Gelato Feminized Seeds
Gelato Feminized Seeds

What are Gelato Feminized Seeds? (Sponsored)

The Gelato feminized seeds are growing in popularity, but what are they?

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gelato feminized seeds

The name Gelato feminized seeds conjures up images of the rich, dense Italian dessert. Similar to their namesake, they produce delectable buds that leave your senses satiated.


You’re about to discover all about the strains' genetics, flavors and effects. We even touch on various germination methods and the best way to grow Gelato feminized seeds. Let's get started with a brief overview of the strain.


Gelato feminized seeds description

Gelato strain feminized seeds result from a fusion between two well-loved strains and feature indica dominant properties. There are a variety of phenotypes of the strain, each offering slightly different benefits.


Many believe that this cultivar is going to be a legendary descendant from the ‘cookie’ family. The adoration of Gelato mirrors that of the original GSC when first introduced.


The strain offers tokers fruity scents with similar flavors and woody undertones to balance the sugary taste. The buds from Gelato feminized seeds offer intense effects thanks to the high quantity of cannabinoids.


THC content ranges 14–20%, and the CBD levels are typically below 2%. The blend of terpenes makes the cultivar a firm favorite amongst medical tokers, but casual users enjoy it too.


These buds are best enjoyed in the late afternoon or early evening as you only have a few hours of mental focus before the physical sensations hit.


The effects start as cerebral and calming, but the indica properties emerge after a few hours and put you in a relaxed, sleepy state.


Smoking this strain is not for the faint-hearted as its potency can leave you couch-bound if you overindulge.


Although Gelato feminized seeds offer growers an all-female crop, they're challenging to cultivate. They need dedication and patience, and growing is better suited to cultivators with some experience.


They grow to a medium height and offer generous buds both indoors and outdoors.


Gelato feminized effects

When you take the first few tokes of Gelato, you’ll feel the rapid onset of a mild cerebral tingle. By the time you exhale, the effects get stronger. Colors appear brighter, your level of focus increases, but your perception of time is warped.


You might also find yourself sensitive to certain sounds after enjoying the buds from Gelato feminized seeds. The sensations are psychedelic yet calming, making it seem like you’re floating on a hazy cloud of joy.


The bubble of bliss bursts a couple of hours later when your limbs start feeling heavy, and your eyelids can’t stay open. Most tokers end their experience either locked to the sofa or fast asleep.


Gelato feminized flavors

Once Gelato feminized seeds develop into plants, they're quite fragrant; they emit scents of blueberry and citrus with subtle earth and woody notes. After you grind the buds, the fruity aromas intensify, with orange as the dominant smell.


On the inhale, you’ll taste a mix of citrus, berries, lavender, and earth. The flavors marry well to create a unique blend that tickles your taste buds. You’ll still detect oranges and earth when you exhale, but the woody tones are more evident and balance the sugary profile.


The after-taste is quite distinct as it brings one of the less prominent notes to the fore. The flavor of musky sandalwood, fused with berries, lingers on your tongue until your next toke.


How to germinate Gelato feminized seeds

There are various ways to get your Gelato feminized seeds to germinate. Certain options require you to buy special products and equipment, but most need a few household items.


Methods that require special equipment

Some growers want to give their crops the best possible start and invest in expensive items to get their Gelato feminized seeds to sprout. These options include:


  • Seed starters

  • Germination stations/humidity dome

  • Stone wool blocks


Seed starters/ soil plugs

Seed starters are nifty products made with organic materials and contain vital nutrients to kick start your seedling’s germination. There are various brands and options, but most soil plugs get made from peat or coir.


The benefit of using these self-contained grow mediums is that they offer an optimal balance of aeration and moisture. To germinate using this method, you’ll need:


  • Feminized seeds (Gelato)

  • Purchased seed starters

  • A base tray

  • Water




Step 1: Moisten the seed starter according to the instructions on the packaging.


Step 2: Insert the seed into the pre-made hole.


Step 3: Place each plug into a slot on the base tray and water as needed.


These plugs allow the roots to expand and grow through it, so you’ll notice when your Gelato feminized seeds are ready for transplanting.


Germination stations

Germination stations act like mini-greenhouses, locking in much-needed moisture and keeping your plants warm. For this method, you’ll need:


  • A purchased humidity dome

  • A waterproof heating mat

  • A base tray

  • Seedling inserts

  • Gelato seeds (feminized)




Step 1: Place the seedling inserts into the watertight base tray.


Step 2: Insert your seeds into the seedling starters, and add a little water.


Step 3: Move the tray onto the heating mat to reach the required temperature.


Step 4: The last step is to cover it with the humidity dome. Covering it ensures that your Gelato strain feminized seeds grow in the optimal relative humidity (RH). These domes often enhance airflow.


Stone wool blocks

Stone wool blocks are conducive to the optimal development of seeds. They offer sufficient air and water retention. The method is similar to seed starters, but the material differs. It’s a space-saving option that allows you to plant multiple Gelato feminized seeds in a small area.


For this method, you’ll need:


  • Purchased stone wool blocks

  • A container with water

  • A base tray

  • Rooting stimulant

  • Lemon juice

  • A pH tester

  • Gelato seeds (feminized)




Step 1: Put the allocated amount of rooting stimulant into your water container and check the pH level using the tester.


