Triple G marijuana Gelato meets Gorilla Glue
Triple G marijuana Gelato meets Gorilla Glue

The Triple G Cannabis Strain - Gorilla Glue Meets Gelato 33

Is the Triple G cannabis strain a good strain?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Apr 21, 2021

Triple G: Gorilla Glue Meets Gelato 33

triple g cannabis strain

Triple G, otherwise called 'Gorilla Glue Gelato' or 'Gelato Glue' is a highly effective cannabis strain.

It is a genetically diverse marijuana strain that is becoming increasingly popular. Gotten from crossing two highly familiar strains — Gorilla Glue and Gelato 33—, triple G is one of the new strains that every cannabis user wants a taste of!

Sit tight and read on to know more about the unique characteristics of this potent combo.

The Parent Strains; Gorilla Glue x Gelato 33

Gelato 33 is a very famous strain that was created from a cross between the Sunset Sherbert strain and Thin Mint Cookies strain. It is an effective hybrid that makes the user relaxed with a cerebral euphoric feeling.

It has been the genetic backbone of several newly created strains all over the world. With Gelato 33, you are guaranteed to get knocked out on your feet. This strain is well-renowned. It should  be noted that it won the Leafly strain of the year award a few years ago.


Gorilla Glue, on the other hand, is another well-known hybrid that is widely acclaimed for its high potency and its ability to produce a very high amount of resin when ingested. It is also known as Original glue or GG4 and it was first bred in the US.

Gorilla glue is enough to keep you on that high plane after a very minute dose. It was created as a result of the blend of three other strains of cannabis. Namely; Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem's sister.

The Gorilla glue is highly requested by cannabis users across Europe and North America. I must also add that this strain has won several cannabis cups over the years, including the High Times Cup in 2014. With these stunning genetic features exhibited by both parent strain, it is not surprising that the hybrid of these awesome hybrids is a powerhouse strain on its own.


Background Genetic Information of Triple G

The Gelato Glue strain is an Indica dominant hybrid whose composition entails:

55% Indica

45% Sativa

26% THC


Triple G has top-notch genetic qualities you can always bank on for a sensational THC level, irresistible aroma, and delightful flavors. If you're looking to cultivate the triple G seeds, you're on the right track — triple G gives respectable yields, irrespective of the place it is cultivated; either outdoors or indoors.

Permit me to reiterate, the perfect combo of Gelato 33 and Gorilla Glue has provided cannabis users with a hybrid strain with extreme potency!

Growing Triple G

Triple G buds are very adaptable to whatever conditions they are grown in... They always give good yields of ultra-potent buds with irresistible aroma and flavor. They can produce approximately 525g/m² when they are cultivated indoors or over 600g per stand when cultivated outdoors.

3G plants have optimal growth when they are kept in warm daytime temperature and low humid conditions. It is important to state that if you plan on cultivating this strain indoors, you will need a properly ventilated space, or else your growth room will likely have this odor of dank weed.

Effects of Triple G

You're definitely in for a 1 – 2 hours spectacular ride to the world of High with this bud. With a blunt of Gelato glue, your senses are immediately affected and a relaxing and anti-anxiety mood is induced. Triple G can induce effects that can last for hours on end. Few moments after some hits, an invigorating head rush will be felt that can induce some feelings of euphoria, relaxation, creativity, dizziness, amongst other feelings.


These other feelings could be:







A lot of cannabis-loving artists are drawn to the triple g strain because they feel it gives them bursts of inspiration to begin as well as complete a project.


There are instances where the THC levels are manipulated and increased— they can be increased to as high as 32%. This could cause manic episodes especially when consumed in high quantity. However, in most cases, the users register fleeting memories meshed around about the past and the future— it can be likened to a cinematic head trip.

Some professionals also use gelato glue to recreate a psychoactive vacation for users willing to pay.


Triple G though appealing to all is not advisable for people with weak nerves. This is because its aftereffects can overwhelm a faint-hearted user. It's meant for seasoned smokers and other users who can tolerate the effects of this ultra-potent bud.


However, if you're new to cannabis or you have a previous bad experience with the 3G bud, I'd suggest you consume just little doses at a time to control the effects of the strain.


Sometimes users fall into an introverted trance or they find themselves experiencing a deep contemplation of their lives. If you fall into this category, try grabbing a good book or seeing a movie once it hits. Fans of meditation go into their sessions at this moment also.

Aroma and Flavours of Triple G

The Triple G hybrid strain gives off a strong and aromatic resin layer that coats its flowers. It has an unforgettable flavor and aroma that leave users craving more hits. A true delight is what it is.

Triple G has its parents' strains to thank for this...


The flavors are:






The appealing aromas given off include:








Uses of Triple G strain

It can be used by different people for different reasons. Some of which include:

For commercial purposes

For health purposes

For recreational purposes


Gelato glue is often prescribed to patients suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, depression, arthritis, cramps, or loss of appetite because of its therapeutic effects in dealing with these conditions.

Final Note

Being an indica dominant strain, Triple G induces a pleasant, captivating relaxed state while its recessive Sativa side allows the user to feel that euphoric happiness.


So, for a smooth feeling of pure euphoria mixed with a touch of happy creativity, opt for the Triple G strain. Enjoy the experience induced when Gorilla Glue meets Gelato 33!

Don't forget to stay hydrated as you ride that high!








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