useful resource:

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