What is WeedCraft?
What is WeedCraft?

Weedscraft 2 - An Introduction to Stoner Sorcery and Magick

What is Weedcraft and why is it the most popular cannabis video game?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Dec 3, 2020

Weedcraft 2: Introduction to Stoner Sorcery

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The first installment of Weedcraft on how to make a Sigil Joint was well received by a bunch of wyrd folk who happen to be “dabblers” themselves. I recently saw on a forum someone talk about cannabis and magick again, of which I decided to post the article I wrote. Yes – I do shamelessly self-promote when I see an opportunity. If someone is talking about magick and weed, I’m going to point them to the Weedcraft article.


Anyhow, during this shameless promotion of self, a wandering wizard happened upon all the shitfuckery and decided to add to the conversation. And I’m so glad that he did.


Why is that you ask? Because this Stoner Sorcerer expanded on Weedcraft in a way that exceeded my expectations. Perhaps, if I was a younger-stoner who was also into magick I would have been able to come up with a system like this – but really, what I’m about to divulge is as legit as you can get merging “stoner” and “sorcery” into one concept. Like a fucking alchemist!


Allow me to relay, “An Introduction to Stoner Sorcery by Mikhale Avenguard”.


“The Shell of the Servitor” – Pipework


Let’s get right into it shall we?


A Servitor – according to Wikipedia [only because it was the best ranked on Search Engines] says the following;


A servitor is an entity "specifically created by the magician to perform a set range of tasks".[1] Phil Hine writes that servitors are created "by deliberately budding off portions of our psyche and identifying them by means of a name, trait, symbol", after which "we can come to work with them (and understand how they affect us) at a conscious level."[2]


    Servitors can be created to perform a wide range of tasks, from the specific to the general, and may be considered as expert systems which are able to modify themselves to take into account new factors that are likely to arise whilst they are performing their tasks. They can be programmed to work within specific circumstances, or to be operating continually.[1]


Servitors form part of a thoughtform continuum: from sigils, to servitors, to egregores, to godforms.[2][3] At the start of the continuum are "dumb, unintelligent sigils", which represent a particular desire or intention.[3] When a complex of thoughts, desires and intentions gains such a level of sophistication that it appears to operate autonomously from the magician's consciousness, as if it were an independent being, then such a complex is referred to as a servitor.[3][1] When such a being becomes large enough that it exists independently of any one individual, as a form of "group mind", then it is referred to as an egregore.[4] -



Alternatively, a magician may choose to create servitors from negative aspects of his/her psyche, such as "habits, shortcomings, faults, revulsions", rather than positive desires or intentions. In doing so, he/she can interact with those traits as personal demons, and bind or banish them to eradicate them from the psyche.[5] - SOURCE


Now that you “understand” the concept behind a servitor. This is how you mesh it with “stonerism”


“In our pipe work, we would house a servitor inside a specific pipe, each of us had a single pipe that we used for our servitor work…it started by simply smoking out of the pipe to do a work to summon up the egregore of marijuana in general, then petition it to impregnate the pipe with the essence of it's energy…


…this was the birth of the servitor...and each time you smoked out of it, the servitor matured.  You see, we saw resin as the memory of a piece, since it housed all the various energetic charges of all the times that piece was used....so the resin was the memory of the servitor. You only needed a pinch of the resin to have the whole memory, since the memory was laid down in layers inside a piece…


Mikhale Avenguard


Avenguard continues to explain that raising the servitor is just as important. You could teach it magick which it could later replicate in different smoke sessions.


For example, let’s say you make a sigil joint with the intention of having a constant stream of cannabis in your life. This energy in the intent, then gets smoked and released. The servitor learns the feeling, anchors it – and like a memory bank can recall the experience at the casters will.


Dope AF!


But wait…


“…this came in handy more when we started teaching each other's servitors tricks…” Avenguard continued implying that the occult is meant to be shared with your closest stoner friends.


An open invitation to play around with the strange and wyrd. And why wouldn’t you conjure up servitors and teach it tricks? What else are you going to do with your life anyhow?



“…if one of use was better at divination or far seeing than another, then we would teach their servitor the effect of far seeing...then if our friend wanted to far see, he only had to summon his servitor to be able to far see as well as we could. We found that the more you used a servitor for a specific effect it had been taught, the better it got at it (since it had more resinated memory that housed knowledge and experience of doing that effect).