Step 2: If the levels are high, use lemon juice with a dropper (one drop at a time) to lower the pH. Your goal is to get it as close to 5.5 as possible.


Step 3: Soak the stone wall block in the prepared solution for 15–20 seconds.


Step 4: Gently shake off any excess liquid before planting your Gelato feminized seed into the allotted hole.


Step 5: Insert the stone wool block into the base tray, and repeat the steps with each seed.


As your plants develop roots, you can move the blocks into larger ones, or the grow medium of your choice.


Household germination methods

The previously mentioned germination options have a high success rate. If, however, you don’t have the financial resources, one of these affordable methods might be helpful.


  • Soaking

  • Paper towels/cotton wool

  • Ziploc bag


Soaking technique

The soaking technique is the simplest and most affordable method but not always effective. You’ll need:


  • A glass of room temperature water

  • Gelato seeds (feminized)




Step 1: Fill a transparent glass with room temperature water.


Step 2: Pop your seeds into the liquid for 24 hours. A root should sprout within this timeframe, and you can easily witness it through the glass.


If they don’t germinate, you can leave them in for another 8 hours. Gelato feminized seeds that haven’t grown roots you can still salvage by trying an alternative method.


Paper towels/cotton wool

Growers use paper towels or cotton wool to start various types of seeds. The only drawback with the latter is that roots can tangle in their fibers. The concept is the same for both materials. You’ll need:


  • Two damp paper towels

  • Two dinner plates

  • Gelato seeds (feminized)




Step 1: Place one of the damp paper towels flat onto a dinner plate.


Step 2: Space your seeds an inch apart on the paper towel.


Step 3: Cover them with the second damp paper towel.


Step 4: Close the setup with the other dinner plate and place it in a warm, dry spot.


Using this method typically results in germination within a week.


Ziploc bag

The Ziploc bag technique mimics a greenhouse and locks in much-needed moisture for your Gelato feminized strain seeds. You’ll need:


  • A Ziploc bag

  • Two damp paper towels

  • Gelato cannabis seeds




Step 1: Place the Gelato feminized seeds between the two damp paper towels, ensuring you space them an inch apart.


Step 2: Slide the towels with the seeds into the Ziploc bag and seal.


Step 3: Put the makeshift greenhouse in a cool, dark spot.


Seeds will sprout within 1–12 days.


Gelato feminized seeds grow information

Gelato feminized seeds grow into crops with a large apical cola, and the buds are quite dense. They’re dark green and often coated in a sticky layer of resin. Each nug boasts stunning orange hairs and random hues of purple.


The Gelato strain feminized seeds grow to an average height, which can challenge growers with limited space. To overcome this, use a Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique to optimize the bud quantity.


Be sure to adequately support your growing cannabis, especially if you're using a low stress training (LST) technique.


When cultivating Gelato feminized strain, the seeds are easy to germinate but get tricky to care for later. These crops need consistent humidity levels of 40–50% during early development.


Once the plants reach the final weeks of growth, you should drop the RH to a range of 30–40%. The ideal temperature for growing the Gelato strain from feminized seeds is between 68 and 78℉.


Deviating from these ranges can spell danger for these plants, which is what makes cultivation a challenge. Growers who take on the task of nurturing these crops require commitment, dedication, and some experience.


As your Gelato feminized seeds develop, keep an eye out for unnecessary foliage and prune any that appear to block light or airflow. Regardless of the grow medium you've selected, give your plants liberal feeds of calcium and magnesium.


The cultivar is quite sensitive to pathogens, so monitor the humidity closely. If you're cultivating outdoors, warm Mediterranean climates offer the best conditions for the crops.


Feminized seeds (Gelato strain specifically) are photoperiod variants that reach full maturity by October in the Northern Hemisphere. You can harvest your buds in the middle of the month, and the yields are pretty impressive.


Gelato feminized seeds genetics

Gelato feminized seeds stem from the well-loved Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The former is a balanced hybrid rich in THC, while the latter is an indica dominant cultivar with sweet flavors.


Both parents descend from the 420-famous Cookie lineage, so it’s only fitting that Gelato feminized seeds would be just as popular.


Where to buy Gelato feminized seeds

The only place you want to get your Gelato feminized seeds from is Homegrown Cannabis Co. Visit the website to browse through the wide selection of strains on offer.


The quality of the seeds is essential for growing healthy, resilient crops. The options available from this seed store have high germination rates and produce premium buds.


When opting to purchase Gelato feminized seeds, be sure to read the cultivation information and other growing tips on the site. They frequently have excellent deals offering free seeds with every purchase.


The gist of Gelato

Cultivating Gelato feminized seeds is a rewarding challenge that intermediate growers can test their skills with. These crops require patience, diligence, and frequent pruning to develop optimally.


Buds from Gelato feminized seeds produce fruity fragrances and mouth-watering flavors. The effects start cerebrally, and the buzz slowly makes its way down your body, soothing and relaxing each muscle.


After a few hours, the euphoria wears off, and couch-lock ensues. The experience of these buds is even more enjoyable when you've grown them yourself.


If you haven’t got a marijuana crop yet, visit Homegrown Cannabis Co. to start cultivating Gelato feminized seeds today.




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