Weedscraft – How to Make a Sigil Joint Spell

Weedscraft – How to Make a Sigil Joint Spell

Have you dabbled in Weed Witchcraft, yet?

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Nov 29, 2019

Weedcraft – How to Make a Sigil Joint Spell

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A few years back I stumbled on the idea of “Chaos Magick”. At first, I thought, “Magic? What a ludicrous idea!” However, as I learned more about advertising and marketing, subliminal communications and so forth – it dawned on me that “Magick might be real!”


Today I’m not here to try to convince you that magick is real, rather, we’re going to be talking about a specific “path of magic” called “weedscraft” (Weed + Witchcraft). I first stumbled on this topic when I specifically did a search for “Weed + Magick” because I know that Magickians utilize psychedelic substances to alter their states of consciousness in order to perform spells and enchantments.


Nonetheless, what I found was an article called Weed Witchcraft by Luna Luna Magizine. This article is quite good in terms of explaining the basic ritual of spell casting, however it fails to explain exactly why magick works. I’ll do a brief introduction about it before we get into the spell.


My goal in this article is to incorporate some Chaos Magick with the Weedscraft to create a “Sigil Joint of Pure Power!”


But first…why does Magick Work?


At First I was Skeptic….but then…


Magick not to be confused with Magic is all about intention. It’s a way of looking at the world and utilizing all tools at your disposal to maximize the enjoyment and fulfillment of life. By “Tools”, we refer to both physical and metaphysical things.


To put things in perspective, here’s a small snippet from Peter J. Carrol’s book “Psybermagick” (which is a total mindfuck in its own rite) explaining a bit more about Magick;


“Our language structure impose “causality” as a mode of perception. Causality does not rule this universe. Humans label events which they associate together frequently as “casually connected”, and events which they associate together only occasionally as “coincidence”.


Personally, we prefer to consider science as the study and engineering of highly probably coincidences, such as the tendency of apples to fall downwards when dropped from trees. We prefer to consider ‘magick’ as the study of engineering of less probable coincidences, such as the tendency of trees to drop apples when we ask them to.


Everything works by magick; science represents a small domain of magick where coincidences have a relatively high probability of occurrence.


Half of the skill in magick consists of identifying probabilities worth enhancing.”


From Peter J. Carrol’s PsyberMagick: Commentary 4


This is but a small snippet of what Magick truly is. In fact, there are scores of books on the subject matter and I dropped a link to the author of that little nug of truth above.


If you want to explore the concept of Chaos Magick further, I highly recommend that you do...or don’t, it’s really about your own interests!


But how do you know that it works?


Magick works 100% of the time because magick is about “a way of perceiving the world”. It’s utilizing your own intention and influencing outcomes based on your own behavior and energy signals.


However, if you don’t believe in any of the “woo woo” things, there’s also a psychological explanation. Magick, in essence, is utilizing “belief” as a manner to hack your mind achieve certain things. If you do a spell for instance, you’re essentially creating a psychological anchor to an “intention or desire” you wish to achieve. On a subconscious plane, this anchor helps modify your behavior, which in turn modifies outcome.


In the next section, I’m going to teach you how to make one of these “Spells” and you’ll see exactly how it relates to your subconscious.


Let’s make a Sigil!


Before we can get into the Joint Spell Ritual, you first have to learn how to make a spell. In this case, we’re going to be doing the reliable and powerful Sigil Magick to do our enchantments and incantations.


For a thorough overview on Sigil Magick, check out the Rune Soup blog post on the subject. I’m going to give you the ‘very quick breakdown’ of the method.


What is a Sigil?


A sigil is a symbol you create based on a phrase, which represents something you desire, or your intention.


How do you make a sigil?


In order to make a sigil, all you need is a pen and paper. Write down something you wish to achieve. Let’s say you want more money in your life. Instead of asking for money, you’ll use your intention to find “Lucrative Opportunities” or something along those lines. You target the “way to make money” and not the money itself.


Now that you have your phrase or word – you’ll need to reduce the letters. You do this by:


  1. Removing all the vowels
  2. Removing all repeating consonants

If we take “Lucrative Opportunities” and reduce it, it would look like this “LCVNS”


Now, take those letters and mesh them together into a symbol that looks appealing to you. Try to make it look aesthetically pleasing and “magickey”. The more you love the way it looks, the better. You can do various different mixes of letters to see which one jumps at you.


Once you’re 100% satisfied with the final product. Your Sigil is ready to be charged and we’re almost ready to do the final ritual.


Prepping the ritual


Now that we have the symbol ready, it’s time to prepare the ritual. Now, we’ll be continuing with the Luna Luna Mag smoke ritual.


Here’s what you’ll need;


  1. Weed
  2. Grinder
  3. Rolling Paper
  4. Candles
  5. Bowl of Salt
  6. Bowl of Water
  7. Sigil


Step 1: Draw your Sigil on the inside of the joint with a pen or pencil. Make sure it looks “Magickal!”


Step 2: Charge the Sigil by placing it in front of you and simply staring at it. At this point, you’ll want to be “sending your intentions” to the sigil. In other words, you’re concentrating on what it means, how it will manifest, and so on. You want to imagine sending energy to it. The moment you see the image start “moving” – almost as if electricity is going through it (it will be an optical illusion), you’ll know it’s “charged”.


Step 3: Make a Circle. Check out Luna Luna’s website for more.


Step 4: Grind your weed and bless the weed. On Luna Luna’s website they have a little incantation you can utter. During this process you’ll also be meditating on the intention of your sigil.


Step 5: Light the joint from the correct colored candle. While candles and the sorts are more theatrical for chaos magickians, they do utilize it for enhancing their perceived experience, which helps sell it on a psychological plane.  Luna Luna’s blog has more on the candles as well.


Step 6: Smoke the shit out of that joint while meditating and reflecting that you are not only sending this intention out to the universe, you’re literally breathing it in and making it apart of you. Feel how the smoke goes through your body. Imagine that it’s blessed and that it’s changing you on a molecular level. It’s transmuting the energy and intention in your sigil, and releasing it into the cosmos. It is whispering to the universe itself.


Step 7: Once you’re completely done with the joint, you’ll want to close the circle. You take the bowl of salt and add it to the water and utter the following repeatedly until the salt and water has been completely mixed.


“The circle is open, but never broken. By the powers above, and the powers below, I close this circle.” Once you feel ready, drop your roach into the bowl and walk away.


You’ve just done Magick! You’ll also be pretty stoned, but you would have taken roughly 15-20 minutes to meditate on something that you desire, bringing it forward and changing your physiological base state, and anchoring it with a concept of your own intent!


Congratulations, you too now are heretic! Welcome to the dark side!



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