…some of us had servitors that were really good on specific things and others had servitors that were more mediocre, but had a wider range of effects they could duplicate…the pipe path idea started with the way the pipe was used in Carlos Castaneda Books on Toltec Sorcery (his Don Juan Matus books)…”


This creates a whole new dynamic to smoking out of a pipe don’t you think? A whole deeper level of interaction with intention and action, a waking meditation incorporating a myriad of psychobiological processes to manifest a reality.


While some of you may be thinking, “This is all just imaginary hogwash” – you may be 100% correct. However, I find that when you entertain an idea and create the possibility of credibility then even something as irrational as a “spirit living in a pipe” can create real impact in your life and surroundings.


To help build credibility in these kinds of mental exercises – it helps to create a bit more depth and backstory to the concept. Avenguard explains…


“…in those books (Castaneda), the mentor had a pipe used solely to contact his ally, the "little smoke"...and the pipe itself was see and treated as a physical body for the ally...


…we translated this idea into our own pipe work and treated our servitors as children of the greater marijuana egregore...and once it was born into your pipe, it was up to you on how you raised it and matured it and what tricks and effects you taught it…


…now, if a pipe ever broke, it was possible to keep the servitor if you could get a ball of the resin out of the broken pipe and then smoke it in a new pipe...thus transferring the memory of the servitor to the new vessel...we would also send our servitors out to aid each other...”



Lift the veil, stare into “The Fog” – The Miasma awaits!


A proper magickal system requires a unifying element. For example, in Star Wars – “The Force” is their means of manipulating reality. In certain pagan ideologies, it may be “elemental forces” or for a clergyman it could be “angelic interactions”.


Whatever you call it, the “divine” or the “energetic” is the unifying factor that allows matter to be manipulated. For Avenguard and the other stoner sorcerers, this was “The Fog”


“…we saw all clouds of marijuana smoke as gateways to a spiritual realm made up of nothing but smoke, which is where the egregore of marijuana lived...we called it "the fog" or "the miasma"...a land of nothing but smoke that acted as a hub between all clouds of weed smoke..


…you could send energy and information packets and servitors through your cloud and out the cloud of your friend...provided you were both smoking at the time...


The Egregor of the Twin Sisters


As for a more vivid explanation of the Egregore, Avenguard said the following;


“…we also actually saw the egregore as two entities, twin sisters... (since it was the female of the plant that got you high)...they were sativa and indica...one in green and the other in rust reddish brown...


however, now a days, it is hard to find a pure strain of either sativa or indica, and most stock you find is a blend of the two....so they have kind of merged together or always appear together when you smoke modern weed to call them…”


This should give you a bit more depth to wrap your minds in the concept. I find that when you immerse yourself on all levels within any particular activity – you get the most out of it. Thus, having this extra dimension to the conceptualization of the egregore does help.


However – from a genetic perspective, indica and sativa are virtually indistinguishable, thus the great Ganja goddess expresses herself in a dualistic fashion, yet like each and every one of us – is still a singular expression of will.


Unclearing Blockages with Stoner Magick


As a final closing piece, Avenguard spoke about “pokeys”. If you don’t know what a “pokey” is, or a “long-pointy” or any similar term – you’re not a stoner and probably not ready for these here magicks.


If you’ve been stuck in an area of your life, perhaps you can take the Avenguard approach..


“…oh, and there was a whole thing about using pokeys as banishing tools...since the pokey was used to clear blockages and remove unwanted ash from a half done bowl...we felt it was symbolic of banishing unwanted things from your area…so we each had our own decorated pokey as well, which we used much like the metal point tool found in original golden dawn work (they didn't use a dagger back in 1890's but describe the tool as a spike or point of metal)...”


Worth a try I suppose.


I believe this is more than enough to get those occult stoners out there conjuring spirits and blowing clouds of smoke into the universe filled with lungful’s of intention.


A shout out to Adovnvs Rex & Mythius Wyrd for developing this system along with Mikhale Avenguard. If enough people share this, perhaps we can expand on this a bit further.


Until next time. Keep on toking!



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